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Manufacturer:Garod Radio Corp.

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moms 259,269 Alignment
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QEIGIWEVT - MODELS 259,Z69,629,'l29,759,7$90, nnd_569?
LF ADJ'US'1'?1ENT The Signal generator 1s set at 456 KC and ls connected to the grid or the converter
tube SKB through a .5 MFI) condenser. Ee sure to connect a resistor of approximately 25,000 ohms
?between the converter grid and ground so that the grid circuit is at ground potential for D.C.
"?The Bend Switch Should be set on Eroadcasb and the pointer set at 550 kc. The Imput LF, i71'a!1SfOI'me!'
3 trimmers are located on the rear chassis apron, between the variable condenser and the SD5 l.F`. tube.
Both screws are adjusted for max1m\m| output as indicated by the output meter connected across either
gthe voice coil or the primary coll 01' the loud speaker output transformer.
2 The output I.F. transformer trimmer is located on the rear chassis apron, under the power transformer
3 adjust the trimmer for maximum output as indicated on the output meter. The Input l.F'. should nom be
gn ne-checked for maximum output.
5 "The dumnw antenna for this band consists ot only a 250 MHFD condenser. Set the band Snitch in the Broad-
,_S cast position and condenser plates completely out of mesh.
gg Set the signal generator at 1720 KC and adgust the broadcast oscillator
Dzchassls (it is the trimmer to the -rear of the chassis) until a response
53 The generator is now set st 1500 KC. Turn the variable condenser until
mudlal pointer should nw C0-inoide with the 1500 KC mark on the dial. Adjust the 1500 KC Antenna trim-
Zgmer (located on top of the chassis, near the variable condenser. It is the trimmer to the front of
ggthe chassis.) for n\axi1n\.1m output.
so Set the signal generator at 1770 KC and adjust the broadcast oscillator trlnmer on top of the chassis,
,-4"?to the right of the gang condenser. The oscillator trimmer is the front adjustment, until A response
$215 indicated. The dial pointer should new co-incide with the 1500 KC mark on the dial. Adjust the
gs 1500 KC .Antenna for maximum output.
Set the signal generator at 1720 KC and adjust the broadcast oscillator trimmer (under the chassis,
behind the tone control. The oscillator trimmer is the one nearest the band switch) until e response
ls indicated on the output meter. The generator is now set at 1500 KC. Turn the variable condenser
until s response is indicated. The dial pointer should now coincide with the 1500 KC mark on the
dial. Adilust the 1500 KC Antenna triunner (located adJaoent to the oscillator trimmer, under the chas-
trimmer located on top of the
is lndioated on the output meter
a response 1s indicated. The
W sis) for maximum output.
? Set the generator at 600 KC and turn the variable condenser control until a response 1s indicated.
5 Adjust the broadcast oscillator padder condenser (located directly behind the variable condenser)
<5 for maximum response while "rocking" the gang condenser. The high frequency acmustments should nw,
g ?HORT-WQVE BAND fl ADJUSTMHYT. (risht 110511510 /'ae/*1$I5?J59v/V47
E Set the band Switch to the extreme 16112 hand position whloh 15 short Wave band #1, _1'\>>\I`n the B181 C011-
o trol knob to the extreme high frequency end so that the condenser plates are entirely out or mesh.
,TI The signal generator is connected to the "short-antenna" lead through a d\mu|1y antenna consisting of
2. a 250 MMFD condenser and a 400 ohm nun-1nduct1ve resistor in series. 'With the generator set at 22210
.D the short wave oscillator trimmer is opened until a response is heard. The trimmer condenser is then
'E opened further (capacity reduced) until a second response is heard. This response (with trimmer at
,__ low capacity) is the correct response to use. the other being the image.
3 With the generator set at ZSPKM-FOR MODELS 629,'729.
5 iigethitiengraigrz?et 1il'lC 'l'\?\;'n glzelconiirgseg \;;\t11 3 rssponshimis indicated. The pointer should coin-
w e mar on e a . us e an enna tr er for the shortwveve band (located
E Emieg Itll?ne chassis, on the mcenns eau) for maxxmum output while racking the condenser gang mm left
S Set the, band switch tc the middle position. Turn the dial control lmob to the extreme high frequency
E1 :nd an 311% thghcondense; plixes grecegtgenlg ou; gli mgsha #gnu siixa; generator is left connected as
or . e genera or s se e . an e an csc a or rimner s opened until a res-
'5 ponse is indicated at the lower capacity Setting ot the trimmer. (Located on top or the chassis, he-
E hind the dial DTBGKAE. The one 18 the front tl'1!.1m|B!'). Set the g9r|B!`at0I` at GHC and turn the Variable
55 condenser until xg response is indicated. The pointx should now co-inside with the S MC mark on the
dial. The antenna trimmer is then adjusted for max um output while the condenser gang is rocked from
? right to left. The antenna trimmer is located on the top or the chassis, in line with and directly
E, behind the oscillator trimmer. Set the generator at 2.4 HC and turn the variable condenser knob until
2 B. response is indicated. The Daddel' for thfs band, which 15 located on top or the chassis and IS the
,_, projecting adjacent screw to the. right of the csnullator trimner, is now adjusted for maximum output
'Q while rocking the condenser gang from left to right. The hlgh frequency adjustments should then be
g mm NME BAND ?Z0?gf?'7? 20 ca/4.Y
E The dmmzy antenna for this band is the same one used in aligning the broadcast band.
ii) Set the generator at 500 KC. Set the dial pointer so as to coincide with the 500 KC uurk on the dial.
?~ The lung-wave oscillator trimmer (located on top of chassis, right hand side, behind the right hand
E' dial bracket. The oscillator 1s the rear trimmer) is now adjusted until a response is lndlcated. The
? long wave antenna trmmer (located adjacent to the oscillator tr1.\mer)1s now adjusted for maximum eut-
'Rf Set the generator at 150 KC and tune for a response, Adjust the Long-Have padding condenser (located
Q, on top of chassis to the right and forward of the oscillator antenna trimmers for maximum output while
E "rocking" the gang condenser. The h'gh frequency edjustments should now be rechecked.
_ig Now Bet the 319181 generator at about 1200 kc and leave THE BAND SWITCH ON THE LONG WAVE POSITION.
? Adjust the generator output voltage until a response ls heahi. The 1200 Kc wave trap on top right of
the chassis is new adjusted for NINIHUH response.
(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

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