Corona Radio & Telev. Corp. 110 Schematic

Corona Radio & Telev. Corp. 110

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Manufacturer:Corona Radio & Telev. Corp.

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Bring Int. frequency circuits in balance by applying a 456 Ko signal to the control grid of the 6A7 tube. Adjust I.P. trimmers for maximum output. Apply a 6 Mega cycle note to the antenna and with the band switch on the short wave position, turn gang condenser until the pointer is at 6.00 Mc on the dial. Next, adjust the Osc. trimer located under the chassis near the electrolytic condenser until the signal is hoard. Care should be taken to make certain this trimmer is adjusted to the fundamental rather than the image; this can be checked by tuning in the image near 5.00 Mo. Next, adjust the shortwave antenna trimmer, located on top of chassis near dial, for maximum gain. The low frequency padder of short wave band is fixed and no adjustment is necessary. However, check it at 2.5 Mc to determine whether or not it is still oscillating. If not, change 6A7 tube.

Change band switch to broadcast position and turn dial to extreme high frequency end (1720 Kc). Apply a 1720 Kc signal to the antenna and adjust the B.C. oscillator trimmer, located under Chassis near outer edge, to 1720 Kc. Bring antenna coil into resonance by adjusting the trimmer on top of chassis near the I.F. transformers, Adjust the low frequency padder for maximum gain at 600 Ko, by applying a 600 Ko signal to the antenna and rooking the gang condenser with each adjustment of the padder until maxi mm gain is achieved. An output meter is necessary in order to obtain best results in alignment, Recheck 1720 Ko again as it might be thrown off by the adjustment at the low frequency end.