Coast to Coast Radio Corp. MA361 Schematic

Coast to Coast Radio Corp. MA361

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Manufacturer:Coast to Coast Radio Corp.

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Page 2:

This model is a 4 - Tube Superheterodyne radio receiver designed to cover a frequency range of from 535 Kilocycles to 1725 Kilocycles (K.C.). The tubes used are
1A7 GT - Osc. Converter
1H5 GT - AVC Det. Audio Amplifier
1N5 GT - I.F. Amplifier
3Q5 GT - Power Output

This receiver has been designed to operate from a battery that has the "B" Supply (90V) and the "A" Supply (1-1/2 V) incorporated into a single unit.

Any one of the following batteries may be used in conjunction with this receiver and after inserting the plug from the radio into the battery it should be placed inside the cabinet in the space provided.
1. Ray - O - Vac. Their No. "AB" each Power Pack
2. Burgess. Their No. 17G - D60 Power Pack
3. General Their No. 60DL 11 L Power Pack
4. Everready Their No. 748 Power Pack
5. Everready Their No. 758 Power Pack


With an output meter connected across the voice coil of the speaker, the output meter reading for 50 milliwatts is. 4 volts using a signal which is modulated 30 % at 400 c.p.s. Follow through the procedure as outlined below for proper alignment.

Connect the signal generator to the grid cap of the 1A7 GT Tube through a. 1 MFD. Condenser. Connect the ground lead of the generator to the chassis. Adjust the signal generator to 455 K.C. and set the variable condenser of the receiver to minimum capacity (fully opened). With the volume control full on and minimum output from the signal generator adjust the two trimmers on top of the first and second I.F. transformers for maximum output.

Now connect the signal generator to the antenna connection of the receiver through a. 00025 condenser. Adjust the signal generator frequency to 1725 K.C. and set the variable condenser to minimum capacity (fully opened), and adjust the oscillator trimmer (CIB) for maximum output. Set signal generator to 1500 K.C. and tune receiver to signal. Adjust the antenna trimmer (CIA) on the variable con denser for maximum output.