Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. 3085 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. (Air Chief)

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.H2225 .33m .m ESQ

wmo<?0> Groom

and 2| 3 0% w
mow < 752 _CE _, 2: 1.245%" cm
Q! Own OP GMZE .-50 Owns/_:an 422:24 5351 WEEE H

mmon Among

EEO .m2

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AFC Test,Trimriol-s ` ` Y ~ MODEL 3085
Tuna.;th PIRLSFONE TIRE 5; RUBBER CO. Chassis R-gog

connect the antenna and tune ln e Wtul local station. Bee that the AJXD. switch is in the center position, (LLCAMX)

Next, detune the reeeiver diei until the mei: or e ech become eeieeehet distort d. i'hrew t Liner teh imc.-
poeitien. 'rhie eheule impreve the qruity or the pi-ogrerteing received. e m "i 'nw the on (exnckwma)

. 51111an datum the 'receiver in th. opWSite Glrwtlvn 1th A.Y.C.
I . .m .an ,mek ,or ,mud mmm a! Nowtmh i n enituh in miter poeition. Piece LLC. switch in einekwiee poeitien

It will be nbted that the correction for mietuniug 'named by the A.$`-CA eyetm is not es mmm at atatinne near tru: low ire uenc end oi'
:he dnl sous u it is et the higher broedceet frequencies. 'rhie in ehereetei-ietie er Line: eyeteee. However, ir throwing the gmc): enitoh
1 \ ?3020; "tml GMU!" WMUW hu M "fact rm the umm. er if it een-ecte fer nietunim in one direction only, cheek the receiver im
2. cheek ui tueee in the receiver. Detective siiB end 6.17 mines, Also the RF., lat. Demeterend LF. tubee _y eeuee peer A.r.c. entidn.

S. It the lbov. mcsdure tail! to relvdy the def0?t in LLC. Muon, ChQCK thu eatin LLC. Circuit ituolf for Dolslbla trmblad.

'"' cum


MODEL R-3085

How To sET uPYTHE numeric TUNER. ee-

Let the meeiver mm u rei- mr en heur term-e attempting edimt- Nm' "L up me wmv as "scribe" D

menu. Pleee the "Alito" ' eeiteh in the mnuel (center) peeitim, l. ineert the tebe mering the tell lettere er the selected ete-
tinne, inte the vreper humane, end eever their eith the eeiluleid eevere

observe the illuetntiuu below, end eelect ten ievorite nearby ete~ DNVMGL

tion! U! BuCh \ millan that Auth |1111 fall llthln the quuencY Hugs

determined by the rlpir'i below. Beth button can he set t0 only g 2. Push in the but'on you wish te set up end, keeping the button

'Statlmh thamfnre 1X' CW BtaZIOIlB fall within me tuning HRK! Df UW dGDrBHEed, turn the dial 1h Such A direction thnt the button nlth ynur

one button e choice mat be me between than. finger on it will reach the bottom point or the dial before the station I
Dnll'ltar doe . After tha |301th ranches the Still), keep it GHUNBBOG

51mm lt IllBt not D8 11183806 until BtsD N0. 5 la chDlstod.

a. uter the button etnpe et the bettom position of the dial nee
it penned in ind tniet the nutwn itiielil te the 1ert (counter-cle iee
fer ehout ene mole turn, lumix-rim: Before tuning in the etetion ee
explained in eperetien Ne. 4 you met elim ine Dutton te dom out iuet
enough ee tnet a proven er interetetion noiee een he heei-d. Then pm
"In" ' Ceod enctly BS Outlined bleM, using the tuning uya to lndiCAbe Correct

"0""005 tuning even though the etetien een he heeni. non: ne net elle.- the
_ button tn come eil the my out.

4. Keeping the button denreieed, ee exeleined eheve, tune in the
etetiun you deslm to set up, Hutch the tuning eye lar an indication
or torrent tuning. 'me set ie correctly tuned when the inverted 'v'
ma' mood enadoe ie the narrowest.

N0; s. After the etetion has been tuned-in, proceed tn ieeh up the mit-
mhwn teh e.: felleee; still keeping the eutten depreeeed, pieee the left hend
on the diel ene green the other buttons firmly eo :mt the mechanism

nill net move. 'men turn the cap or the button, mich ie te he loekee
up to the right (clockwise) until it is tight. Yuu my Now ill-:miss 'rim
ilrf'iUN end it should spring out to ite noi-ml position. ii` the button
does not return to Us nnrml DOSltlun it lndlcntbs th'it me of the sd-
Jncant buttons 18 Bet up ton C1088 t0 the Ona in qusstlnn. T0 correct
the condition, release the adjacent button by unserening it um changing i

v 6. UTER Tm". Bln'rcni mlm SET UP, cams ou'r 'ro i'rs Mmm. Posl'i'ioh',
mum.; 'lm HAVE Comms THE SETYUP 0F 'mn' PAR'HIJVIAR Hn'mil 10 THE STATION

"Mmm Mr. '7. Proceed Lo set up eil oi' the remaining buttons in e similar mn-

8. After ell the buttons have been correctly set up to your list
at desired stations you can non operate your 'Dialmstic 'niner' without
heving to tune in e etation with the tuning linen or tne receiver.

IWW-_An ~ sto (for mel-tic buttene ______ .12 Pointer - dial ----- --~~>>-~~- 417

(for locking dxnlmtic butter-u; .06 ~Pu11ey ~ for belt drive on drive ehert*

w s'nnit - end gear (gang condenser drive)
_ u im e e e emi ping (rei- tuning eye)
I "Gan -celler - steel, ref "gi tuning eye serine v rer dieirntic outmnnV
o z l -cenneetei- - ground-- Spring _ end pulley (for belt idlerl~
< 11,3452- --apring for gates dielmtie ------
1 asa-_e switch
Q Q 112650~ -Preme - fur dielmtle tuner ----- fOr flwiible cwvler mountlns- ~
'n llzsoi- ~--iineh - :or tene tuning, velume range wieher - phosphor bronze(et renr er>lr_; .os
_ 112502, -Kneb >> rei- A.F.6. eentrel --------- washer ~ embossed (rer mtg. 59937 electrolytie _05 l
I lm _ spring type- _~ - - .ol
llzees- _ fiat eteei mtg. (is/ie' on.)A
110498- f celluloid (tor dinl)~

Page 3:




Chassis R-SOB


The mel n_:soa mana, xo a un who, mr" una 'upsrnaumxym ncuvur.

mr ummm., m nuwux nur un un mem-nun annum lug-LMr-uar with n tuning rang; rm Aus m, to 18 Ill. an mnxrm.

n m un mar-,ann frequency or 405 KC. nm a tuning mm or

mm cm m ummm;- 1" run nan, m. nu yum"- mwm wxnexee 'un un sms xc. (ur rxnr) ann-Ion on :m 1m :mummy am of
(R)- n. ara-dun num un.. 1g u an., mr, mmm m "z um. an rr., rnxm- eww", no" um m cmmuxy, mm turn on umm
man mm me mum- xa ur mmnxy. Immun cm "L umm.

@_queu me mmm In" uma un vom mu n mmm me ruse ar :he one cum sm grown, newmnz uwn me nypu nr _rar um.

@-cmm un groom um ar m um.; ummm- w ua mun or m, umm- um 1.." n m" mmm: m nm: mum-L

.x m emma. mm mm n m _ mmm for _n_- wqm. nm up."
m xsoo xc. (emu-_ woo m. I osclunm mm: :rl-sr m :rum m :In-x.
cmson Nm xsoo xc. ~ mm: for _xx-|- mum.
mlm WIN" TAM mmmcm
400 (MH WVU-r yolk Fm W "mlm
mamma ENUM" 5 m* (Nur) (Smut) an" not nwnr num n s m.
MJD!! In brim in l?gillnlfn buck :A DN
CARBON mm 1? m- I5 csclum'm xn u- a: a L 15.1 m. xr mu
,6 imigvr mm fur _11...- mm. _fry w m-
ANI'HIIIA . E m anus ouiwt by dthlnllw lrl_r And

Tm, Lic. mserxmmmr annum un minced u mmm:

1. mm mn Luc. "mn In me comer (Imam 4) mmm.

mica wmannr.

i enum m mmm or the sim-1 mentor m u.. uL7 ammo! nm

control gm wire, ur mnmcv. m rm nm enp anun n so _!a.

z. Angus: axgml mnerwnr m "mmm nun LF. syn- uy tuning :ru umm mummy 41-1 rar _nm- nunwr _ur a-nuum.
mac :nn runner mu m -w nu- poxnr mam 1m ms no tuning emec on me "mr-mr nxgml. sun/:n or: un .mul-mm.

a. um, uw :mm gummcnr commend m1 u
Kc or lmr. (nom :mums ammo 960

rum; u m le, nmn ummm nm _nuuLy nm xn warnu xwu mmm in rqu ut woo

4. Acuuar me mcaivnr mmm; aiu no ummm zero be.: bor-un rm nn oqcnhwr nm uw moo-nm
an mu in requxroa. as cmrul non m :une or! num.

ugnu. (A vary num: .Mun-nn u

. mum mn "comm-y nr allen-'unu- :mnsrnr-r Us) tn r"an iam benz. m: 'nun :ri-r 'umm w .41mm m mn mm mr.
me mquerwy or nm ben non menu" npmxy xr :m rrx-nr :umm In um" ninemsn. Omar um be.: wma _.y m num num

xr mm apex-Anon nas man mfran sorryczu, mmm; nm Line4 amen rm- cnnur m monk-nu
:mrs umn a augur rmnle.

poenmn .mmm not umm un mu mu by

umm a Mauna "gm Bumrawr n "mmm ,up 4:5 Above my be van-a u mums;
connect second sxgm "mr-mr (an an .mr woo Kc) m .mem- mn Lum in xzn umm. much err "summon ma pmeeea u buan

'rms mmm u awww: war-"me w me rxru n me new has: "Lum n ann "any num-'Ima um born ummm m unmauunm.

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