Chevrolet Div. - General Motors 601525 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Chevrolet Div. - General Motors (United Motors Service)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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w w cum I | _ I SN SN o AAAAAAAAA :ago a
l _ 4 ESQ Etc.. t D W ?W>>

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

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u Runner ...ui no... 21 u:o w==o>? :5.1 .U .> .< 2.1 E255 S SFS E ._BEQQ 5qu 1:55 21 *o :2.6211 l
:3.5m .SOIQmO .216.5 n: wo ueEonb 21 van .5332 21 E
. 229251 ._.|a ._. 22.: .QmOlmw uEmi-um mm mE: mn (C)6103 o_vEEV .BEEE :22 Goo Et PEE: ._.OZ OD .2525 EsEcaE
w mAOmem Mom HQOO . ?1.62: SE _S ses.:qu m2 s: sm 3
0 m2.: Bun :35:55 wgm 21 m0 2233
n 3:3 ...Z fn.- ;._.Z<: En ...m .M1 uwF1 .Sw ooo-:Era 21 anion :22. .25:6 EinmE .5.: >AADmmMmu0(R)?(R) UHOE $.53 HMC: hOuNhSTr out :m _uvur-:OE

.525-58 21 mc :Mmmov 21 :m wUnE :won was omcmzu < domain evo-.1:0 ww 21 .1a
,2F 4103 :3:2250 01.20.5qu einem; 21 me DON :mmouow $235 $915 omg
mm 21 _1:5 _oznuna E uuuuo?oo can N 2:31* wo Ni: :01552: ..55me Ezovamu


Peaking I. F. Stages at 262 K. C.
r, Make ..11 adjustments fo.- m

in series with the other lead and connect this lead to the grid cap of the 6A7 tube leaving the
tube's grid clip in place. The l mid. condenser is necessary to prevent-the oscillator circuit of

the receiver from affecting the I. F. adjustments.
repeated using the low?t oscillator output that will give a reasonable deliection'of the output

meter pointe

(a) Connect the ground lead of the test oscillator to the chassis frame. Connect a 1 mid. condenser
(e) Then peak trimmers P-2 and P-l located on the first I. F. Coil also shown on Figure 2.
(i) In order to insure accurate settings oi the I. F. trimmers the above adjustments should be

(d) Peak the I. F. trimmer P-3 located on the 2nd I. F. coil shown on Figure 2.

(b) Set the best oscillator on 262 kilocycles.
(c) Tum the volume control oi the receiver on full.

DEL 601525


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