Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. 85 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. (Coronado)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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PEAK Fnmmaucy ; Z ' \ =0=
z M T T saw /wwe ////4 1/14 A/,.,, f, J | | | in-fn! Z
No. 85 SERIES 00/-/'za //A/ff .f>>/aw/|//1zf/

Page 2:

' _;';__ L- ,l Aligning lnternmliate Condensers-A non- driver. At every position of this adjusting
W , ` - ws: __ . metallic screvv driver is necessary for aligning screw turn the tuning condenser rotor until
|_,_ i B _ Wal ? \ f- mama ? /6' the intermediate condensers, A signal of 262 maximum output is obtained. For each position
n_ nm O//. Wm is required. Remove the grid cap from the of the adjusting screw there will be a maximum
m nn Q QM? Pj. V ` lima grid connection of the 224 ist detector tube output and the correct- position of the adjust-
:f _uggil "'" and connect the lead from the signal generator Ing screw is the setting at which the deflection
|`j=j,i|_ ,vp ttfrthi g'ridh;>Qtlief224 1% detector. The tube on output indicating meter is the greatest.
AL o 9 jr ies; s ie s ou e eton. ne way to make this N t t th ' l '
? Mila-xlnl .J ' connection is to bring the antenna lead from 140; sign;l sriigachEUR5;e:li;o;d??;g:\eEUR3r oi'
Z Q" ' rlggm th? SIKIIHI Z@YIEURlfl?0{ Sl'lr0\lgl\_ the slot in the the tuning condenser trimmers at this frequen-
P_ ~ Y H _.s -,124 ez H--H shield for the izrld wire A grid can 0n_ the end cy for maximum output, Then set the signal
M ? _ \__.. _==! of the antenna lead of the signal generator will generator for a signal of 1000 K.C. and turn
D- - O9 1 i ` * -- facilitate making this connection. This lend, the tuning condenser rotor until the output
3 | ' ' "I-"'? 6 F " K The oscillatgidcoil must be shorted out bv Ifhen heirfrl the slotted rotogxiiigite secgifiiiocltz
"" ?A 'll `j-* ar This he *li h h "df ank ` e la'
7- V- C _ through the porcelain base of the oscillator and tained. Tune in a sign-l t 7"0 K.C_ d th
op new has Tubc Se cz and ineaker C emons. ?F'; assembly. gms frminates at a lug on Et 600 KC. and tolloiv ztheosame pisceduirvi
or . 5 " _ 9 TIE io
| R I; Connect the Jumper from this lug to the until maximum output is obtained. Do not
E J ground Connect the ground lead from the change the setting of the oscillator 600. K.C.
'? k The intermediate condenser d' t' '
cf _ , ? " WS '"" "mi" FL sumo on Moroizno/WING
__ _ _,Q \ are reached from the bottom of the chassis.
'E ~ .' Q* il There are two on the porcelain base fth 'l. Fl""9"lFK 01' "l?f'5l'b0=?iYlE may be due ?0
? ,, | 4 f;?;? I ? latar and ist LF. transformer assenmbl; (ggi-t "" "Pe" 3 Mfd- _vlwtrvlytiv filter condenser or
- 1; il in g !{.?i?2 and one on the porcela n base of he ?2 law ?';*l'"?'tl' "' this i?"d?"S@l'1 If 'SW H150
O \ ' nn; '\ n . . transformer assembly, Part No. 3888. "9 ? "" V* ?" UW ffilmlfy - 6 Mfd-
F f" li ~, rg The volume control should be at maximum set- "reg" bYfl'"? ??"d9"5"lf~ If UW 4 and 5 Mfd-
? q, ,s A ._; gn* jus; th ee int electrolytic condenser units] are re ei-sed in po-
n. enser screws until m x' t t ` b- sl, "SU C P0
. mm --->>| ave een a ,iuste the first time, goover thelri _ S E ec ?r W' C "V" 'ms ics '/WY'
gas `? l|| again amd'check the setting for' maximum out- }1';?t'??l'"'defl?'b|y fiom the Siaggifd :HY C9250
~ pug, ring. ry ou some new tu es in t is
3 ? Ar ~ R_F_ ,- socket. A defective oscillator and; 1st'I.F
Z N Fai. ;?'}::?ing theaadl,o:f\TT&E|l?';':;'i;':?ens_ transformer assembly may also be responsible
' ers the ignafinput *ram th signal Z armor for this type of disturbance. If. after the tubes
should be made to the' antenna post. Adjust e-".ch'"fged fmd the ?th?".p?sS'!?'l't'es
the mmm] generator for 8 signal af exam suneetedin thisarticle have been investigated,
1400 Kc Then tum the tuning eondenseli fluttering persists, it may be advisable to se.
VOLTAGES AT WCKETS rotor until the pointer is at exactly 1400 on the cure 8 new Uscmaim' anti lst LF' "'""5f?"'"el`
LINE vourncs u vowm: coN'moL Ar Maximum dial scale, Then adjust the three trimmers on ?"?5"b"' ""d,f" " ?"? '" th" 'eEUR?l"?"# M?'5"'
_ _ _ the tuning condenser for maximum output ad- on mg may e due t? a po" "ld ??""?"""n
Type Posmon .. , . ,, ('?"'f?l Sqn" G54 _iusting the oscillator trimmer first (trimmer to the 235 I'F` 'ube and to the 224 2nd de?e?'?"-
of of Funrrian V/5 B - EUR"'K s"'"" Cui-nm C""'?d' PIU' Tm nearest back of chassis). Turn the screws up ELECTROLYTIC "LTER CUNDENSERS
Tub: Tube o lx Voha Vgls Volls MA Voln MA MA gr down ,mm greatest deflection on output in_ flkhere narerqtwgg d}r;y electrolytic condenser
imging meter is ob?,,;,,ed_ uni s in e o. c assis. One of these units
23; 1 4 .2 \ 5.5, 1.s 0 ri ec rin ef' 8 Mf?`-- Parr
224 8 2nd Det. 2.25 128 5 5 goin 05 5 5 22 23 will .
. - - . - , V t d. Nh . _ _ , _ In replacing the electrolytic conden 't
2 gud? 225 205 is. Iv 225 so 29. as; }?n';;_"2l?he :d;???Q?:;?;f?'?,Kf;3r.'{};?';";f;|?;:_ grerteare sn?u1u_betak?nm wire theriein Tri;
ec ' L9 27; ser is in back of the tuning condenser and is the foyect p?l"'ty' T33 the leads wha" F729
" reached from the top of the chassis." To cor- fgfmglainoglthihioghgleggnd'i"s%'5"'tab; l\;?5lf"`Q
mv ' mix ts fa ' reetly d' at th' 'll t soo Krc. z' - " 'S l F" ' ? Ye +
(2) Vmaewnr 5':lfl.rl'r>>0 mmuiiixzmuwy " ?h?v"" it will ge mcessa::y(t?luar|:"the screw to ge?/gi'?l sy"'b'?l 0" the mx' The P?5't"'e lem in *he
(3) Measured nel-ou 800 ohm muon of voltage divider miata", different positions usinsr a nonmetallic screw '?g`??:;t???';i?:uqft?fm'"9d by lefemnl i0 U19

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