Garod Radio Corp. 104 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Garod Radio Corp.

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MODEL #10431
mums 104,104.11
es of Model #104
only in
iii = a - rw' I
s.- Egg -_ __ ? J; .-
d . and
All voltages except filament, are measured from socket terminals to chassis an wi h a 1 OO
Ohms per volt voltmeter. The set must be in operation and the sensitivity control in 1 s max mum
Fi ament ltage tube socket
from filament prong to filament prong
a low mpedance AC voltmeter
(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

Page 2:

swiss Norm Fon 'ms noun. 1o4n * P-'
11 Tues 4 num A.c.-o_o. sur num mzexvm _ l 0 4 A ni! E* |? O
nenugrmene er mme 1-eeuver ennunn net ne entempzee un1ene eu num- pnenime eeueen or reuuy enere- G55 55) I l 5 ) 253? 2 ' ve >
:mn neve been tnerouguy lnveetxgecea. An aeoux-etely eeunreten e1gne1 generator wmen will cover O I-' w
the neeweery weve-henna em en output never for 1n>, Q
prenexener ann fn-ee eeceecor crxmere ere :neu enlusten xn me erner nenee rer nexium output. 'rneae >>~- >>- 1
srlmere ere le :tee en une tone or me eniexn tene ec the left ease or :ne uneeexe; reening 11-mn ,H---_||||||, >
front tn oeex, tneee neun ere ee fnuwe: - 1. eneennn preeelentor; 2. ure: neeeeterg 15. eeculetnr. ,JMD 4 ' FU
it win ne notee ner. nm-e ere :our u-mnere an ennn er tnnee anus. 'me nnnuetnent ee:-an rar me N0
muner xn me mn: me nenn earner ur eenn 1e nexnnn 1-en. me nenorenne mnner :er :ne ne. 1. ,Mg ; 5' 2 Q
lm 1' - uma :ne neno summer evrnen in peeitsnn for apex-anon on vena no. 2. ana me U
1-eeexver ann emu zenerener mn ee: nn 5 ne. me mnnfnu-e numnen ebnve an 1-eneesen. 'me MODELS #10-ill. #ION 'F' CONSOLE, end I'/100| 'P' CUIIBINATION
oenuxnm- :1-meer xe rnunn on une ner een enn, nm se xennten no tne right or the 1-en nnxnma erin- Q
ner. me nncenne preeeleetor ann interetege neu trlmere ere lecetee 1n the nene peennone nn :ne >
me nmnx gennrntor 1: set nt lnuw. enn the e1gne1 runen in an me aiu. 'me peaner nnnneneer rer U
:ms been ie eonunten for nennun gain wnne the gen; ounxng ennnenner is ranked eugnuy to une rlgns V"'
nnn left. rm 5 mn. enguennent annum when be reeneekea. 'rne 1.7 nu. runner ie lneecnn nn one nuo- Q
tene on wnmn ann gang tuning nenanmer ls mounted end is une left nenn one at the group ex cnree
'?""? "?"` . Come Amino rn. 1m-ine O
M99 Q. mausmm - 'rne mend nelennm- eaten xe ne: 1n poeiunn for apex-ntxon on tne ne. 3. hem. Q
'me reuexver nno exgnnx generate ere been net at 1400 ke me tnrerozeaure autnnen ebave in re-
peeten. 'rue eeeinntnr trxmer \e fauna en the 1-ear can een, ena le xnenten nsegunuu enpoeue :ne vdmg `, ,,, N ' V N
1-en punten trunner. :ne ezner mnnere fer me me ern meren xn -inner peemenn an une ear- cm* I 5 @ ? Q" 1-U
W1s receiver operates on elther elte1' or direct current of any frequency.
voting my une vnzcnge mm 105-135 unnn nny be unen, wwneut neeennxny of nny enguetnente. An Hen TU* ??""'?1
adapter for 210-240 volt operation la available and can be aupplled et an additional cost. ,inch lr Lin! Sdtch
The signal generator is set at 600 ke. and the signal tuned in on the dial. The psdder condenser for
this band le adjusted for maximum response while the gang tuning condenser ie rocked slightly to the
right Znd left. T119 1400 KC. AAJUBMIQDU Bhduld Shen be l"eChe?k0

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