Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corp. 1002 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corp.

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EMERsoN RADIO & PHoNoGRAPH coRP. 233211222532"

TYPE: Sindobusd supothstsrodync vids Issuing sid nosint.
FREQUENCY RANGE: 540-1620 kc.


Sghgof va N0. DESCRIPTION 535;? 10m No. DESCRIPTon
Cl, C2 900070 Two-gang variable condenser R13 390180 0.5 meg. volume control (sets below
*(33, C4 Trimmers, part of variable condenser 8,767,450), or
*(15, 06, l _ f _ f f R13 390014 2 meg. volume control (sets 8,767,450
Cha 5 Trimmers, part o 1- tram omers md higher)
C9, CHA R15 340410 470 ohms, V2 watt resistor
czo,c25 5 920?" ?'??2 "fd" 6"" "k 'mem R16 :51050 220,000 ohm., 5/, wm minor
C10 920240 0.0005 mfd., 600 volt condenser (nets below 8,767,450), or
(311,C12,l R16 340970 100,000 ohms, % wan minor
czl j 920020 0.02 mid., 400 volt condenser (w 8,767,450 and higher)
C13 920040 0.1 mid., 200 volt condenser SP1 180008 P.M. speaker
C14 910010 0.00011 mfd. mica condemn! SP2 829001 relaxes: receivednsme imprintul),ot
l C16 920050 0.2 mid" 200 Volt COBdemf SP2 829002 American Eorphnne ear receiver (no
C17, C24 920030 0.05 mid., 400 volt condenser imprint)
C18, C19 925011 50-50 mid., 150 volt dual elemolyti SW1 510120 Tom "and .winch
condaases' *SV/2 Line switch on volume control
C22 920060 0.05 mfd., 200 volt condenser T1 720380 First i-f transformer
C23 925180 10 mid., 25 volt electrolytic T2 720390 second i.f umfom"
condsmer T3 734080 Output transformer (used with
Ll 700000 Loop antenna apeaker)
R1 340810 22,000 011m, % ww wimr T4' 716070 010mm" mil (sen below
R2, R9 397000 15 meg., V2 wan minor 3,767,450), m-
R3, R4 351130 470,000 ohms, ya Witt will" T4 716005 Oscillator coil (sets 8,767,450 and
f Rs 140290 150 01m., y, w'm mum 1051...)
RS 370490 1000 ohms, l wstt resistor T5 734001 Output transformer (used with ear
Rs 390190 0.5 msg. volume camel 807000 Palm ugh.
R10 351050 220,000 ohms. V2 vm "si-1?: 507215 palm light mlm
R11 340010 10 clans, $4 watt MW! 583150 Lim cord
R12 340050 15 ohms, '/1 watt resistor

(C)J0hn? F. Rider

Page 2:


MODELS 1002 ,1003

Au mill-.er wirli frequenciea ef 455, soo and 1425 kc Locaiion of Coils and Trimmer Adiusime'nis

" '?q'""?"' , The srir if mmfermer in) i. muuurea eu rep uf rlie U
A" ?"'P"' "m" 'hwld be "WMM "m" 'hf PNN? elrmu'r deelr ar me rear rua 1? ilie riglrr ef rlie variable eru-
m' md." of the mmm "ummm" f" d'me man' denser. The trimmers (?5, C6) are accessible through holes
mum resume. _ V iu are me uf are erm.
ing :ziwlsexfhu weak a m "8nd a' Pw'h'e "hm 31mm- The second i-f transformer (TZ) is mounted on top nf
Plug the receiver into the power supply outlet in such 'he chan" to the r'g'" ?f t'm weaker' T'" "'mmm 'cz
m) are accmihle through holes in the top of the can.>

n my dw du sfo-md side ef the Power ""2 i' "'"wmd The rrimmer fer rlie aueerma (cs) arid ilie irimmer fm
'? *h* "fm" B'- rlie eieillamr eeil ure leeaiea rm ilie variable mullemer.
R-l Allgnmenl The rrimmer eu elie from mmm-ir fur ilie meiuurar eeil.

The oscillator coil (T4) is located underneath the chassis.
The loop antenna neu u :he antenna coll.

1. Conneq the osdllamr to a coil composed of three or

` four turns of wire wound in a circle approximately 12" _ ?
l ir. .ii-mem. Tlii. mil ilmula be liela parallel re aurl iu I F A"9"me"*
line with the loop amen", cf the receiver n I M" 1. Rotate the variable condenser to the minimum capacity
z. Radiare a rirual ui 1425 ke, eei die dial inaiearer ru 1425 7- Fwd 455 kc w ihr mwemf grid (meer of ihe r-f
ke, arid adiuri ihe :rimmem on :he variable condenser Section ?f the viriible condenser) and miilm 'he four
ics. C4) fur maximum remume. i-f rrimmen (C5, C6, C7, C8) fm- mvdmum response.

5. Radiate a 600 kc signal and :une in the signal on the
receiver. Adjust the loose ouuide turn of the loop am
Kenna for maximum response. This loose turn may be

moved to either side of the cter. Fasten it in the PM' The color coding of the i-f ttansfonner leads is aa fol-
tion which gives maximum response, lows:

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until nn further improvement in Grid-green Plate-blue
widem4 Grid rerurhuaelr B+-red

The following voltage readings are d>c mealurements taken f B- lin ' ' ' `
1000 ohms-per-volt meter should be for all readings exeepx drosero'Fndicaxerl b; Thglllllkebtepglre:
wlth s d-c `vacuum-tube voltmeter. L1_ne voltage for diese reading, was 117 volts, 60 cyclu, a.c. Measurements made with 117
volts dc. w1ll be lower than those given below. Take reading; with the volume control set at minimum und the variable con-

TUBE 1 2 a 4 5 6 7 s U


520480 Dial backplane
280313 Drive shaft
520450 Dial glass gmLEvlsm-ER
525012 Pointer

560101 Cabinet back (Model 1002)

460470 Knob (Mbdel 1002)
140054 Cahinet (Model 1003) LAME 191.211 "our IDLER
470222 Plug and cable with ear receiver,


585315 Plug and cable (for ear receiver

585122 Plug l-.url eable (for ear receiver ggre?usre

508115 seeker fer err receiver plug

460005 Ear mold, or

460005 Ear mold

505057 Plug, less cover and screw nmvE sunt

505058 Plug cover

204116 Machine screw

470220 Undef-pillow lpealtet, With Plug

329?" Undef-Pillow Weak", 1?" Ph'g cur-AWAY vlaw sHowlNG METHOD

(C)John F. Rider

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