Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. 05RA33-43-5016A Schematic

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Manufacturer:Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. (Coronado)

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Page 1:

MODEL OERAB3 -|43-5016A
Power Supply 6.3 volrs DC
Frequency Range i 540 KC Io |600 KC
Inlermediale Frequency 257.5 KC
' Anfenna Whip Iype
Tuning Permeabilify
Speaker 4", P.M. voice coil impedance 3.2 ohms
Power Oufpui' 2.5 walls undisforfed, 3.5 walls maximum
Sensifivily I uv for 500 miIIiwaHs ouI*pu+
5e|e?+;,,;fy 40 KC broad aI' |000 Iimes, signal a+ |000 KC
| Signal Io Noise Rafio I0 I-o I
I Tubes used are as follows: s
one R_|=. Ampnnef V
6BA6 >>I.F. Amplifier
6AV6 A.V.C., Defecfor, and Audio Amplifier
6AQ5 Power Ouipuf
6X4 Power Recfilier
I Bag mounhng paris:
Hardware, generafor condenser, and dislriburor resis'Ior.
(C)John F. Rider

Page 2:

_ _ _ _ GAMBLE-s|

Page 3:

PAGE 22-4 GAMBLE-?_L<_oGM9 __ _ _ _ __~ __
MODEL o5RA33 -LL3-501614
| (Cul 65402, Chassis layou+)
' Remove 'lhe coil-lo-dislribulor high-lension lead 'From #he disfribuior. Cul' fhe lead lwo inches from rhe end, and
screw lhe disiribulor resislor onlo ihe coil lead. Then screw +he shorl lenglh onlo +he resisfor, and plug lhe
cable inlc +l1e dislribulor cap.
One noise-filler condenser is furnished. Condenser musl be connecled fo +he culpul lerminal of lhe generalor
(never lo lhe field Terminal). The generalor-condenser brackel should be 'fasfened lo #he generafor housing,
under 'lhe screw lhal holds lhe field. ln some parficularly slubborn cases of molor inierference, one or more
of fhe following procedures may be necessary:
A condenser can ofien be used lo advanlage on fhe elecfrically operaled oil gauge or gas gauge. Connecf
'lhe condenser lead lo lhe ierminal of lhe gauge, and boll' The condenser case securely lo fhe frame or some ofher
grounded perl' of lhe car.
Bonding fhe sleering column 'ro lhe fire wall wilh a shorl braid may also be effeciive. Clean 'rhe painl* from
l lhe sfeering column ai lhe fire wall where lhe column enlers 'rhe mofor comparlmenl, and solder on a shorr piece
| of braid. Ground ihe end of l'he braid fo rhe fire wall.
In some cases il may be necessary 'lo ground lhe 'rubes and rods coming fhrough fhe 'fire wall in order lo reduce
fhe inlerlerence. Clean lhem wilh emery clolh and spol-solder lhe braid, fasfening fhe end under a convenienl
ln some cases il* may be necessary lo connecl an addifional condenser lo fhe ammefer or fo The ignilion swifch.
| ll' may be necessary 'ro use a condenser on lhe volfage regulafor. The condenser case should be mounfed under
one of fhe vol'l'age~regula+or mounling screws, or af some oiher convenienf localion, and ihe lead connecfed
' fo ihe ballery 'lerminal of the volfage regulalor.
lnlerference from eleclric clocks can be eliminaled by connecfing a condenser fo fhe ammeler lerminal. The
case of lhe condenser must be securely grounded.
If fire-sfafic inferference is ncled in a parficular insfallafion, s+afic cclleclor springs should be oblained and
l insfalled in fhe fronl' wheels of lhe car. ~
(C).Tohn F. .. Rider

Page 4:

MODEL o5RA33 -LL3 -5016A
Q Q onus "
(C)John F. Rider

Page 5:

MODEL OSRA33 -LL3-S0161-\
I Tcz-Tcs VC|27l;-Z Dual Trimmer I
| TCI vc|z7?-| Trimmer
CI4, CIS C52 Capacifor, paper .5 MFD 200 volrs
I Cl C0472 Capacifor, paper .o47 MPD zoo volrs
cz C0474 capapircr, paper .o47 MFD 4oo volfs
C8 COIS6 Capaciicr, paper .OIS MFD 600 vo|?s
cz, clo cols capapilpr, paper _ol MFD ooo rolls
Cla coosslo capapilor, buffer .ooso MFD |600 vol?s
cs c|42o5M Cepacifcr, mica |410 MMFD soo volls |
cle czoozoM Capacifor, spark zoo MMPD zooo volrs
LA |27sLA Ardenna coil
LR |27bLR R,F. can
CH2 Llb A choke
cH| L47 Spark choke 4.7 MH
R|2_ Rl; R|=oo.s Resisfor ea ohms V, wan
R5 R|zz.s Rpriarpr |200 ohms V, waif
R|, R3 R2z3.s Resisfor 22K ohms V, warr |
R4 R333,5 Resisfor 33|< ohms V, wall
R2 R|a5.s Reaiarpr |.a megohm V, wall |
a Rlo R45|| Resisfor 450 ohms | wan
R|| R|o2| Resisfor looo ohms | wall
R7 Rz7s| Rpaiavpr z7|< ohms | wall I
| RIORS Resisfor, suppressor |o|< ohms
SI VRIZ76 swilph SP.S.T. on volume confrol
5| cR| Diode mlar unif |oo_loo MFD/47K ohm
SPKR sP|<|27z> Speaker
Fuse Fuse IO arnpere
Pilot Iighf Nc. 47
M-|80| Chassis and wrapper H-alesl Dial rivet
M-|802 Top cover P.|eoz Knob
M-lsos Speaker cover @R|4 Rubber rommef
M>>|aos Dial p|afe H-s|?44-6 Miniafure robe appkal
H.|so| |.|=. Mpimlima c|ip H.s|o4-4_9 Pilot Iiglwf soekef
H-laoz speed nut H-81644-6 Arrlprma iapk
|-|_|soa syplpr H-a|e44-7 Speaker appkpr
H-|ao4 Spade lug No. I0 H>>8I644-8 Fuse lrplapr |
P-|so| Dial apale |-|_a||>4|.e Terminal braara No, xl
A_|ao| |:>ia| apra assemb|y H.s|?4|_s Terminal board Na. 3 V
M-|ao|> Dial poinfer |-|-a|e4|_z7 Tprmirral board Np. Z7 \/
|-||z7s4 Vibrafor Clamp
(C)John F. Rider

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