F.A.D. Andrea 105 Schematic

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Manufacturer:F.A.D. Andrea (FADA)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:


l-F Peaks

We suggest that you make note of the
i-f peaks given in the accompanying
table upon the correct pages in the
Rider Manuals. These peak frequencies
were not available when the schematic
wiring diagrams were first published
and we trust that you were not greatly

Model LF Pak Rodioti-on our" Ria"
Cunningham Mano-l Page

Audioh Radio Corp.

Dewxld Radio (Pierre-Ain)
BAG 175 791 :1-9

Freed Telev. 5 Rodin

Howard Radio

In some of the early receivers of this
model, the resistor R-15, designated as
5.000 ohms, was 5,000 ohnm. If this
resistor bums out, check the condenser
C-S, located in the plate-voltage supply
lead to the r-fA tube. The early pro-
duction used a ZOO-volt, .2-mfd. unit
for C-8. If replacement is necessary,
replace with a GOO-volt unit. This re-
ceivet is shown on page Sparton 5~l5
in Rider's Volume V. '

The intermediate frequency of the
converter used in these receivers is 900
kc. This data is omitted from the sche-

matic shown on pages 2-10, 2-11 and
2-16 in the Sparton section in Rider's
Volume II. The same frequency ap-
plies to the model 60 converter shown
on page 2259 of the Rider-Radiotron
Combination, page 2-39 in the revised
Rider II, and on page 568-X-8 of the
early Rider II. The model 28 employs

Failure of the tuning meter to change
its reading as a station is tuned in, to-
gether with failure of the AVC may be
due to the following cause:

The lock washer under the screws
that mouni the NoA 5 and No. 4 band
short-wave coils to their trimmers may
short to the stator plate of these trim-
mers. Although the likelihood is less,
it is also possible for the lock washer to
short to the movable plate of the trim-
mer, in which case the receiver will not

If the tuning meter fails to function
properly in these models (except 1806
which has no meter) or if the AVC
fails to operate, examine the mounting
of these coils to their condensets under
the chassis. The trouble can be elimi-
nated by loosening the screw, pushing
the lock washer away from the con-
denser and- then tightening the screw
while holding the lock washer in this
position. Service data covering these
receivers appears on pages 5-55 and
5-36 in the Seats-Roebuck section in
Rider's Volume V.

Philco Model 38. Code |23 Changes

In Run No. 7 a 011 mf, condenser
(part No. 30-4122) was connected be-
tween the plus terminal of the 30 tube
(lst A-F.) socket and ground. In
Run No. 8 and thereafter, this becomes
a 0.25 mf. tubular condenser (part No,
30-4146). This condenser acts as a
by-pass and prevents oscillation. The
schematic diagram of Model 38 will be
found on page 4-22 of Ridet's Manual.

EEective with run No. 9 a change in
the volume control will be made. The

value of the new volume control, which
is Part No. 53-5094, is the same as be-
fore, i.e., 20,000 ohms; however, the
lead from the antenna series condenser
(40) will be connected to the atm of
the control instead of the upper end,
which now will be open. Also a by-
pass coudenser, Part No. 6287K (0.15
mf. bakelite block) will be added from
the lower end of the volume control to
ground. These changes produce quieter
operation of the set.

Colonial Model 657

In later production runs, the pilot
light circuit has been changed. See
schematic diagram on Colonial page
5-40, Rider's Volume V. In place of
the two 115-volt pilot lamps, a 50-ohm
center-tapped resistor has been connec-
ted in the heater circuit between the
2525 and the 6A7. A 6.5-volt lamp
(part No. R-ZQSS') is connected across
each half of this resistor. The suckers
for these lamps with brackets are parts
numbers R-10373-A and R-10363-F
and are mounted on the variable con-
denser and volume control brackets

Colonial Models 65|, 655. 657

In the sketches supplied by the man-
ufacturer showing locations of the trim-
mers which Iwill be found reproduced
on Colonial pages 5-27, 5-35 and 5-40
for models 651, 655 and 657 respec-
tively, 'the coil marked "Short Wave An-
tenna Coil" should in each case be
marked "Broadcast.Antenna Coil."

Below will be found a list of the
pages in Rider's Manuals on which the
schematic diagrams corresponding to
the socket layouts in the accompanying
illustration will be found.

Model "when Berry Rldiotrou
Page Pogo Complete Page
6 Tube Jr. N0A l 2-6 120-A-2 384
6 Tube Jr. No. 2 2-5 120-A-2 38|
Series '51 T.R.F 1-5 '120 329
ssrifs '31 super 1-6 'no-A 830

Pao-2.51 Eff @'DE' em asv. '0" a." 2.5? mfzsv. If? (C) frm-asv. KF Q

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

Page 2:


Chassis CSL,C$S,U05L,UCSS



2.; ear *
s In. WW |..>> r zo QPF-.Ea mac swam. ba.

Page 3:



n! l _ 'Ian mr muff \\ r|| 1? 2:

Page 4:

AE:me "$50.30 many ?2530." can nw unmannvuou

a a .SHE .Mo _Ewan _and .3." mimics .no uname .E v3.11: wud hgnoomn an# no _wand "Eschm nad 45.-st
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_ lah-$05 24 .gmc :nv EPC cumin on uwbwn vase #dunno
5.15.5". .wan ons mp SSW" :no .games his Magnus of oo vwaEcv .3 .5.302%
edinonvuoda :2 "For H u 313535 :9523* amass .cszmss :3an Hvumwawnwnuwwmnwm ugoc anne wmv.. view .wmbwnamvnovom 33
pecan ___o 0% a." .. a FEE v _
R "KE ?k1?"" a HH a. U cmd mu TNW and.; vm Don DNA an# MhmEHhm
Hs; as? .355.5 .Sagiouo moron .ana .wo #mustang #annum .vsmvso E-Enwds
A .Sw .362.5 "Ezra Seo 'Eivna no urging.. vsowom ...Sago 55N! .EQ _n_sozom ma m." owns
R .Pahala mains. .SQ .3.55.5 25am :on gonna among.
.2.53. nd SEQ ...a :one none .233 $53.52 umxoom BE ou Ucommmunco mmap PNmEHnm
D S .25.5 ,62:23 .2.5. .___.._ .22:2 5M Q.: f. .322% E.. i; in $25.35 win 3 2 .$535 m ?5... 5 2338 .Sigma owmgg 3...
N 52.332 ou Q: use; on _HE mag .EOM :m .oongsgnoo .5m .23.1030 #kim
A .Zami ...535? _Emgoa mms .momnE amp QL knew m nfs oumE md vcosaogag num BHS.. map
_5 .5555. .35:29 "3.3? .___:H vmsnum 322352.. 2.23.3 Ld ma 3am "my 9_5 Su; wanansvm PS Sod.; mwfnmumn dw .mom?rm amp vmmmmv
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1 s O as.. EPD! .S53 v4 .322% Hmmm: __2 .on 003 .Sw ua Eagownnoo .SQ .Sva 325 co .55. amp 0.5 gona un... .Ho vga n." nmiwawmnmb S
5 J e ...Emvno 5:5an .Sw ..8555 Soo n_Esvna v2.32 .page .5:5an uwnohn T.; ESM 2.3 wo Amy oss .nano Avg nwnoum Amv Pinw wo wma,

JS TEM.: .8 2_1 E: ov PJ: 2:96 .3233* .2mm uc: Queens .8232.. uw; voxoom nova.;qu wwmaHnw mga .mwsg .Hnsom can.; ow\on .32V own v
5 w . _5 .5233.. Exo oo# ESB not: _.3 "EZ it.st gm? "322% #Ewum .Ho UNH new .HmEAowmsdnv hnmEEn uwunmu "NV o_sv m Goauhomnoun." .mms r
WW l r Asukfng __? .Amo mwmmwno .mom .moH Eaves .$3502 ,S coduosuonn Hmsdmgo 6

1 S n EEO ll .Pg macoo. QM 00m mu: FHQQ MoHEEm a

S .1 EEO l- .QE mNoS. om 83 ___? F

m .m 55.5 .EE ..52 Egg EEDSE .634 .2m .QE .m3 .m3 33?: o


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