Dictograph Products Co., Inc. 91134A Schematic

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Manufacturer:Dictograph Products Co., Inc.

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MODELS 91134,91134A


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"DES 91168.91175 DICTOGRAPH PRODUCTS CO., INC. Aligrmnb

This receiver is equipped with an automatic overload control vmich necessitates
setting the manual volume control of the receiver to its maximum position to

insure accuracy in alignment. To control the signal output of the receiver it

will be necessary to use the attenuat'or control of the signal generator.

Connect the low potential side of the signal generator to 4the metal chassis

through a .l mfd. (400 volt) condenser for the following adjustments.


(a) ~ Remove the control grid lead of the 6A? tube and insert a 50,000 ohm
(carbon type 1/5 watt) resistor in series with same. Then connect the high po-
tential lead of the signal generator through a .001 mfd. condenser (paper
tubular 400 volt type), directly to the control grid of the 6A? tube.

(h) _ Turn'the rotor plates of the Banged variable condenser where no broadcast
station carrier is heard (approximately 1000 KC). If this is not possible
connect e .l mfd. condenser (paper tubular) from the oscillator stator section
(see sketch) of the gunned variable condenser to chassis.

(c) _ Place an output meter (copper oxide type) across the mystic ear terminals
with the speaker control switch in a. clockwise position so that variations in
signal output can be noted.

(d) - Place the signal generator in operation, adjust the carrier frequency to
456 KC and regulate the attenuator control of the signal generator so that
the output signal is low enough to insure accuracy in adjusting the LF.

(e) - Adjust trimmers T-l, T-Z and T-5 (see alignment layout) to resonance as
indicated by the greatest Swing on the output meter.

(a) - Remove the signal generator connection from the control grid of the
6M tube and replace the control grid lead. rl'hen connect the antenna wire
of the receiver to the high potential lead of the signal generator through
a 200 mfd. condenser (mica type).

(b) - Set the dial pointer directly at the last long line at the right hand
side of the dial with the ganged variable condenser fully mashed. Then
rotate the receiver dial to 1,500 KC.

(c) _ Adjust the carrier frequency of' the signal generator to 1,500 KC and,
starting with trimmer T-4 and then T-5. adjust each for maximum simal output.

. 6% Ballast


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