Chevrolet Div. - General Motors 601586 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Chevrolet Div. - General Motors (United Motors Service)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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Chas sis ,Alignment

GENERAL: This auto radio lp a four tube, single unit superhetetodyne ndlo. lt m de-
llgned for the 1,35 Standard Model Chevrolets. A tuning control of the qpe that

mounts on the bottom aunge of the monument is used.

Peaking Instructions
Peaklng I. F. Stages at 262 K. C.

oi the receiver from anecting the 1. F. adjustments.
(h) set the test oscillator on zoz itilocycles.
(c) Turn the volume control oi the receiver on lull,
ld) Perlt the l. 1-1 trimmer P-s for the 1nd l. F. coil shown on Fig. 5.
(e) Then oealt trimmers Pez and P-l ol the hrst l, F. coil also shown on Fig. 5.

deilection. Make all adjustments for maximum output.

Peaklng Gang Condenser at 1530 and 1400 K. C.

(c) Set the test oscillator on 1530 kilocyclesv

(e) Set the test oscillator an 1400 ldlocycles.

edjusted nr 1510 K. c. on this set.)

affect both the tuning range ol the receiver and the tracking ol is circuits.

(h) The capacity oi the output circuit oi the test oscillator may he slightly direrent than that e1 s;
the under car antenna the receiver is to be used on. Therefore, it is advisable to readjust the g
"ANT" trimmer to the car antenna when reinstalling rlre receiver. This may he done hy I;
tuning the receiver tea broadcast station sround 1100 K. c. and adjusting ler maximum volume. 5
cAUrloNr Always use the lowest possible test oscillator output that will give a reasonable 2
deflection of the output meter pointer, in order to prevent the A. v. c. from leveling out the j
output as tlre adjustments are made. [lf
Parr No. Pan Nlme Description lllul. Nu. E
1209079 case chassisA ._ . . . ?'
1207613 clip Tuho grid connector. .
1209039 Coil vihrator "A" cholte . . 1 . ........... PARTS
1209209 Condenser Bymoss hleclt aayfj?gw
1110170 Reistor 1nsulated 500.000 ohmst watt . 51
1209051 Condenser M91de -0012 M111 25 1111157 Resistor Insulated 120.000 ohms-36 watt . 55
1209052 Condenser Muldtd 400017 Mid >> 26 1111161 Rainer Insulated 150,000 ohms-15 watt . 56
1209053 C?ndenw M?ld=d -000405 Mfd- 27 11011011 shield Tuhe (without grid shield).
l 1209970 condenser Molded .00005 Mid zs ,207594 51m volume mmol ,ham
1209055 condenser Molded .09025 Mid. 19 ,210759 Socket 5 pmng tube (42)
`1209511 condenser Tuhular .on Mld., zoo . 13 .
1109950 condenser 3 gang tuning-incl. coupling 55 1209065 socltet vihietor ..... . _ . _
"connector Assembly "A'I pon/er on chassis ........ "09?" Speak" Awmbly (hmmm (6" ) ' w
1035869 Cap _Ferrule holder. 11091174 Transformer 1st 1. F. essernhly.. n7
1838475 Ferrule Contact. . . . . 1209367 Transformer 2nd 1. F. moly. 1. sh
j 1209076 Transformer Vibrator ........ 69
1836878 *co?rndector Assembly antenna on chassis ........ 5039661 Vibrator Plugin Synchronous 70
1838476 melle ffmm" Z 1109308 volume control Res. 500.000 ohms 71
1850876 spring Ferrule tension . 1109110 Bracket Dial support.
1815713 washer Antenna connector. l 1201197 Clip Ammeter lead
1109099 Dial
1209059 Coupling 119496 Dial Light
12090115 cover . "09098 Drive Had
1109084 Cover 351656 Fuse
1-209le Resistor candohmviss ohms. . . .. . . . 42 :2313; ami; :fxl'u'm
1209065 Resistor Ohmite 11,000 ohrnsfl 1g wart. 43 mmm Lad Assembly Ami" `
1210119 Resistor Insulated 200,000 ohms~y? watt r 44, 45, 45.109885 Resimr hmmm' i 'n'l??whm_% wan
_ A 1210470 Resistor Insulated 500,000v4 Watt 1 .
"09211 Riff," smP' 47 1111157 Resistor Insulated 120.000 olir/ias-y? wntt . sz
Secz B 615 ohms ' i 1210116 Resistor lnnrlared 50.000 ohms-14 watt . . ss
Sec C m ,,th 'see "cmcurr cl-lANGEs"

(a) Connect the ground lead of the test oscillator to the chassis frame. Connect a .5 mld. condenser
in series with the other lead and oonnect this lead ro the grid cap ofthe 6K/ tube, leaving the
tube's grid dip in place. The .5 mid. Condenser is necessary to pwvent the Osrillator Circuit

(i) ln order to insure accurate settings oi the 1. F. trimmers the shove adjustments should he
repeated using the lowest oscillator output that will give a reasonable output meter scale

(a) Connect the output of the test oscillator to the antenna connection of the rcceiver and to the
cltasis ground. D0 not use the 45 mid. condenser that was required in aligning the l. F. stages.

(b) Tum the rotor plates of the _gang condenser until they are COMPLETELY OUT OF MESH.

(d) Adjust the oscillator section (middle section) ol the gang condenser cAREFuLLY tor mam.
mum output, Then adjust the trimmers for the "R. F." and "ANT" sections or the gang

(i) Tum the oondenser rotor plata until the 1400 K. C. signal from the test oscillator is tuned
in with maximum output. (No calibration blocks should be used as the Oscillator circuit is

(g) Readiust the oarsllel tn'rnmers for the "R, P." end |'ANT" sections of the gang condenser
(shovrn on Fig. 2) tor mmtimum output. Do NOT disturh the oscillator trimmer (middle
section) as this is adjusted at 1510 K. c. only. and any further adjustments at this point will


PARTS LAYOUT-110mm vlew

"continue unemny not available as a uvioe nerr.

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

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