Coast to Coast Radio Corp. MD27 Schematic

Coast to Coast Radio Corp. MD27

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Manufacturer:Coast to Coast Radio Corp.

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Page 2:

DESCRIPTION This radio is a 5 tube (including rectifier) superheterodyne radio receiver designed for use on 117 volts 60 cycle AC or 117 volts DC power supply.

The tubes used are:
1-12SA7 Oscillator Converter
1-12SQ7 AVC Detector and 1st Audio
1-12SK7 I.F. Amplifier
1-35Z5GT Power Rectifier
1-50L6GT Power Output

This receiver covers the frequency range from 540 kilocycles to 1630 kilocycles (KC).


The following alignment procedure is for use only by competent servicemen having the proper equipment.

The alignment should be made with volume control fully on, and the output from the signal generator as low as possible, to prevent A.V.C. action from interfering with correct alignment.

With the output meter connected across the voice coil of the speaker, the output meter reading for 50 milli-waits is. 4 volts using a signal which is modulated 400 c.p.s.

Adjust all trimmers for maximum output. Repeat alignment procedure given below as a final check.

CAUTION: This is an A.C.-D.C. receiver and when aligning the set it is necessary to isolate the Signal Generator or the Receiver from the line by use of a transformer, or place a. 2 MFD. condenser in both test leads of the Signal Generator.