Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. 05RA37-43-8360A Schematic

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Manufacturer:Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. (Coronado)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

MODEL o5RA37-A3-8360A
This radio is u 6 tube (including rectifier tube) AC~DC receiver housed
in a beautiful plastic rabinet. Controls are provided an the front of tha
set for tuning, volume and tone operation. Spnial features include n
antenna, 3 senior: tuning mndensor, autornotie volume
mmfpr, ?|y variable mm. mmmi, hmm power ...rpm tube
.ma p permanent magnet dynamic speaker, rnwziapn has been made
for connection of cn external antenna. The receiver is designed for re-
ception at radio stations in the standard broadzast band between 540.
" f A Q51 My _ ' p.1a|f-1n loop
Power Supply: Tube 1-ma mul Lamp Complement:
117 volts A.c_ so or eo cycles or 1 mme nf, Amplifier
117 volts D.C. 1 121156 converter
Broadcast 540-1600 Kc.
Audio Amplifier
Intermediate mquenw 1 35:5 Audi; output
1 #47 Dial Lpmp
1-11911 impedance loop
3 section, shock mounted gang condenser "mme COMROL | gi AN;/o&t?M?0?;:9?"
5 ami. PM Dynamic ' ~ .
Power Consumption: mu 1 \;;.
30 watts im ' ?.
P er Output mm 6 I '"'"? I 5
Undistorted - watts mu AQ nm eg
Maximum - wan 1 vy ,F mu a as QQ
smafiviiy->.-m ii.. main
drive drum to maximum counter-
elozkwise position and use fol-
cup im .na of me
(C)John F. Rider

Page 2:

MODEL 05111137-L13 -836011
1. umm massas from manev. Arrw laap nniennc 1? remuin 4. c?f...e?>>g'?m.a lead ??;a9f.a|g.nefaf?f>>? u. 1.19. \'/
?"?="?<*'?="?"'=~ CAUTION: 14 your xignal 9e....a1af is designed Wim an Ac-nc
2. wsm gang <?f..4m?f nm, wed, dial poamef shaula be in fhe PW" WFP' ??""" ?'?"" ?? ? "?_' '?"9" ? 5 MM
posifion af.a1?a>>.a by me lan division below ss on me dial. '?""?"'"" 6" "?"?" """' '?' '?"'?"'?"' B' '?""?"'?"')
If ae is ,ev incorrectly, hand gang in fm; pa,:>>a?>>1 and rese? ,=?sf.>>?f.
5. Sei Gone mmral lo in maximum alaakwisa posivian.
3. cam" an ?..>>p>>>> mefer mm the speaker vane mn af from
P,_,,e ?, 35.55 ,G B_ ,,,,,,,g,, ,, 04, MH, c?m,,,,,,,_ (Sn v,,|,,g, e. ser vulume =?mfa| Oo maximum v?|.1m? pagina" ana use a weak
cha" for tanvenieni B>> nanneciian.) signal from fha signal ganerarar.
RANGE nummv Amusr swas
msausncv conuscnon ANTENNA ?g:;f,':;"' on nummsns
Grid pin #7 of ' *d Any pain! where ii (Ind LF.)
mba, C?"d?"'?' nm signai. maximum oufpuy
455 Kg mea comme, Condmm dm ,,?, Meg, #1 e. #4 far
habe, me signal, maximum ampm
External Amannu 200 Mmfd. _
1600 KC Terminal on mp cmsanw "'?? KC """'"'f #5
m___'_ For m.X.f....m
BROADCAST 150 sx??ma1 Amnna 20? M,,,;d_ 13; m"f:m)#6
540-1600 KC o Kc T?'"""?' ?" L??" C?"d?'===' gewafaf fm maximum
Emmal Antenna C fA"*=""?)
1500 KC Tumi.-a| an Loop $350, Trirwvwf #7
F,?,,,,,_ _ 1 for mammam
E woo ' Q. ' E
(C)John F. Rider

Page 3:

iii n.r. mr. convsmn Lf. mr. nn.- u.c.- A.r. WTP"
Ami T-5
` ' CAM R-| <;_? -6 "_" 5 n~4 @ Q) CQ# L -- f~-- * j
con \
02.9 SOCKET VOLTAGES 111 von an cm: |.|:. BUTTUH "EW 0F C||l53|$ 1_2
? 1. AH menwremenss made whh 0 vnhmever "L IULHGES MEASURE" BE-WE" "?T|F|El 0, AGE"
'? hmang n se'-sinvaey of 1000 ohm; per son|E\'1E||||||||_s |||| |- Lug ?Q'?` m 0 Q Q H0 "BM
Q vale enepa where indimoed by (*). Th= \||?|-E55 UTWEKVUSE ||||||?lTE||- A. m\ O @ g so |_f_ |||p_
3565 Q51 A.c.'oEJ. ? ses NOTE A
"_ can 1. refminqrs an mop Qmem nw ,honed ?"TP"T H4 "
4. volume mmrol ,ev va maximum wah nu 'Gaby (R)@? ;?~3 nn" _3_5 @ 9 "nina O
mpond on Tmlariy NOTE A= we mm 5| a af 'mf wb :mm '<% >><_?_, \>>
_ _ _ bg mmfed ea vs_ fn mam ,Q 0
(C)John F. Rider

Page 4:

MODEL OERA3 7 -113 _8360A
- z=2'22g=E?f-2 ?s-2 e3g3'_ _Ss ?? <>E'?Q? use
111e11111?1?11E1?1111181312211 ssseess?s assess
(C)John F. Rider

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