Garod Radio Corp. 250 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Garod Radio Corp.

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GAROD RADIO CORP. 5?h??U't1?.|v?1,??'5?
~ - - , mar ~ ,~
IF PEAK 456 KC. _ -'
Realignment of anis reeexver lhnuld not be enenpned unless uu nther pesenua cuueea
of ruuuy operation neve urn neen num-?ugn1y xnveeugemeu. An accurately calibrated
|1gne1 gonuratnr wnmn nn cover me various v/eve bands, and an output meter fer xn-
dnemng the erreate or edjuetmenme, nreruquirad. 5
1.r. Anausrlmr - Tha expel genorner xe sat ev. 455 ke. rne -net". neu from the exg- 3 3 => 5 ? 2
nal generator in connected to une grid cap on me luv. detector (6147) tube, the clip
huvxng rxren neen removed from the tune cup. :ne ground xeea ze connected to the re-
ceiver cnuene. The nen111ev.or eecnon (front) of me gang tunxng condenser xe short-
cxrcuited unu the volume central turned on full. rue x.r. vrxnmere ure than uu_;
for mexxnuu gun rn the receiver. These nrxnuere ure 1e? on top of me x.r. nrune- ,.,
reruer uma uune,wn1?u ere enueveu nv the rear er me cnassn. The une cowards tha E; 5 U, K, _
rx nt u the 1e?. x.r. tremsfnrmer and une len one xe the 2nd 1.1. transfurmen .1 Q Q S 8 r
IA IEGAUYULE ADJUSTIEHT - The Bhurt-O1rC\.\\t 18 rB|llDV8d frblll MIG 0HCi11Bt\1r Cl.)IldGl'|BBr Eg A
Bhd tn! grid Qllp r9p1&I2ld in Qt! nDrlIl1 PDSILXDH nn the ?l? of tne SA7 tube. THB "hDt" <
land from v.n= signal generezer xn cunnected to the unzennu em ar me receiver ,nd an 5
grbund 19Ad Lo thB ground or tne receiver. with U18 VIO].\.\II/18 |IOl'lV>>rDl BBt lt IIIBXIIIIUIII and S
e minimum znpuv. |1gne1_rram une exgnex generator, me band ewnun xe turned to the UN
and the reuexver vnu een at 14 me. rne oscillutar trimmer xe adjusted sa as ta nr-mg F .Q .., ,,, ,., Q
lulinttd directly \|nd8r the VBl"XhD1B gang C0ndHnB9l'~ T116 Ehurt IHVS trimmer 1! over the Il!
lhbrt IBVQ winding (Helvy spaced Hire.) After th! Qicillfltur XB Bet, the antenna trim-
mer xe udgunea for mexxmum output me xndmeteu by the eutpuv, meter. (Aguxn the S.l.
antenna trimmer xe leaned over the neuvy epueed vvxnding on the antenna een, and xe
uCC?l|iblB from the top of the chaES1B.) There are no other ad`]\1Bt|!.\ent! on thi! band. 2 Q;
ig xv Knocrcns Awvsrusn-r - Turn me weve Bend swnen te me ngnv.. ser. x.n= ngrex = - - -55 3' \.
generator to 1500 ku. una turn the dun pexncer me correspond nu une rrequeney. Ad- 3 3 E5 ga 3 2
Jun. the eeexuemr zrxnner fer tnie nun.; an nnev. une esgnel is reeexvea exactly un 15 Q < 0_3 G :
thi! let'-in . (TASS trimmer is 1DCBL8d DVSX' U18 ?X0i?-Wdlld fine Winding on the asci1~ E ' ' 'B ~< na
meer noni Adgust une sruuueuev. enmenne trimmer for muxxnwu output as aeeerxhed pre- ,__ 5.1 "= 2; E 2
Vlvully, (this Lrimfnsr is DVM' the Blllall 5 Bsctinn WSn\i1l'|S and XB KCCBS5ib1e from the 9 *" Q < fi
Kc Hunan An.yus1'|n<:m' >> nun eu eennecuene us above, the esgnul generator Ae ear.
It C and tn? BXHIAX tuned in Un the dill. Th! pnddtr for this frsquency ?8 found
on une, rrnnv. eub-penn er une reeexver, axreeuy under me dxux. Tnxe pueder el-mule E ,_ ._
ha uajuenerl for uuxsmun re-pens; er the recesver. mme the tuning eendeneer xe rocked 3 3 5 p 5 3
Slightly buck and forth. The 1500 kt: adjustment Snnuld then bs rechecked.
(C)Joh.u F. Rider, Publisher

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