Fada Radio & Electric Co., Inc. P-130 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Fada Radio & Electric Co., Inc. (FADA)

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Power Supply: 105-125 V. 40-60 cycles AC,- Same voltage DC; and
180-220 V. 40-60 cycles AC
15 Watts Power Consumption at ll7 Volt line operation
30 Watts Power Consumption at 220 volt line operation l

Battery Operation: 9 VA- 90 VB
and 7423.5 MC (405-128 meters)
Speaker: 5ll PM., 1.47 oz. Alnico V Magnet
Speaker Transformer: 10,000 ohms-400 cycles
Speaker Voice Coil: 3.2 ohms

wow mvur W 4

"A" BATTERY f 4i2 vous
"B" BATTERY - 45 vOLTs

lR5 Osc. Converter
lU4 1.1:. Amplifier

3V4 Power Output I

Selenium Rectifier -E- 'a'


(C)John F. Rider

Tubes; 1U4 Rr. Amplifier *l li I

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No attempt should be made to realign the various circuits until all other causes have been
checked, unless the condition is so obvious as to indicate that realignment is necessary.
Then proceed as follows:
Volume Control full on. Low range AC meter connected across voice coil
to indicate output. Keep signal generator attenuated so as to maintain l/z
scale reading on output meter. Make certain that the dial pointer is exactly
on index line (top left side of dial plate) When variable condenser is fully
|The SW. Oscillator Trimmers can be adjusted for maximum output at two positions,
namely; above and below the signal frequency.
This receiver has been designed so that the oscillator frequency is always above the
signal frequency. `
Check the oscillator frequency carefully against the signal generator calibration and
tune the RF. Trimmers to the lower signal generator frequency.
Receiver Signal Dummy Connect Signal Refer to Chassis Layout
Dial At: Generator Antenna Generator Across tor Location ot Trimmers
Fully .
open 456 KC 0.1 Mt 1500 KC. RF. Adjust LF. coil cores for
on Medium (658 Meters) Trimmer maximum output.
Wave Band
open 1650 KC 0.1 Mf Loop Wires Adjust 1650 KC Oscillator
on Medium (182 Meters) trimmer for maximum output.
Wave Band
3 Adjust 600 KC Oscillator
600 KC 600 KC Loop Wires Padder for Maximum output
(500 Meters) (500 Meters) while rocking the variable
Repeat step 2
1500 KC 1500 KC 0.1 Mf Loop Wires Adjust l500 KC RP. Trimmer
(200 Meters) (200 Meters) for maximum output.
open 7.6 MC Rod dummy Rod antenna Adjust 7.6 Mc oscillator
on SW. (39.5 Meters) antenna input trimmer for maximum output.
ll Band
7 Adjust 2.5 _Mc oscillator
2_5 Mc 2.5 Mc Rod dummy Rod antenna padder for maximum output
(120 Meters) (120 Meters) antenna input while rocking the variable
Repeat step 6
f g Adjust 7.0 Mc Rr. and
7.0 Mc 7.0 Mc Rod dummy Rod antenna antenna trimmers tor
t (42.8 Meters) (42.8 Meters) antenna input maximum output.
Fully 23.5 Rod dummy Rod antenna Adjust 23.5 Mc oscillator
open S.W.I. (12.8 Meters) antenna input trimmer tor maximum output.
on Band
E ll Adjust 22.0 MC RF. and
t 22.0 Mc 22.0 Mc Rod dummy Rod antenna antenna trimmers for
l (13.6 Meters) (13.6 Meters) antenna input maximum output.
Radiate a sufficient amount of signal to readjust the respective antenna trimmers for maximum output on
E 7 and 22 Meqacycles. This is accomplished by connecting a one foot piece of wire between the rod
t antenna and the rod antenna Wire attached to the chassis. Connect a two toot piece of wire to the signal
5 generator "hot" terminal. Locate the signal generator approximately five feet away and extend the rod
g antenna. Adjust the respective trimmers for maximum output.

(C) John F. Rider

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inn bDlJ IMP

<2sz2< :413? not


(C)John F. Rider

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| Part No. Description

12.86 Molded Tubular Condenser .0022 Mf 400 V.
12.89 Molded Tubular Condenser .0068 Mi 400 V.
12.80 Molded Tubular Condenser .047 Mi 200 V.

12.67 Molded Tubular Condenser .047 Mi 400 V.
12.75 Molded Tubular Condenser .1 Mi 400 V.
I 17.78 Ceramic Condenser 2.0 Mmf
17.55 Ceramic Condenser 4.0 Mmf
17.49 Ceramic Condenser 50 Mmf i 10%
17,22 Ceramic Condenser 220 Mmf i v20%
' 17.21 Ceramic Condenser 100 Mmt' i 20%
17.44 Ceramic Condenser 5000 Mmf + 100%, >>- 10%

17.101 Mica Condenser 1500 Mmf i 5%
I 17.114 Mica condenser 2500 Mmf i 5%

22.13 Electrolytic Condenser 150 Mid. 15 W.V.
22.38 Electrolytic Condenser 3040-40 Mid. 150 W.V.
27.41 3 Section Variable Condenser 441 Mmt -
I 37.224 Loop Antenna

37.223 1F. Transformer

37.221 B.C._Tropica1 Oscillator Coil
37.220 SW. Oscillator Coil

37.225 RF. Coil

37.228 SW. Antenna Coil

47.33 Battery Electric Chanqeover Switch
I 47.35 Radio-Phono Switch
47.34 117 Volt~220 Volt Line Switch
52.61 Volume Control
57.12 Tone Control
I 62.272 Whip Antenna Lock
72 88 Resistance Line Cord (117f220V. A.C. line operation only)

77.185 Dial Pointer
77.186 Dial Scale (Calibrated)
92.377 Battery Retainer Block
92.324 Rod Antenna Assembly
| 92.380 Handle Cover
92.389 Phono lack
97.311 Cabinet

42.50 Output Transformer
i 107.45 5H P.M. Speaker
112.24 Selenium Rectifier
112.22 Battery Harness Assembly
117.53 56- 1850 ohm 10 'W W1W. Resistor
l 132.10 Padder Condenser
132.15 Oscillator Trimmer
132.16 Trimmer Assembly
142.70 Tuning or Tone Knob
142.71 Volume Knob
142.72 Band Selector Knob

(C)John F. Rider

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