Electric Auto Lite Co. 072-A Schematic

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Manufacturer:Electric Auto Lite Co.

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The chassis is received with the condenser pulley, spring and centering ring mounted in the proper position on the tuning condenser and the cuble chuck through which the drive cable passes mounted on the chassis box.

All that it is necessary to do is to mount the control unit on the steering column, cut the cable und housing to length if necessary, attach the cable to the drive pulley, and secure the housing in the chuck.


The control unit is mounted on the steering column with the knobs extending toward the right hand side. The proper distance below the steering wheel can be determined by trial.

Two clamps are provided to secure the control unit to the steering column. the lockwashers supplied under the hands of the clamp screws to secure the clamps on the control unit.

If the steering column is lehet in diameter, use the leather spacers supplied. If 1 - 5/8" split the spacers or wrap the column with about 1/16 of friction tape under the brackets. If the column is 1-3/4" no spacers are soquired.


The drive cable should be run in as straight a line as possible. Avoid any sharp bends.

After the control unit has been mounted and before securing the drive cable and housing at the chassis, cut it to length if necessary. Be sure that enough cable is allowed to avoid any sharp bends. Do not coil the excess length in short loops.

To cut the cable proceed as follows: With a sharp thras-corner file, file across one of the turns of the tubular housing until it is practically severed. Then bend it only slightly buck and forth until it breaks off. Do not bend sharply $ in so doing permanent injury to the inner element of the cabla might result.

Turn the station selector knob on the control unit as far as it will go in a counter-clockwise direction, The cable will then extend out of the housing the greatest distance.

Loosen the large jam nut on the cable chuk. Insert the free end of the cable and its tubular housing. Be sure that the housing with its weatherproof covering is'inside the chuck. Inen tighten the jam nut. This will secure the housing and weatherproof braid in place. As explained above, the station selector knob should be turned to the extreme counter-clockwise position. The rotor of the tuning condenser is held at the extreme clockwise position by the action of the spring. Bring the free end of the cable around the pulley, loosen the cable clamp screw at the top of the pulley, Insert the cable under the clamp washer and then tighton in place. Cut off any excess cable to prevent tangling with other parts of the receiver. Care should be taken not to put a sharp bend in the exposed portion of the drive cable, as the latter may be permanently injured. After the cable head is in place on the chassis, and after the drive cable is attached to the pulley, check the centering of the cable, chuck with the pulley. If necessary to re-center, loosen the nut which secures the chuck to the chassis box. Then move the chuck until the cable is centered relative to the groove in the pulley and re-tighten the nut.


The dial lamp may be replaced by removing the station selector knob and the two screws on the sides of the control housing. Use a standard 6-8 V. screw base lamp which may be procured from the factory. As a temporary measure, a 6 volt pilot light bulb may be procured from any radio store.

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