Garod Radio Corp. 105 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Garod Radio Corp.

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MODELS 51, 105,

MODELS 51, 105, 125, 135

Alignment: Peak 1-1' transformers at 455 1m. Sat generator to 1500
with OSC trimmer on gang, fran'b section. Adjust ANT trims:- tor ma:

Alignmerrbs Peak id. at 455 ko. Adjust B-C OSC Winner (under chassis on

apron) to 1500 loc. Adjust B-C paddor 5015""776 w/RM/Ga/W

(rear apron) to 600 ka. Set generate* Mopgzs 22514' 2258

to 15 mo. Tune in. Set s-llr OSC trim-
mer so that dial points to this fra- 3**5; 255""5? 275" "5

quneoy. Align s-lvr ANT trimer(top of
chassis on s-'w ANT coil to right or

gang oomfanser.)

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