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Franklin Radio Corp. 100

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Manufacturer:Franklin Radio Corp.

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The "A" battery connections of the Franklin Auto Radio have no polarity. By this is meant, neither negative or positive, but the heavy green wire with tracer must always be connected to the "hot" side of the battery, (the ungrounded side of the storage battery). The sheath may be attached to any convenient ground connection such as any bolt passing into the frame of the car or direot to the grounded terminal of the storage battery.

We recommend that the heavy green wire with tracer be attached either directly to the "hot" side of the storage battery or to the heavy cable running to the starter switch. Never, under any circumstances, attach the heavy green wire with tracer to any of the ignition wires or light wires, Special warning is given against connecting this wire to the generator wire anywhere along its length.


Remove radio chassis from housing and fasten steering column mounting bracket to bottom of housing with machine screws that are furnished, or if steering column cannot be used, use the bolts that are furnished to fasten housing to bulkhead of car; drawing the three bolts through the three mounting holes in back of housing. In this case be sure to allow housing to extend about 3/4" to 1" away from bulkhead, by adjusting the series of nuts also furnished for this purpose. This will relieve any warping of housing and chassis, so as not to throw the radio set out of balance.

Now pass driving control cable through grommeted hole in front cover of housing. With radio chassis still removed from housing, set dial soale on remote control to 0, Now, using a small wrench or pair of pliers unscrew bushing head nut on variable condenser back plate about three fourths of the way, and pass control wire through hole in bushing until control cable sheath enters into hole of the bushing. Then tighten up the bushing head nut with dial scale at
0. Then grasp the condenser pulley in one hand and revolve same until condenser plates are all the way open and will not turn further in that direction. Holding condenser in this position, loosen clamp screw at top of the pulley and run control wire under clamp until all the slack is taken out of the wire. Then tighten clamp screw down on wire rather tight. Precede to put chassis back into housing and bolt down as it was before removal from housing.


The first thing to do in the elimination of ignition noise is to determine whether it is being picked up by the antenna and antenna leadin, or by the set itself. To determine this, turn on the set and start the motor. Then disconnect the lead in at a point where it is connected with the shielded lead going to the receiver. If the noise stops, it naturally shows that the noise is being picked up somewhere in the antenna system. If the noise is still in evidence after disconnecting the lead in, the noise is presumably chassis pickup. Sometimes there is a combination of the two, and in this case, it is necessary to first eliminate the chassis noise and then the remaining noise can be removed using methods normally discussed in connection with ignition noise elimination.