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Manufacturer:Climax Radio & Television Co, Inc.

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If at any time it becomes necessary to realign this receiver the following procedure should be employed: Set pointer so it is perfectly horizontal when the variable condenser is fully engaged. Connect the green antenna lead in series with a 200 mmfd. mica condenser to the output of the sig, nal generator. Connect the black lead to the ground lead of the signal generator. Set the signal generator to 456 K.C. and turn the variable condenser on the receiver until the plates are completely intermeshed. Turn the selector switch to the Broadcast position and set the volume control knob to maximum. Connect an output meter between the plate and screen of the 42 output tube. Adjust trimmers CI, C2, C3 and CA for maximum output as indicated by the meter. At all times keep the output control on the i signal generator turned down as low as possible so as to obtain only a very small reading on the output meter. (AL larger inputs the automatic volume control system may tend to obscure the correct adjustment.) Next set the signal generator to 1400 K.C., and turn the dial of the receiver to correspond to that frequency. Adjust trimmer C8 for a maximum reading of the output meter and then adjust C6 to secure final adjustment. Next rotate the receiver dial to about 600 K.C. and set the signal generator at the same frequency, Adjust trimmer C7 while rocking the condenser j back and forth until maximum output results. If it is necessary to turn that adjustment screw more than about one turn, it will be necessary to repeat the adjustment at 1400 K.C. again. This completes the alignment of the Broad cast band. Next, substitute a 400 ohm carbon resistor for the series mica condenser between the receiver and the signal generator and set the switch to the short wave position. Rotate the receiver dial to 14M.C. and set the signal generator to the same frequency. Adjust trimmer C5 to-resonance and then increase the generator frequency to 14.9 M.C. and observe if the signal can be heard with out changing the receiver dial setting. If it can be heard, then the image is properly placed and the signal generator should again be set to 14 M.C.. Adjust trimmer C9 for final adjustment.

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