General Electric Co. 119W Schematic

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Manufacturer:General Electric Co. (Old RCA)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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(C)John F. Rider

Page 2:

Famsworth P71 General Eleclric 41, 42, 43
This model =xppem'S on raves RCD. CH>> wear due to friction between the two pam. These models appear on pages 174;
iI9>>l through 19-10 nf Ridefs Manual Vol>> when this condition is found, it js fu- through 1745 of Rbdefs Volume XVIL To
mme XIX' Th" f?"?'Vi"3 changes Sh?"1'1 wmmeuded that the mercury Swiwh Reset increase the sensitivity at certain points on
he noted i" the Pa"'5 HSL: Lever be "Placed bi' 5 "EW 'me-_The "ew the broadcast and shortwave bands, a 470-
Purt No. stock has heen hardened to provide longer Wi capacitor, Clll, catalog number UCU-
07594 Turntable assembly, changed tn opefimng Me- _ 544, has been added between terminals 3
15241 P1 an ,Early P"?d""";\?'f runila fnercury and 5 on the first i-f transformer. On early
64437 Tone ai-m counterbalance spring, SW';""l;"'"'t" ;'e"*} S "Lf" ?"?'"5 producuoq sets without this (C)=>>pwwri
PNY" U"l"bff{ _4'?064i Dh0"U m?'~?1`>> has switch, it has since been replaced by one tegiisziag ig; F; of vs 'Fe ZH; 2:3511
bccn deleted. lhisxs shown on pages RCD. using a ghtss housing or bulb Change" b d _ 3 1' 9
(,'II.1.945.ItisuvailablensPartNumber11437 I - th mmho sedmmu switch "U Swlmh-
t amp Uymg e e "_ _ e _ ry _ 2. The orange, green, and black leads from
?"ly' MMU' pan" Numbers 152371 372411 should be checked for positive switch action, ~ 1 5 ~ -
543% 64471>> 'md 92335 are "? 1?"K?" especially if it hi-is been reported that the "";"5??" ' 3' 'md 8 ?f the fm" ff
mraimble as Separate Parts' If my of chan er 0 cles continuously or more than tm "mer to the band switch Shaud
these are required, a complete motor as- oncegfor ?1 single tri ping' amen b? S\"0"PEURd l0SEUR?>>hEURl' Mid lJ!`EURSSEURd to Uh"-
Smiibiiq No. 11437, must be magma. In such mes it if recommended that 3 8 002 fb _t d
Fameworth P72 Record Changer the metehswitch be replaced with the end' shculd 13 ;;ffv;?pa;;?;r?;;?';d
This record uhanger may be found on more positive glass bulb type (part num- under the mounting lug of the first M
pages RCD_CH, 18-25 through RCD.CH. her 90147)_ The con- Plate c0i1_ i
151.9 0/ Iiwfigfs Volume XVIII, A production tacts of the Play Control switch must be
change has been made in the Suria-Sonic set so that positive contiwt is made when G -
Control. The 0.02-/.ii capacitor has been the play control knob is set in OFF posi- ilxrqlodmfcmc 50 151 th h
chttmgeil to 0.1 pf. The 3,300-ohm resistor tion, In this position the contact points 15 'S mia.; fipafaf 0111313028 ' 'DW
has bevn changed to 2,200 ohms. must be OPEN, d `4 pf. 7' "fs 'Z';'me V'bAddRt';J the
The following have been deleted from It is not necessary to remove the play CT??1pa)_nl OL. ca 2.05 num mi 'QA 'OW
the parts list: A contrril to adjust these contacts on the M me" pm 'c ca met' the W." Brow"
PML No' Dgscnptimb mmonty of the Model UYE changers now pa4;*t;,1i}st(Als0, add the following to the
25276 0.02 uf, 200 v in use. A 5/16" diameter observation hole ' _ _
77240 3,300 ohms, % w has been added to the back of the play gagmfylmi t. b. bl k
The following have bergn added to me control housing dimmy iii line with the E* We P"?? C" "F" < "C )
parts list; contact points. With the changer on the RAU018 gzggewplastlc cabmec (dark
25182 0.1 nf, 200 v service bench, it is an easy matter to _ . _ .
77184 2,200 ahms, % W insert a screwdriver or a pair of long nose RAU'm9 E:?";;;'7Pl"S"? cabmet (WMV
Furnswonh PIL P'/2, P73 P lggiiguopefiiou is cgnmflesgxxis mg: RAU-024 Cabinet-plastic cabinet (white
NU1g;0l;l@l;7};PPf>>;?:in?1a%RCIi_({'/11.19-1 with the changer in the cabinet, as there "fe"
XIX, and Models P12 and P73 appear on iiie?'i?f?ifdl`i"ih?` ??`??]20if?'li"'if?euii?;"??? G?"?'?1 E1??"'? 118- 119
pages Hcp. CH. 18-1 ?hmugh1s.9 ofRider's me side of the c,,bi,,et_ A man impec, These models fmvear on paves 1919
Manual Volume XVIII. There appears to ,gon minor 3' "knob" ,_ e Sqewdriver lh"'014Uh19'm 01 Ride* VGZUWIG XIX. The
be some misundersianding concerning the and ,L penme Wm be hegfzul in makin green Efid lefld Hifi NUS P11115 lead ?f
correct m>i\is\nclnt\\re of parts numbers these adjustments when the chan r i the first i-f transformer must be dressed
58854 and 64467. Part 58854 is correctly the cabinet ge S as far as possible to the rear of the chas-
titied "Starting Lever Spring". The func/ ' sis and against the 0l1HSSiS~ COUDHDB
tion ol' this part is to exert the proper capacitor C24 should never lie against
amount of lvnsinn on part 58853, starting either of these leads. This will eliminate
reset lever, which in tum performs the any possibility of r~f leakage into the
dual purpose of transmitting the motion of phonovpreampliiier which causes stations to
the trip mechanism to the starting lever, Fgrciiigllxgog?f? 3231; 1235; "idk/gsftf be heard while operating the phonograph.
,>i2;ei"p$?ii?,. if Zitliig iii' Ji`an?? ??3?Tk;?P:="";;=@ "H Page 16" fhfwh 16- fi '?ii'Z?"ii?i_"hTi'??"i>2}`?.?`,i'."i.~f1y'?`.i'i>`?
cyple mid also resetting the starting and gf "5 """"" XVL WEP* '?' *he for BJP-003, Delete: RCNQ14, C26,
reiect levers, after the change cycle has C" mem' Capacitor-phenolic, for Model 118. Add
started, to their proper positions, Part Federal l024'I'B to UCG045; (725, (;,_ip?,?i??,,-, 095 ,fy 300
64467 performs the operation of transmit- This model appears on pages 17-1 v., paper, for Model 118.
ting the motion from the reject button through 17-3 of R12ier's Volume XVII.
mechanism to the reject lever thus start- Some sets have been equipped with .
ing the change cycle. Part 6i467 is refer- 12SK7 tube as an i>>f amplifier instead oi G-?=?=?1 nacmc us' HSM' new
red to in the parts list as the "Trip the- GSS7, This gives better performance, These models appear on pages I9-8
Spring". In order to avoid future mis- Lhrgugh, 19-10 0/ Ridefs Mum/gl Volume
- - Federal 1027 1035
understanding, the nomenclature of this Th d f th I XIX. The phono radio switch Sl, catalogue
Daft has been changed tu read~Part El02;,?f3Bm? SH ,am e same "S M?de number RSW-043 has been changed to
#64467, Reject lever spring, 16% D! k"?;?`;"r$?l1?1ep'??fI16;';}gEUR"gJ};_ RSW-065 and the new switch is wired as
`??mS:%1: HE capehm me cabinets' Y folglviinect teiminals 1 and 3 t gether
egg; rewglngifn b f d F?d?7?1 1028111 1029 Connect terminals 5 and 5 together. Con-
Her may e mm on Th s d ls the mme M d I '
9 e m? 5 are S as 0 9 nect temnnals 7 and 8 together and then
pages RCI).CH. 18-25 through RCDCH. m24TB H ~ 7 h h ,
_ < i PDBHUHS OD Page-Y 1 '1 E 'OW connect terminals 9 and 10 together. The
1846 of Rzdefs Volume XVIII. The change f
- ~ _ 173 01 Riders Volume XV". EXCSPC f0\" leads may then be transferred from the
cycle is placed into operation when the - - . . ,
_ _ _ the following changes. A IZSK7 tube is 1,3 1, to th d , is
tri fin or reieusv th m t h d >> _ . _ 0 SWIM! e correspon ing te mma
P g " '5 5 "?'"y sm" 05 used ns the i~f amplifier instead of the in 11 1, 'wh RS .065 Show in
< art number ssimi If f ' ' 9 ew W' W >> "S "
Ph h ld F ,X t- 310' "Y feesmi- essv, The cathode msimi of the the wompaiiying diagram.
"" C ""'f`"E. 0" h S" _ 'J "Y" PF?PeF Y 5" >> i-f amplifier can be either 1500 ohms or
npcs c ec nzgt e trip HneCh?'1\}Sm IS fmlllg 750 ohms. C17 can be either 470 wif or ?"-N* .s..i~i
0 e opera mg "?""" yi 1 "4s"g3es?? HDO ;4p.f. R13 (in filament lead) has been
*het *he '?P ?f the m@f?"fY SWIM* RBS" eliminated and iii 2 of um 50L6GT tnhe ~ `??""" "
Lever (part number ?61221) be examined connectedlto ph? 7 of the ?5Z5GT wbC_ '? 1 I
to make sure that it is smooth. Many ' 0 ,_,u
hours of operation may tend bo wear 5 F5d9lC1 1034 5 ' '
w in won en 0 0 e og in pace, app ing a s -
thns re?ting tix: action of the trip mach- Ridefs Volume XVII, except. for the cab- General Eledm 1 13, lm
anism. is con ition is caused by normal heh
?John F. Rider

Page 3:

Stage gain measurements may be made with a vacuum tube
voltmeter to cheek circuit performance and to locate stages
which are not operating properly. The gain values listed may
have a tolerance of 20 per cent. Readings should be taken with
the AVC shorted to B minus.
l. I-F STAGE GAlN5>>
Antenna to UBE5 Grid ..... , , _ 3.5 at 1000 kc
l2BE6 Grid to ITSK7 Grid ,,.. _ . _ . . 50. at 455 kc
The power output across the speaker voice coil should be
GE PAGE 19-9
I l1SK7 glld (PIII 4) 455 le - C6 and C7
III Mrlol \\vI||| .05 ml.
1 uses ,ns (rm 7) in us lu - ca .ns cs
and C7
1 sm sm. on ns., in isoo I.. woo k? cn ><.);
series vm- zoo mmf. cz (a>>.>>,)*
and 470 ohms. '
approximately % watt with .95 volts at 400 cps applied between
the high side of the volume control (Rll) and ground.
The d-c voltage developed across t.he oscillator grid leak re-
sistor (Rl) averages 4.5 volts at 1000 kc.
Figure 4 shows typical tube pin voltages. All readings should
be made from the pins to B minus unless otherwise indicated.
I. Test oscillator with audio tone modulation.
2. A-C output meter, 1% volts full scale.
3. Insulated screwdriver.
The Alignment Procedure is given in table form. All i-f align-
ments may be made with the chassis removed from the cabinet.
However, the r-f alignments should be made with the chassis
and loop mounted in the cabinet, as the relative position of the
loop antenna with respect to the chassis materially affects the
The oscillator trimmer is accessible by tilting the chassis
slightly in the cabinet, The antenna trimmer is on the loop and
is accessible from the rear of the cabinet. The locations of these
trimmers are shown in Figure 3.
The output meter should be connected across the loudspeaker
voice coil terminals. The low side of the test oscillator should
be connected to B minus; the high side should be connected as
indicated in the Alignment Chart. During the entire alignment
procedure, the radio volume control should be in its maximum
position. The test oscillator output signal should be attenuated
so that the output meter reading never exceeds 1% volts.
Rock gang condenser when making alignment.
Tube and Irlmmar Location
Soekaf Voltage Diagram
@John F. Rider

Page 4:

PAGE _' -1| GE
MODEL 1 50
cn. no, Symbol Dom-loeloo cn. No. symlool Daoflpzloo
ucc-ms can c/ll>.\g'ff>n-.ns mf.. can "pow, ?g?-?2 ll??g?:l`??;: mow
vccms czs c/Iiefclrgk-.ooa mf., mo v., pow RDS-055 ISCALE-Dill !"'= _
UCU-035 cs CAPACITOR-220 mmf., mica RHC-009 [gf-IF-Fvf Il\?\\\\?lI\l filler ?\l>\=\\?r
uol>-lzu SPBAKER-Malol lla. some -1 snoonv "QMS P/\CER'F?\' '"?""*"'! '5"""! "P'?"?'
uox_oos splmxlm REPAIR :ur-For Model lla RH -W1 "'G'T'-"'=t "HF" 'mmm' "HI
uox-cos spluxlzn lu:l>.uR xrr-For Model lla RHM'?'>>' T'-'D`F?!' d"' ""EUR' vslllev
vlan-oss Rn, Rll, RESlS1`OR468,000 ohms, lg wqmlooo RIP-W1 P3 Pl-UG-Phww ww" plum
URD ow $23 nzslsrolz loo ooo hm; li bun gli;-gg; JE; F??;i:'m?:\?k"
?}|C|A|,|zlD |[||_Ac|"|N|' ||||'? RLL-D28 L1 LOOP A?!l(B|.-Y-lludnl 115
ammo H D-1-1 r ' l'
RAC-050 LlD~Fcr Model ll9 vlllmlt RMM-Og: Sl?EURP0RTi>:.i?I,:\:;:>>Lr;Iht
RAM-aaa sms-z for modol 119 walnut lzmw-lm ULLEY~Di|l ool-a idler vullvy
leAM.oos msn-z for Moaol no mnlwliny mac-uso ml vowmz conrlzol.-2 moo.
luv-044 cAs1NE'l~-w.lm.? modol naw Rnwms lul lzslsx-on-vo om., wlrowolmll, for
RAV-045 c.ssml:'l-Mollogony Model mu sof lo opomlon of onono mom
lzcc-ow cs CAPACITOR-.01 mf. soo v., pow Rsw.o4a sl wlrcn-Radio phono "mol-
RCC4774 C10 CAPACITOR-D01 mf-. 600 v-. new RTF-onl 'rs 'rkllnsyokulsnafllomona mmfomor
RCC-on cle cA1>AcI'roR-.ol mf., zoo v., pop" fo, Gsm
RCC-084 C19 CAPACITOR-.005 mL, 400 v., paper RTL-050 Tl lTRANSFORMER-lit LF ?rln\I0l'm?r
RCC-DIS C16 CAPAClTOR4.005 mL, 200 v., piper RTLJJ51 T2 HRANSFORMER-Ind I-F trlnlformer
C143 150 v. _ RWL-009 |CORD~PovIer cord
cn. no. symbol Domloaoo cn. no. Symbol nemzouoo
UCC-625 CU* CAPACITOR - ,005 ml., 600 V., piper RCW-3013 CllA,B,C,D CAPACITOR -.002-120-220-.DOL L: e -
UCC-633 CM CAPACITOR - .03 mf., 600V.| Dlllll' RDC-032 DIAL CORD-Roll ul Z5 ylrdl
UCC-oss l cs, s, 9 CAPACITOR >>.us mf,,ouo v., owe: _ lmx-no KNOB-Muoon lmob
UCB-067 C10 CAPACITOR -l0Dmf,,6v.,elec\roly!.lc RDK-148 KNOB--Mlhoglny knob
UDP-485 LSI LOUDSPEAKER- 4-in. permlnenl l\DP>>D40 POIN'|`ER?Dill pointer
ulzn.uuo lu RESISTOR zz ollm. nw.. carbon llnlz-ool sn slzlzluuu luacnlflslz
ulm-vol Rn llssls-l~ol<~41n ohm. lo w.. mlm lzl~ln~oo4 BUTTON *Monogram blmoo
URD-D53 R4, 5 RESISTOR-|500 ohms, 36 W., Clrbolf BHC-0|5 CLIP -Clip [nr ulcillllor coil
URD-067 R\\ RESISTOR 5600 ohms, Pi W , Carbon, lU~lC>>Ul6 HAIRPIN COTTER
' van-on me RIZSISTOR >>-lo,oou ollmo, lo w.. on-l nl-lc>>als slzolsnas-rvcfommoe for lmao,
URD-DB5 R8 RESISTQR-33,000 ohms, H l., cll'-2 RHI-005 HINGE ~Hin|e IQ! hlcll
vlan-lla lu, ls luz?lsl-on -41o.ooa ohms, M w.. lu~ll1>>oos luvlz-r>>1-"loom nm for door nm"
ulw-lss Ru, 19 luzslsrok -3.3 meg.. 36 w . urban 1'l1JP-ozs PLUG>>Bm=fy plug
ulw-uv R17 RESISTORY-4.7 megs. l4w.,wbon l l nls.nz4 Mounrmc l>l.A-rl:-l=of electrolytic
URE-059 > R2 RESISTOR- 2700 ohms, 1 w., urban i 1 RIS Ms clplcilul
SPECIALIZED nzrlnclmmr nlns ' ?'f?j??? Qi fgg-1Q'?_?;?'j?_{?'_;L
RMS-039 CLIP-" " clip
RAB-D76 CABINET BACK-Pllltic clbinell RMS-|54 SPRING CA'?Cl?"m'
RAB>>0B0 CABINET BACK-Pllsht (m|\wlll'|YI RIIC-OBJ RIS. Sl, AB( VOLUME CDNTRD *Volume unn-
and gray 5 uol md nmol' ,
RAS-001 STRAP Y |\?ery lkrlp KRW-027 R3 RESISTOR -2300 uhms, I0 W.
RAI]-038 CABINET-Plillic Clbinei (mlmnnl `R5W-058 SZA, B SWITCH-Power switch
RAU-042 C:l?I'NETfPl|a!ic cabinet lg:-rl RTL>>079 'rz TRANSFORMER -Znd ur mo.-
lzcr-:moo [ cu, la, c CAPAC[TORf200 ml., zs v,, o ecuo- farmer
Rc-r-lm Cl 0.4 Aclron-Tomo; ?.,,.ol?or_ lzwl.-ons coluavvowor com |
RCW-|77 C21 CAPACITOR-330 mml., ommlo s_|s-ma CONNBCTING PIN ron LOOP All-.
1 scmo molvors have UCC-mls inmofl.
(C).Tohn F. Rider

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