Coast to Coast Radio Corp. 5015W Schematic

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Manufacturer:Coast to Coast Radio Corp.

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MODELS 50151,

Remove chassis from cabinet for alignment. (?1343 gg ???Q$SL????TTQQ?Z?N
A Signal Generator is required having the following frequencies: 455 gag# gjg jfoiliggggigxafgo;
KC, 1400 KC. 1720 KC. An output meter should be connected scroll the 1| 2:'215 QI; aszagAR'fEsslgrngxfg?
The receiver volume control should be turned to maximum during the I.F. 22;; 230; ?E?I$Rgxii
and ali subsequent alignments to keep the AVC from working and giving Mc-z cz; ?o?mm?gwgiggmg
false readings. Keep the generator output as low as possible to prevent 39.5 , 2..., .1.. A Hn.. at
FIRST STEP: Connect the hot lead irom the generator to the ANT. section $21' 219| HSM; RECSCfJORiWZf.
of the gang condenser, through a .1 MFD condenser. The ground lead from Lblz if Lo; GANTEZZZSE
the generator must be connected to the floating ground buss under the ta-l/J 5:? |5557- ,CQITLMNSFORMER
chassis. Turn the gang condenser to complete minimum capacity. Adjust Ll-z 1:; ggmfxgmmssm?
the generator to 455KC and adjust the trimmers ot the lst and 2nd LF. sms vm.4 Yaolczcon.
transformers until a maximum reading is noted on the output meter. FB-1 git# :Zh?isg?f-ZsiutcslmL
SECOND STEP: With the leads irom the generator still connected in the Co., p LLNichaPWGT
same manner, adjust the Signal Generator to 1720 KC. The OSC. trimmer il TU--Q -[ _ .1.1, (.7 "iw- ,nm
located on the front of the chassis. Adjust this trimmer until the 1720 KC
I signal is tuned in.
THIRD STEP: Remove the hot lead o! the generator from theANT section
oi the gang condenser. Connect this lead to the primary ot the loop antenna
through a 200 MIMFD condenser. Adjust the Signal Generator to 1400 KC.
Rotate the tuning control until this signal is tuned in. The ANT trimmer ll `

located on the top of the ANT. section ot the gang condenser. Adjust this
trimmer until a maximum reading is noted on the output meter. No Iurther
adjustment should be necessary, unless the set has been damaged, as the coll:
and condenser in this receiver have been specially handled at the factory
to insure proper alignment at the lower frequencies.


Aeon oc> mm; contact

caassm GROUND ? uo-usv. Aeon nc.

(C)John F. Rider

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