Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. Z516 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. (Coronado)

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/` V Socket
(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

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PAGE 8>>28 GAMBLE _ __
68-121 100K ohl,1 lext (End Detector P1\te)......
65-155 25M " i'" (Znd Detector Cnthode|.....
65-137 250M " " (0aci11otor & Polar Grid)..
65-160 zoom '? " (A.v.c.1>Ln.)..............
63-239 24K ohm 1 Wott (Oscillator P1|te).....
65-244 500 " ? " (lat Detector Cothodo).
65-252 Yoltege Divider (five tap).............
C0113 and Chnkee
20-65 Detector Coi1................ .
95~135 lot & 2nd I. P. Tranu?ormer....
22-112 .1 mtd 300 vo1t(2nd Detector Screen ? Polor Grid)....... ....
22-147 .0005 600 vo1t(2nd Detector Plame & A.V.C.Screen) ...... ~.>>>>--
22-170 .1 mtd 400 vo1t(R.I.& 1|t Detector P1a&e,2nd Detector Plnttl..
Plata Cath. Screen
Socket Voltages
lit Det.
' Lxne 115 Volts
A1 Controls Maximum
A11 readings,~with~exception of heaters, taken from socket connections to ground.
Use 1,000 ohm per volt D. C. meter.)
BALANCE I.F. frequency at/175 K.C. Condenser gang at 1500 K.C. and oscillator
(C)Jbxm F. Rider, Publisher

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