Garod Radio Corp. 265 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Garod Radio Corp.

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Alignment: Peak i 1' transformers at 455 lm Sat generator to 1500 loo and tune in
with OSC trirmnar on gang, frant section. Adjust ANT trimmer for mximm output.
Aligmertts ?eak i.f. at 455 ko. Adjust B-C OSC trhmer (under chassis on img,-,,c,:"_
apron) to 1500 loo. Adjust B-C paddor ""' Y"
(rear apron) to 600 lm. Set gensratcr 5a"?""77c W/R/A/6 0/06%,
to 15 mc. me in. sn: s-1 osc trim- MODELS 325/4, 22555
mr so that dial points to elm fre- 2*?? 25-'>-"-*'>> 27-"3 44
quneoy. Align s-wr ANT tr1:mmsr(top of
chassis on s-mv ANI coil to right or S*m5 ??I1'if|US?l'~)
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