General Electric Co. 102W Schematic

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Manufacturer:General Electric Co. (Old RCA)

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:?~ "@@l? l-1 ?1l??? >> : sen
Tun g mm ww\>'[~_
urine; 105>>125 volts D-C ' 5
105-125 volts 40~60 cycles A-C
/ ` 28 watts at 117 volts Q?
/ win 1/;2 mio YTZ I 1 Z '-
TUNING FREQUENCY RANGEL _ _ _ _ _ 540-1720 KC "S" 5?""'
Outside Cone Diameter _.._ ______, ; .... 4 l?\~
Voice Coil Impedance (400 eye) _,___, 3.2 Ohms
R-F _,_________ ____ _ _ __________ 1720 and 1500 KC tow lwremn l_|
The location of all trimmers is shown in Fig, 1. `
wow .mv
Connect an output meter across the voice coil. Turn the volume :mls
control to maximum. Set test oscillator to 455 KC and keep the " ?'
oscillator output as low as a readable meter reading will permit. g Apply signal to the converter grid through a .05 mid. capacitor
and align progressively the trimmers in the 2nd and 1st I-F
transformer cans.
haha and Yrimmer Location
Apply the R-F alignment signals through a standard IRE 'ZW ,I??"\,,'f'?5,,,????',,B"'""9?'????"
dummy antenna. to the primary on the loop. With. the gang U @@ ,%'f{?"?X,"?""'"'
condenser wide open, align the oscillator trimmer (C3) to 1720 _ (ig
KC, Change the generator signal to 1500 KC, tune the receiver ""Q@(R)
to the signal and peak the antenna trimmer (Cl) for maximum 1?
If the signal generator is A>>C operated, use an isolating trans-
former between the power supply and the radio receiver power l
input. The use of an isolating capacitor is not recommended, as B?Ym'?'VEw'f?""S5'5
A-C through the capacitor will introduce hum modulation and, soda, v,_,|,,', m",,,,,
or create the possibility of a burned-out signal generator at-
GENERAL |NF?RMAT|?N converter and Oscillator, _- _12SA7
These models are 5-tube (including rectiherl superheterodyne LF- Amplifler- >> ~ >> _ _ _ IZSK7
receivers in distinctively styled brown plastic and white urea Cao- Det. Audio, AVC ____ _ _ _ l2SQ7
_/" inets_ These receivers incorporate built-in antenna, automatic Power Outpubu _ M >50L6GT
volume control, oversize permanent magnet speaker and beam R _E 35Z5GT
(C)John F. Rider

Page 2:

PAGE 18-14 GE __ _ _
>> MODEL 102 MODEL 107W
car. No. Symbol Description car. No. symb?l D???"P*i?"
vcc-s31 cu, 19 CAPACITOR~,02 mf_,soo 1/_,paper tg" B C?'t K; gf: Model Us
gggggg R ?;?'|?AKg1;RgpA;R gl? Ros-oss SC??EEl3Ja\ scale for Mudd. 115
URD-oe1 R1 RESIETOR-22,000 ohm, 5; w., RH" 004 Sr?g"\?,??;??{?R__Fm mounting
URI-1937 RB RESlSTOR-330 oxrmr, z w., carbon Rgwmo PULLEY__'??wer pulley for dia, mn!
RAB.o7o Ll BACK-canine: back wan, loop 102W,10?, lO7W, 114, and 114W
RAU-029 CABINET-Br0\\m (Model107) SMS-013 SPRING-Dxnl Cord tension lpflni
RAU-can c.~ua1m:'1-xarowrr (Model115) sz- former
RCT-029 C1??A, as, CAPAC!TOR~2-nection tuning rrpm. sro-oos T1 ~1?1?ANsFo1zM1:R-oumpur cram-
Roc-oss CORD~Dial drive cord, 10 yds mm. swr.-oox Conn-1>?w?r ??r<1

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