Coast to Coast Radio Corp. MD42 Schematic

Coast to Coast Radio Corp. MD42

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Manufacturer:Coast to Coast Radio Corp.

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This Model is a 2 band six tube (including Rectifier) superheterodyne radio receiver and phonograph combination for operation on 117 volt 60 cycle AC current.

This receiver covers the standard broadcast frequency range, 535 to 1725 Kilocycles (K.C.) and the short wave frequency range from 6 to 18.2 Megacycles (M.C.).

The tubes used are:
6SK7 - R. F. Amplifier
6SA7 - Mixer - Osc.
6SK7 - 1. F. Amplifier

6SQ7 - Det. AVC Audio
6K6 GT - Power Output
5Y3 GT - Rectifier

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Fig. 2 Tube Positions and Alignment Points


The following alignment procedure is for use only by competent servicemen having the proper equipment.

With an output meter connected across the voice coil of the speaker, the output meter reading for 1/2 wait is 1.25 volts using a signal which is modulated 400 c.p.s. Follow through the procedure as outlined below for proper alignment.

The alignment should be made with volume control fully on, and the output from the signal generator as low as possible, for accurate alignment.

GROUND lead cf generator should be attached to the chassis for all adjustments C24 and C25 are located under the chassis
For alignment points refer to Figure 2

*Be sure coupling link is in correct position for external antenna operation. See illustration below. Repeat above alignment procedure as a final check,