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Manufacturer:General Electric Co. (Old RCA)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

cnncrrv m MM uNLEss woven c4 lm; me I "9 ,?am
ons MF ,go 220K :ooo cam cm
|f rnmsmnmen T wwf sow
wmmo cons ""'"5 ? )| C3
I-nu' no. svranol. Dsscmnlon PAM No. svmnol. nzscxumlon @ 6 |200
uccggg cz; cnrncxronjcl?ns mining# ffgfhf ncmm cu cAPAcrron~m gm., soo :W an 005 "F ' RECTIFIER (Pg
lmn>>o41 no nEsls'ron~i47o gr-:il :ff::;h:: nm*-ooa wAsHEn4r?1?w-um-fo: mmol (M dell
vlnmo no lu:sls'roR41,ooo ohm., w., muon xoo. 10.1, xosm SPECIFICATIONS O
unn-ua ns nnslsmn-z,z mmhm, pg v., fnbfn nnsmu scum-D;-1 mn (Mom. mo, non Mafmal P\"f\? P'"?*\? W??d l"X??f
URDAU9 lla lLEsxSTOR>>5.o magnum, ,ij w,, urban RDS-002 SCALB>>D|n1 ngle (Mmm: 103. 105) Color Brown Ivory Mahogany ap f
van-us nz nzsrsronqn m?>>um, w., ?.f>>>>n nnx~oox Assnunnvfnm mn men mm mm- Height 7 W' 7 %~ 3 M' 3 ;4
gg-'gg gg ???}?;g?i?;o'5h?mh: Zivuzgfgon lu-xG~oo1 Gl?gn/AME: Annan; enpmiwr mamma; Width U ' 12 ' 33' 13 '
' " mme Depth 7 54' 7 ki' 7 15/15" 7 15/16'
m\n4m H/?5? any com s>Sme mu nm mm V 4 __ _ ` ___<_ 40
"W "ass-?-W' <"??=' aim T, ss?f":,;?m:::r:a:',:.::;""""' .,....,.,.f. me fs
mu:-nos n.?n5?~c.\>>in?? nun cam, r, vu (Mmm ?g.l{{o3;_u 1.1 gg/g{_i.;?.s15:'g1;xi;5m?n mann, mmm, Broadcast Rami _ ' _ 5404500 knocsmm
mm-ooz cAnIrL?'rmaTmD5;1?>>n?, vim grim "_ nop-oos Lsn Lqgeasrxs/'zzz Asuqncn nummenf mg- ,owm OVW" an von, mm
ncc-ow cm, 11, na cumcrron-o,ox mm., soo v., pm: n-n.4mz rz Tmmsronmnn-zna .4 :umm-mf Low
nccms czn cnmcrron-o.os mm., ooo v,. ply" aroma ra Tre/muwslronrgxnn-o..?,>>>>.\ emnzafmef
ncmuo' " 53' cAPAc1'ronA1 mmf" soo v,, mac. ' xw|.~oo\ P1 conn-your we ma mug ` ' ` ' ` ` ` ' f
(C)John F. Rider

Page 2:

G,E. PAGE l5~7
' (Parts Lian). Part Nomcz-001 changed
` g al to to RCE-027. Delete Part N08 .RDF-001,RDl'-
_ ? '~ 51/1 U' E. EY- 9 __ ' O03 RDX~001 and H||l|?001. Part NO.
B1 I uontts WITH THE FOLLOWING '- *3 @?? P2 *MS oo1'?h?nged'e? lm.-oo4.Aad Part n<>>.n1-r-
? r 1.5 _ . t th n ner late 006, Electrolytic cardboard cover.Add
W (ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT ALIGNMENT)-Under from the IF _ampx er clrcuxt 0 e Co ve p Part No. 0o9'Be9_m_A_sc?pe loop ant.
E the paragraph PROCEDUREMGENERAL thehthxrd and screen c1rcu1t. and back cava! assemblsguodels 103,105_
0 sentence should read "If it doesn't, remove c assis _ _ Add Part N0 _RLL.Q]_0 B9am-A.s??p? 1??p
H and Slip Pointer on Sheff "mil the P?i"f@f is Und" (3), The mament connemqns (ITS zdand 7) to ant. and back eovefassemblymodels 100.
reference mark Whe Chassis is bolted in placey the IZSA7 converter tube are mterc ange , loyuchange Part N?`R0P_oo5 to read Part
F" receive" equipped with the Beam* 4) Th 10- e ohm resistor R2 is re~ N?'U0P'535'
- 'hf art of the back ( ? mg ' '
5??????? ms; S: ,anim ffm cabinet' (Fig-4>> S??1=?* "?1*=EUR?'> A* 12S*'d?',j,?" Bmw-Scope change-~-Ivo different me
d 1 14. an out Fm. ,_f align- Ot, P5-|15 3 md 4 ?h?"1d b? ?h"'3? ? loop antenna assemblies were used during Ci
urtns lt ohasgn: in cabinet securely; "ld 4-92. At 12sG7 5??ke1;,pins 6 and 3 production. Part No.RLL-001 is secured M
r-f an; oscillator tri rs are than "h?"1d b? ?h?'?5?d 15? "ad '97 v?1t?' to the chassifby metal brackets and ri
available through the h<>1e in the back needs a Separate cabinet back <=?v?r- The 70
?,?v,,- aSs?mb1y". (nsr>>LAcsMsNr Mars usr)-Parr Number ?1=h?f WPO Hem-A-S??P? il identified 1? ff,
(scHeM/mc DIAGRAM)-A corrected sche- Ucc~o1s, symbol cw, memes Pm Numbep it is H Pe" ?f` th' bwk <=?v?r ?"?mb1?>>
_ _ . . RCC_013_ Stock numbers RTS_001, R1-S_003' and This new assembly is stocked as Part No. [11
matxcxs prmted below. Changes were made as follows. R 009 f M d 1 105 d 105 d
RTS~004 should be changed to read: RJS~00l, ?r ? ? 5 an 'an as 5
(1) C18 connects between th outp t plate nd RJS003, and RjS_004' respectively Part N0.RLL-010 fOr Model! 100 ind 101. Q
screen Instead of between plate and ground. The B?nm_A_Sc?p?s are alectricelly int?r__ ;
(2) The plate and screen filter (Cll, R6) ls moved shggliegs :'p"_: o:??}EUR?L;';2;)9'!u"L 01o)'b? E
_ _,,,mLmm used without alteration to replace Part O
_ %3'"* 'ZAW5' ?~ T"a"wm ??T?'m No. 001. Part Ho. R 001 may replace Q
W ' 'f? 7 ??' Part No.RLL-009 or 0lO,provided t
~ _ mem-~. | = brackets (Parr no nm-001 Rm-ooz)
|?| g. E;=?? \. ' .1 ,~ ? I are added to the chassis to mount the new
[__ me egg, ., _`l`;><""` * _ my the light. Repeated applications of 21,
,_,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, w Q, " mn R acetone or nail-poli sh remover between the 38
-ww-v-1 new ???'" ml ""'"'?' lamp and socket will soften cement 3;

Page 3:

PAGE 15-8 G.E.
' run cour|.u|s\|r' `
Detector-Audio .......... _ , , ............ Type 12SQ7
Power Output ....,,......,.....,....... Type 50L6GT
Rectifier ..,., -, , .... ...... _ ,..... _ _ .... Type 35Z5GT/G
Pilot Lamp .,..... G-E, Type C7, 115-volt, 10-watt, clear,
candelabra screw base
R-F ................ ..., 1 500 kilocycles
I-F .... ' ..,......., .... 4 55 kilocycles
l. Test oscillator with audio tone modulation
2. A-C output meter, 1 36 volts full scale
3. 0.05 mf. paper capacitor
4. 50 mmf. mica capacitor
5. Insulated screwdriver
PROCEDURE-6BlllAL 1. Turn dial scale pointer as far counter-
clockwise as possible. The pointer should coincide with the
Erst marking at the left of the scale. If it doesn't, remove
chassis and slip pointer drum on cord until pointer is under
reference mark when chassis is bolted in place.
2. For i-f apd r-f alignments, the output meter is connected
across the loudspeaker voice coil terminals,
3'. Keep radio volume control at maximum and attenuate
test oscillator signal output so that the output meter reading
never exceeds 1 M volts.
4. The chassis must be removed from the cabinet during
ILF alignment. For R-F alignment bolt the chassis in the
cabinet securely, the rf and csc. trimmers are then available
.through the hole in the Beam-a>>scope assembly when the
back cover is removed.
5. Connect the capacitor as listed in column 2, between the
output "High Side" of test oscillator and the point of input
weriee with x,so0 kc 1,500 kc C3(Olc.)
4 Ant. Post in
series 1,500 kc cz (R~F)
Tn( Pointer Adjuihhttlt
Ste c?'f"'??t 'si occ. lettin for maximum
P ?'?'""?' "? setting on radgo ostput
1 'IISGT lfid ill |?l'i?l with 455 kc 1,500 kc Ind I-F Trlnl,
2 IZSA7 [iid \l\ |?l'i?l with 455 kc 1,500 kc ll( Ind 2nd
_ with 1,500 kc
Stage gain measurements by vacuum tube voltmeter or
similar measuring devices may be used to check circuit per-
formance and isolate trouble. The gain values listed may have
tolerances of 20%. Readings taken with low signal input so
that AVC is not effective.
(1) R-F Stage Gains.
Antenna post to IZSA7 grid .,,.. . 4 @ 1000 kc
12SA7 grid to l2SG7 grid .....,.. . .. 30 @ 455 kc
IZSG7 grid to 12SQ7 diode plate ,... . ..... 150 @ 455 kc
(2) Audio Gain.
0.06 volt at 400 cycles across volume control (R8) with
control set at maximum will give approximately %-watt
output across speaker voice coil.
(3) Oscillator Grid Bias. '
D-C voltage developed across the oscillator grid leak (R3).
Averages 7.7 volts at 1000 kc.
(4) Socket Pin Voltages.
Figure 4 shows voltages from all tube pins to B- unless
otherwise specified. Voltage readings much lower than those
specified may help localize defective components or tubes
_ was 0 __ Us ual"
VOLUME coNTRoL- cLocKv1lsE
(C)John F. Rider

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