Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. 05RA2-43-8515A Schematic

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Manufacturer:Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. (Coronado)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

MODEL o5HA2 -H3-5515A
OFF ' \lu|.um: CONTROL
Broadcusf Band Secfion I. F. and R. F.
The alignmenf procedure below includes #he sensiii-
viiies af 'ihe inpurs of various sfages. All signal inpur
values are based on an ourpui of 500 mi||iwaHs. This C _S 6V5/GT 1? ?EAKER
may be measured by disconneciing 'ihe speaker voice coil E53 Gm/6 ouT;J;E;R;\;|;s
and subsfifuring a 3.2-ohm resisfor across 'ihe secondary '__ ?
winding of ihe oufpuf fransformer. A reading pf 1.27 SBA.,
volfs AC across +l'\IS reslsior wlll be approxlmafely Q T .
equivalenf lo 500 mi||iwaH ourpui wiih ihe speaker con- |2A-|-7 ,, ra rg * ' '
necied. The volume conirol musi be sei a+ maximum. Q E* Q \ se, Q SY;/GT
The 'ione conlrol musi be sei ior maximum ireble. 1-5 a ' k
The signal source mus# be an accuraiely calibrefed 15
signal generaror capable of supplying fhe frequencies ;M_gxrgRNAL PHONO ` saus sA|_5
designaled, modulaied 30% wiih a 400-cycle audio sig- AmENN;BAs'NPUT TO OOP Ac ,NWT
nal. A 400 cycle audio signal is required 'for 'ihe audio ANTENNA F" ANTENNA "_"
measurement Varia+ions in sensiiivifies of plus or minus _ _
25% are usually permissalale. chasm l/'ew
Band Swifch in AM Fosifion, Gang Open, Dummy Anfenna .1 Mfd.
cmmron ":g"|::;:g" Amusmisms ro sz Man: ADJUST FUR
High Side of Maximum ouipui'
4??5?Y?'?" #se volume c?n+f?| Nm Should be soo
mi Wo S and chassis Milliweris
455 Kc. Use Pin 1 of BBA6 p - d 5 d f~|'8_ Maximum oufpui
Pin 7 of 6BA7 ~ d 5 d f Tb_ Maximum oulpuf
Check poinhr so #hai #he righi hand edge of The poinier sliiri coincides wiih ihe
righf hand edge of dial marker at #he exfreme le" when gang is closed.
For adiusrmenf, see dial mechanism illusrrefion.
"GNN GENE*/"0" couuscr ro umo must
Use six furn loop across
Check *racking ai' 1000 Kc, 600 Kc, and 535 Kc io be sure oscillaior is sei correcrly.
(C)John F. Rider

Page 2:

Power Supply ._ _. 115 volls, AC, 60-cycles; Chassis FM Sensiliviiy ......,...,., (Fon .5 wa'H ouipull-12 micro-
only 75 waH's. V0 5 3V9\"399>>
F"9'lU?"?Y R?"'9e5 > B'??d?a5l` Band-535 1? lbzo kc' Power Oulpui ,__.. _ _._, 2.0 walls. 10% dislorrion. 4.5
lnf?rmfglaie Freq. 'AM455 kc.; PM-WJ mc' . Loud Speaker .,,......_., 5"x7" PM. Voice coil impedance
Selec-hvn'y _,__.___ ____ ,.., A M -47 kc. broad ai 1000 hmes 3_2 ohms' 400 cYc|e?_
signal, measured af 1000 kc.
l.F. FM-230 kc. broad al 2 'limes Tube Complemenf.
AM Sensilivily .. ., (For .5 wall oulpuf)-200 micro- 6BA7, lF amplifier; 5Y3, reclifier.
volis per me'l'er average. 6AU5. FM d"i"9fI
FM Band Sedion I. F. and R. F.
No alignmenl' of 'lhe FM secfion of 'lhis radio should be The following alignmenf is based on fhe use of +he new
alrempfed unless you are posiiive ihal' 'lhe circuils are Simpson vacuum lube vol+mel'er which has a "floaling
in need of adjuslmenl and you have ihe necessary equip~ ground". ln ofher words, lhe meier, when used as a
menf. vacuum lube volfmefer, can have bofh fhe pcsiiive and
All componenls used in fhis radio are exlremely slalale nesafive Sides ??""e?ie?l i? P?l"+5 "b?Ve 9'?U"?l and
and lhe luned circuifs should require no adiusfmenf Sli" 9lVe *fue 'e5?ll"95' ls" 'wie "C" bel?W-l
over a long period of fime. A slandard AM signal generalor is required.
Band Swifc/I in FM Posifion. Dummy Anfenna .1 Mfd
miznnron '$g"??;1g" mms connection Qzliilgglas Amuxr ron
10.7 Mc. P- - Boflom Core Resonance
10.7 Mc. Pin N?_ 1 H H Top Core Zero. Use zero
Use aboui of 6AUb See nol'e A Secondary of T9 cenler scale
>>05 V?l1 Raiio Deieclor See noie "B" \/
10.7 Mc. P- N 1 P- N 7 { 6A|_5 Primary and Secondary Resonance
use abou+1800 '" ?' '" ?' ? _ f 11. FM D' IF h |a b b +
microvolls oi 6BA6 and chassis O See chassis rl/ligiv S ?u3 viii: ou
. C2-C and chassis ' "P" 5 ?"' e " ?"'
microvolis See chassis view 3 volls
NOTE "A"-Connacl' iwo resisforsin serias.l00l( OHMS_sach. from NOTE "C"-To use a VTVM which does noi have ihe "floating
Pm Na. 7 of _6AL5 ia chassis (Pun No. 51. These resrsfors muxi ground" feaiure, in slap 2 above, connect "ground" side of VTVM
gp. rv';;Lc::?*w;;hThe5?{;is&g;\n;a:L is?liumuiube volimoler beiweon in midpoinl of resisrors (Nofe "A"l and "high" side lo poinl' u.
NOTE 'B -iff T'7_ I-~? \>~e>>- f?mP?_f?d ~-+I-. ~f -=_p~==s-\=1>> fha# -? 3 wil.. ri.. 'l?l'l.'1i'?`?.Z+?.?? ???..ii.l?"ii i?.?.L?`l.Zi.i??ilT?i?li
;";'::":'a:?";ec;1'dar; i:":ec?::'r;"5 ~ ?"? U 3 l"51""'?"i ? ?' aiinl' and Jlill giva.;l\ad iruesi indicafion of correcf alignmeul "\_/
(C)John F. Rider

Page 3:

__ ?AMBLE-skoqga PAGE 21-19
MODEL O5RA2-M3-8515A
Check pcinhr so #haf #he righi hand edge of lha painler skirl coincides wilh #he
l righf hand edge ol dial' marker al *he exfroms lofi when gang is closed.
For acliusfrnenl, su dial mechanism illuslraiion,
cmmron POINTER ?2g"::;:g" Amusr CUNNKTIONS
` Marker lerminals for maximum Pin N?_ 7 0;
Tune in See No'|'e "B" FM Mixer C2-C 6AL5 lo chassis.
,/`~ 98 mc' Gen. Signal below for maximum
ll~lOTE "A"-If a signal generalor wiih Fha above fundamenfal fra- NOTE "B"-Connecl 300 ohms in series wilh "hcl" side of gener-
quancy is not available. i9 is somefimes possilile lo use harmonics. "or and Conn", *D |99 hand ser", 5; "|.,,.M| FM Anhnna -|-"_
;:q:?:;;?:; 5l;;;?il:;?Fh lgaIi?a:dl?;?L;i:;:3"v;':\;;\r+S;eh:;vm minals. Connecf cold side of gsneralor lo righl hand screw.
molar as above for reionnnce indicnfion. A weak carner, however,
will noi produce 3 vo ls.
Turn drum completely counter-
clockwise before re-stringing.
Slap I
| 6 Turns 2 Turns '
Poinfer Stringing and A/ignmenf
(C)John F. Rider

Page 4:

- we .1 YS W $3 Eli
? in gg , ozo can b-' I
.-- 1 gap i : _W M
ru-nr wmuuxsn NOTES: Rig L l F53 E if M; '
W 3 : I3 C 9 0 "' " UNLESS omarwnsz shown, Rsslsron vALu:s An :N onus, SAVS M. I
san num sane uve ana uv; eve/G1 'ASL _ M. I m- - C' --< : C 45
Nora une we Annu", war. :S me e|e?m?a||y ??f.,.@?+ed N, me Ac pm; ??fmin.>>1=. "' ' '?"' ..
(C)John F. Rider

Page 5:

MODEL OERAZ -L13 551514
Please specify PART number and chassis model number when oniflering replacements
C1A,B,C.D B-BA-18705 Gang luning condenser
C3 A-201-15142 Trimmer eqnaerrur T3 5_13D_1bw O j|?f ??'.|'"'?"""Y
C17-18 A_s1=-13111 .0001 mid, dual mica. T12 A_,6A_,m7 RF ??'*(
c11 c.eFa.110 300 mmf. mn.. 10% MISCELLANEOUS
c24__,0_41 A_,G_,mZ _005 mm' ceramic A>>15B-13430,r.g, m1m.r10re lube soclral
C32 c_B6_-|3201 |000 mmt ceramic A-15C-16007 7-prong, m1r1|al'ure lube soclxel
4? mm x 25 vous B-14M-18147 AC lme cord and plug
_ , _ o - - unmg s a rec e
C48 c 0011304 02 mfs. 200 volfs, 20 1, KYTBZSS Ngo, :mm assembly
n?s|s1o11s B-TDA-18857 5" 1 13 PM speaker
R1 A-165-`lbb15 Suppressor
R2-15 C-951-33 2.2 megohms. V1 Wm, 20% DIAL PARTS
R3 A-155451516 Suppressor `
R6-B-12-19 C-9B1-58 470 ohms, l/1 wen, 10% A-53A-10989 Dial slring
R931 ?_931.g2 47|( ?|\m?_ V, w_,1|_ 10% A-49A-10078 Tension spring
R11-23-24 c.9e1-94 4101< ohms, V, well, 10% B-26-18112 Dial pairrnr
R13 C-981-79 21K ohms, V, wan. 10% A-430513553 C?"'P'?5'7?" Spring
R10 c-901-34 3.3 megohms, V, 11.11. 10% B-IM-19071 Dial scale
1120-12 A.10A-10103 Dual volume .ms 1111.0 ??r.1m| "MN" "Hs
R25 C-931-55 270 ohms, V1 wa". 10% c-24M-10050 111111. board
R26 C-931-27 220K ol1ms,_V; wall, 20% B-23K-18863 Grille clolh
R28 C~9C2-1065 1.5 ?hms. 1 wa". 10% 13.511-10031.00 Knob (1?rm_111r11r1g)
R30 C-9C12-2059 3000 ohms, 5 wails, 5% 8.5551 5931.30 Knob
R31 C-9C11-1102 1800 nhms, 5 walls, 10% B.5B.1aa57.3o Knob
(C)John F. Rider

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