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Manufacturer:General Electric Co. (Old RCA)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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G.E. PAGE 15 9
:cu | \` ass >><_n_ une. C I _ mm?_ "OK 41o|<
- _ 3.30 R5 ' NEG com." |50 21
AVC 2_2 Mes -L l olaglio Rs mo S2 E
ma RIB |000 MEG our
5-Ab |-sus i Two _ 5? "F Q
w||>>||ns cone _____ _____ _____ _ _ 1| |s
_ HOLE ______ _____________ [-1
cAPAc|vv |n MMF untsss No1En mano moron \4 _,Q R ,, ` 933; RE?"F'5R Fl
mono P2 2205 ? , 352561/s 0
nscmcal. urine (umm ? '? |>>| s| msn sotsm 6
Voltage. _ . _ . . _ _ _ ...., __ _ _ _105>>125 volts a-c Anna ngqugnagg
"WF ( "Cu "W ?3 P " ' "" LF Amplifier .___ ,_,.._. 4 55 kilocycles 51-AGE GA|N AND y?|_~|AG? cH|cKs O
v|Ew FROM BOTTOM OF QHA5$|$ _ Stage gain rneasurernents by vacuum tube voltmeter or
similar measuring devices may be used to check circuit
\2$A7 |2567 |2507 SOLSGT 35Z5GT performance and isolate trouble, The gain values listed may
have tolerances of 20 per cent. Readings taken with low signal
>>9z 92 0 >>s1 #UG 4120 #97 H510 input an nm Avc is no: effective,
, (1) R-f Stage Gun
T ? 3 ' ' 5 ' Antenna post to IZSA7 grid _.... _ _ _ 4 @ 1000 kc
-.5 *" ' ' Q," ',. o 0, izsm grid :Q 12561 grid. __.... __ so @ 455 kc
_ '15 *W , ,2 _Q 6? 0, ,U lzscv md zo 12501 diode plate. .. _.___, 150 @ 455 ke
` 0 - |23 (2) Audio Gil
,uc 'UG o ? asac unc mm-0| se: sf maximum will gave ippmxam-rely 54 Wm
output across speaker voice coil,
CONDITION UF TEST (3) Ulcillat r Grid Bias.
D-c voltage developed across the oscillator grid leak (R3)
MEASUREMENTS TAKEN ON 20 00 OHUS PER VOLT 'METER averages 7.7 volts at 1000 kc.
Fig. 4 shows voltages from all tube pins to B-unleu M
|17 VOLTS LINE otherwise specimd, Voltage readings much lower than T'
VOLUME coNTR?L_ CLOCKWISE gioxbsseeined may help localize defective components S
(C)John F. Rider

Page 2:

General Electric 50
This model nppems on pages 15-1 through _
15-4 of Rztiefs Manual Volume XV. The G2l1?rG1Eleq\r1?:l2? _ Gensr,,1E1ecu.1?|24_135,135
following ,tems should bp added to the Thrs model ls identical mechanically and Model 124 appears on Page; 20.13 ghygugh
parts list: electrically to the late production Model 123 2045 af Rideylr Manual Vamme XX;
S1/mb0lPm>>gNg_ Despriptilm and 124 receivers, which appear on pager Mddels 135 and 136 appear on page; 20-16
R4 RRG-D13 1_0-megohm volume con- 20-13 lhrauyh 20-I5 nf Ridefs Manual My u h 2048 of ,he _,amz Voluma
(J-gl Volume XX. Mddel 125 is identined by its Vfnire speakers have broker, loose fm,"
RJ3050 Tube Socket, miniature maroon color plastic cabinet. The cabinet re~ - - d g Own-5 when
. . _ cabinet mountmgs, or amag
tube socket for 35W4 placement is llsted as: RAU-321, Cabinet, Servicing receiver the speak" can be fe-
rectifier lslastic, for Model 125. I d "Sin ' >> 1 fth ' ' 1
RJX-010 J;i;>ep;z;:k;t giiisnvshere th; mlpuntiggfbossers are broke;
- It is suggeste t at a our osses c_r -
531;-?bly for 35W4 rec- irzneias? Elecinc 123, 124, 125, 135, Worked to use fscrews lforrrrwunrrnrrry Smeg;
' ' th t' n o removing e spea er ma
RHHM 5""p'fFe""?' ig' "'?""" M?d@1= 123- 124- ="<1 125 21>P?='f ?" /"W" regullpihadge breaking df additional bearer.
"JS C" mei- "C - Z0>>13thraugh 20-15 of Ridefr Manual Vol- The ,erm procedure is Outlined as follows:
ume XX. Models 135 and 136 appear on 1_ Cui Off speaker mounting bosses and tile
GBIIBIGI HBCHC 105 P1190 2046 fh'fU"9/Z 2048 of the ?"1"'e flat to the level of the speaker haiile ring.
This model appears on paae.x15-9 through YUIWW- M0115 226 RDDGHYS 0" P0925 2047 2. Drill hole 5/ 16-inch deep ln each boss
15-10 of Rrderb Manual Volume XV. Pm, flwuy/1 20-29 of Nw mmf VH/Mme with #42 or 3/32-inch diameter drill.
;<}XRJX-005 should be changed to read 1/2The grid risistolr, Ul13D~11?, 470?00 v:'"1S- 3, Mount speaker with self-tapping sere;-lgs
lm. Delete part nd. ROP-ooo. Add watt. car on. as een C arse in afrr #4 X ut ineli long, Shakevrvo l/P9 i
part no. UOX-001, cane, replacement prnfluction receivers to URD>>121.1m?s0\1m- catalogue number RHS-044.
speaker cone. This change improved the audio gain.
G?"?m1 Elechic 115' 115W Genem1E1ecu-ic135'l36'226 Genercil Electric 233 Kaiser-Frazer
fizdcfs Manual Volume XVIII. The fol- XX Model ZZ() appears on page; 20.27 through 18136 'of Riders Manual Volume
owing changes have been made In the _ xl/111. Noise in the farrn df rattle can be
arts 1. t lhrough 20 29 of the .rams Volume. _ h _ r -D ecurit or
P is ` Late production receivers use a new type attflbllied "?_ "f'e? anmg ' ef" rastegngs
Delete catalogue numbers and parts RDK- output transformer having 2 tapped Primary. P"'"'fSl??"e ??3"5s' Te. sm '
121 ,md RDK.122_ The tapped section to the B+ lead is con~ Bic- Ume ? 'esetar 'k b and loose
_ nected in series with the power-supply filter 1- Loose "me we m 1 :arts mme
Add the 'UHOWUQS5 resistor at the input Filter capacitor. B+ ton? agdtrxlohggi C0233 aries Q?alvay in
RAGP019 Gflllei for Modffl H5 md ripple current through this winding is out of "mms B E ' b ad
115W Phase with ripple current to the receiver aheht;'?"i ??";;?;lesl;afirg?1i;? fr? irprihe
RDK.15o Knob and bezel, brown. for tubes, thus producing bucking voltage and S lgtmf ru;bP'
Model 115 reducing hum. The transformer leads are 3? If the srraft asqembly seems more or
RDK-151 Knob and bezel, white, for connected as follows: yellow to input filter ' >> `- h ~ll ?-
Model nsw, capacitor, red td filter resistor, blue to plate r?';'f;lS gf' frrgfrf
of input tube, and secondary leads to speaker rragrrc or cambrrc tubing) may be slipped
voice coil. d ~ t th b sh.
General Electric us, us rin new transformer, catalogue nnnrar ix' '??r?"'jf?H"S????ilfaaineiiidilraeiitiing
These modelsappear on pagesly-8 through RT0'073i will be CHf\'iEURd in YEURPlHCEURm'?l1f ` h- ' t ?_r1_
?910 of Riiierk Murrlualli/'gulne ZUJI. This ftoclc?n Dlalgergfogge ;riigirl{a1l?:a(r;;g 1r;od:\}; ;?dV?1.ii-atignaiilrfhenhorgen whichl is rtrt
? ?WU1S 0 BDEES 5 OU E IDB 9 ill l E 'On 'sms ' '_ behind the case instrument pane gri e
PENS list- RLC001 81100111 be changed to Models 135. 136. and 226, respectively. muses it buzz sound when loose. The
RLC-061, T4, coil, oscillator coil. RAY-054 screen may be sliimmecl at its four cor-
should be Ravcst. _ by ~, "min
General Electric 141, 143 "els W Sf" ' 'Ze ' s.m? _ g' _ ,
Add: A Instability on the high end df the broad- _Suggestions for improving circuit and
RAV056 Cabinet, Model 119 (oak) Cast band might be Caused by an oscglr pick-up noise are as follows. V
RDK-037 Knob plain fawn colored - - ~ ~ 1. The former condition can be improved
RDK-040 Knob: withinrrow, lawn col- iigo?idiriiiggqlhipfilhidiisiigi vylihidnctiegigtcigxggg by antenna selection and careful peaking
"ed _ corrected by replacing the coupling winding ?? _ the antenm t"m'l'er to 'unease len'
RHH004 Snapfastener, holds cabinet, with 3 Capacitor C15 of rhe value 56 "Mfr sltivity and_ reduce nolse._For _rrietrgpolitsn
connects the "high" side of the tuning capacl- I th r 93 inches' is recommended
G-SDBIUI Each-lc 123, 124 tor CZ with the oscillator grid, pin 4, of the ggllgrenroor th? antenna trimmer is rrrr_
These nmdels "mic" On Pav" 2043 tube VI' IRS' - >> -poixiiiit and should not he overlooked.
ggggugg 2f?5 fff Rye* "?g>>qgr'bV?1"m= 322211?{'?'?fr"?,?'n.?????5w'?l;"??r;'rj?r;"; Evan inttiinnn naaiti be ad
in the r?D1:C2?nv;i1Iigp;r?;1i;i.sIi;`in Rig???i?? gf oscillator coil, JRLC-101. This item ri- igirfzffggbiggmjr;rf;??;';??;';'prf?fn?r?2fy T;
is a metal dial scale, tan color, with red and PIHCCS C011 f?\`m?\'1Y C3f3l0E1lEURC\ RL0089- 7 1 1 t` t >>
lzhite agures' Lat" Pf?d"?fi?" '???l"e"5 "se The hinge used in these receivers can easily xllsiiiiSfoanlilawiithn;h'i)gnn?p?\iilyin?Xf;'%`
if sam? typ; 5Ca?r;;%p; fm' colfx' The be removed and replaced in the plastic cabinet cd. Tnnerin one' of the \V9ak9S? SLHUUTIS
3." Sea e' CH ' "?' . ` 9 ' 'S gold "1 Color' or cover by the application of heat. To re- iii HDDTOXIIHMEIY 1.200 kc, pr Deal' the
Wlth bmw" and Whlfe Hsures move the hinge fmm the bgck Cover 0, higher-frequency end of the dial scale, Ad-
beTh?h f?"?"{'"g ?"'"'?g"? """'b?" IW" cabinet proper, heat the hinge at the lialf td iusttrimmer f9r mirimw "Diss level and
r3;"r?5a;g?fi; Ulf;-127 5rl;'?"l';'?ad U?D` be removed from the cabinet with a solder- m11XI:Im""' "lusty 0" 5'""?" 'fed fm' ies"
. . esxs or, _ mego ms, w,car on; - - - 2. oise pic -up may come rom vginous
RAU-037 should read RAU-307, Cabinet, ;"}gtKgn??:;h$gir?;a}r;1;:f?';?rr;:n?SC;';T sources, chiefly frdni irnitinntirdiitr of
Model 124 Plame cabmet (ivory) Since the cabinet plastic softens at a rela- the Ca; Thee '?';3aTr;'?;'g;'Z0F'::Etgs';?l;??
_ tively low temperature, it will be unnecessary S" '"" "ms . . ~ - _
General Elecmg 303 to apply the heat very longr To replace the be checked. To eliminate wheel stntichrrx
This model ap ears on pages 15-57 thmugh ' < 4 ~ 55141 21b0"EUR V1 0\1l10@ of powdered SNP lie
_ P hinge into the new unit, first start the hinge _
1539 of Rhdefs Manual Vulume XV' The into the slotted recess in the plastic then through me valve of all four ure tubes'
symb?l fm RSW0191 switch' tone mmm] heat the hin e with the solderin iroh and This Wm provide a grcfund leakay path
dwitdli, should read S4. Stock np. Ri/lx- gently push firehinge rm rms g to dampen static rrd1=1f\?r>>-
013 should be changed to read stock no. '
? John F. Rider

Page 3:

PAGE 15-10 G.E.
all S ??
1/F1 iii
Tuba and Trbnnnr
ter should
Kan va 4 nm In mu.
Ono 3
>>?Ces ifx age 'E=1=e .5 ~m~>> "E
1-I 111ll|1 ==11: ? :__ gin
om B lake
2 0 Watt
speaks r c one
2 speed

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