Garod Radio Corp. 1040 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Garod Radio Corp.

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\ (C)John F. Rider
Re-alignment of this reoelver should not be attempted unless all other possible causes 3 [lj
have been thoroughly investigated. An accurately calloretad signal generator which will 1) Line Voltage ae indicated on lnstruction sheet. Q
cover the necessary wavs bends, and an output meter for indicating the effect or adjust- 2) Volume at 1'one control at maximum volume Positions. "'
ments are required. 3) n mum Input from signal generator; |.>> ag
. During the alignment procedure all ad_1\utments should be mde \mder the tollodlng condi- It this pr0C0d\1!'0 18 1100 BGMPSU W. H11 MJUHWUHUS W111 HPWU V?ry broad. This is ? N
gong; due to the action of the eutomtlc oolum control Q
_ ` Llhmjpgtmeg -Qihs signal generator ls eat at 455 Kc and is connected to the grid of 5%
the converter tube (BAB) throuzh e .5 HFD condenser. Be sure to connect e resistor ot O
_ approximately 25,000 DHHS between the converter grid and ground so that the grid circuit
AIg?'NgdA is et ground potential .for 11.0. U
'LF 9' @ Input 1,P. Transtomer trlmmere - are both ed;|usted for maximum output as indicated
by the output mter connected acroae either the voice coil or the prlmry coil ot the
4 loud epeaxer.
STAGE C015 ? m%_L% Harhaltormerttrlr?mersl 3? adgfted rg mkzx?lr?nm output as indicated n Q
i _ ou p me er. e npu . . s o now e re-c c or max mum output. >
5 ' w ve Band 1 Ad uetunent - Set the band switch to the third position which la short W
p __ __ _ _ weve band . onneot t s nal gener tor thru a standard dunmv antenna to the antenna O
?u`u_A.'?` l-nu eq |.| IIIIMI' TNA and ?roune leeds or the receiver. Set the generator at 19l1c turn the condenser until e
cmks -9 1' 1 :_ response is Indicated. The pointer should coincide with tl! 19116 Irnrk on the dial. U
H u Q Ad,1uet.the antenna trimmer for the short wave band tor maximum output while rocking th
tt., condenser gang from left to right. D1
\ Short Neve Band fi - Set the hand switch to the 8960116 Dhsitivn. 'l'\\Tn the dial 0r|tl'01 F'
DMB. 1060 l?NG BRQQ' PGI: 1 knob to the extreme high frequency end so that the condenser plates are entlrelycout of Q
NNE CAS . \?E HAVE mesh. The signal generator is left connected as for band #1. The generat r is 'set et- G
6.2556 and the Bend #2 oec. trimmer is opened until a reeponee ls indicated, at the
" OUTPUT loner capacity setting or the trimmer. Het the generator at GHC and turn the variable *A
'l fuggs condenser until a response 1s_lnd1cated. The pointer should now coincide with the LHC H
25/N6 '?"*'*" nerr n uns ozal. 'me antennrmnner le cnen aaguetea for maxxnum output wnue :ne O
._ condenser gang is rocked from right to left. Set the generator at 2.4110 and turn the
V variablacondenser lmoo until a response ls indicated. The pedder for this bend le non Z
DET; E RE?15 adgzeged for maxgnmtgutput :mls racking; one gongemaeer gang from left to right. 'me E
, - <1 H o cast Band
_ fr-1 _ 1* xo 1e aeelrame to amen tnle bend an the loop. 'rue ezgnel gene tor ae 1 <1 to me
\ ' "' -__ Nun" receiver by means of e 2 or 3 turn loop. Bet the Band Switch inrghe Broaxgteposltlm G
DIEGK. I FILTEK and condenser plates completely out ot msn. Set the signal gemretor et l600 KC and
| Q swag edJuet'the broadcast oscillator trimmer until e response is indicated on the output W
, "J '"" mecexnl '1';\ed?en:r?tnrT:1: gimleetiex? 1400 mea 'rurn the vanaole cenaenner untu a ree- ,U
_ 0 A 0 - ~ I RFANn ponee s n ca e . a po n er sho now coelnclde with the l400Kc mark on the ,
a ' ~ dial. set the generator at GOOKC and turn tre variable condenser control until a ree-
.1 G ponee is indicated. Adjust the broadcast oscillator padder condenser tor maximum ree-
lf I I I | | ponexemunille 'rocking' the gen; condenser. The high frequency adjustments should non be
-- emu- volume control et m mum wemon. tm 1.f. tuner: an unused for output tno nent and lm 'rue 5 uc umm t erwuxd t
Z - nun muon ua on sound on nm me or one Lr. 'n-merornm. ' ' m M; _dmwnmm I M: 2? 'gmt t W =
- l_e Q?4I?@M - 'nu nm nm er me emu generator n mums: zo me mmm nm or U ~ \'??' "P IM "KW Mvrlwr lr' PM-h lv 1: R500 lg? me fiwproifeago outggueg
:nc neemr me cm low me to me mum me. 'nu mmm- em me exmn are men tuned to e '?'?'? 1' '?P?\"?~ ' 9
, frequency of le ue. nun me mum moon in poemen for oem no. 1. 'rue emxlecer-menu 5
l coneumr 1| uuuetee ne um the xe eu umm 1| :uma in mem at me 1s ue cemrmon pm, 'me :lem ww:-:ter Au nt at coo ue. me ou "gnu ounce in on me dnl. me readout ose-
mn tm mum contre; an run me me umm emmwr mums ru- nunnuu wus. -nu emma' ?" "WW" 1' ?44""?? Y" MIM worm" M110 vw ew mlm wmenw- 1| mm num- r'
mnleem- are xnnomegu u-mm-u an mn mums in the ereer nmee :er uuxunm output. 'men 'V '? "" "UW 'M lm- '"" \5?? \<?~ I4-1"='MM 'MIM "M M Mh?=\=?l-
mmeru are laeane u :mmm rn the mom vm or me cnum. - me me mutter muon 1| ut in sermon for operation on me no. c. 'ree S
% -imzaglmu xml-acer u nt :X e ,,,,,,?,,,, ,M ,M "mu WM M an me vm- | generator an me tuned ze eoo nu. me me procedure oumnn mn u rename. N
. wav a nz cu mm- | mm for mmm output mm mem; een- 'nu el 1 it . "ma Q
aenm- 1| round engntly to me right and lm. one la uescrele ed: ' t mould than on x-eoheenua. neoo:;TorA'=r|'2:.::red;u:;:a re;-a2;?u:M ?m:nt==1n`:'o::>>e:|eu-m:|1g'cuL'?
. axgzmy ze one rlmt me lm. me soo rn. :amount would men oc ncneexee.

Page 2:

MODEL 1040
I F PEAK 456
wee eww
nova :ua ? nerr: ' ' 1 ( J ) 1 Z
4 a Inu! 5' - a Hermes 3 '_ '" 0 "'
( Z1 et and
lst audio 5 40 .0
A6 Aud 0 output 1 13) 15
Al oltages exce t filament are measure 1' om soc et terminals to chassis end with s 1000
Ohms volt oltmete 'l'he set must be in o er tion and the sensitivity vcntrol in its maximum
kw se position
amen voltages are taken from filament prong to filament prong at tube socket and measured
w th ow impedance AC voltmeter 3
(C)John F. Rider `

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