Coast to Coast Radio Corp. 5066I Schematic

Coast to Coast Radio Corp. 5066I

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Manufacturer:Coast to Coast Radio Corp.

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Remove chassis from cabinet for alignment.

A Signal Generator is required having the following frequencies: 455 KC, 1400 KC, 1720 KC. An output meter should be connected across the speaker.

The receiver volume control should be turned to maximum during the I.F. and all subsequent alignments to keep the AVC from working and giving false readings. Keep the generator output as low as possible to prevent over loading

FIRST STEP: Connect the hot lead from the generator to the ANT. section of the gang condenser, through a. 1 MFD condenser. The ground lead from the generator must be connected to the floating ground buss under the chassis. Turn the gang condenser to complete minimum capacity. Adjust the generator to 455KC and adjust the trimmers of the 1st and 2nd I.F. transformers until a maximum reading is noted on the output meter.

SECOND STEP: With the leads from the generator still connected in the same manner, adjust the Signal Generator to 1720 KC. The OSC. trimmer is located on the front of the chassis. Adjust this trimmer until the 1720 KC signal is tuned in

THIRD STEP: Remove the hot lead of the gena ator from the ANT section of the gang condenser. Connect this lead to the primary of the loop antenna through a 200 MMFD condenser. Adjust the Signal Generator to 1400 KG. Rotate the tuning control until this signal is tuned in. The ANT trimmer is located on the back of the loop antenna. Adjust this trimmer until a maximum reading is noted on the output meter. No further adjustment should be necessary, unless the set has been damaged, as the coils and condenser in this receiver have been specially handled at the factory to insure proper alignment at the lower frequencies.