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Manufacturer:General Electric Co. (Old RCA)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

Ansley 709 This a-m--f~m radio chassis used ip tum controls the degree of expansion of
Model 709 is the same as Model 53 Models 1002-F, 1003>>M,_m=d_1004~B, 15 che rubber sleeve (pint no. s2152>. Ref-
which appears on pages 17-12 through 1747' identical to the P-7 chassis which appelrs ei-ence is made to paragraph "D", page
of Riflefe Manual Volume XVII. on Woes 19-19 lhfvwh _19~'fS 0/ Rld?fs RCD. CH, 19~8 of Ridefs Mnnnnz Vnznme
Mwwl Volume XIX. Wlth the exception XIX, of the P71 record changer material
of the P1-10110-i11P"1>> l?1f?\11?- The differenves for proper adjustment of the compression
A i . 'HTTP are 1151941 17e10W3 _ lever. If the rubber sleeve does not ex-
uomahc . . . . I V 1. The P-7 chassis employed 2 Separate pand sufficiently to hold the remaining
hThe alignment and i;3.Le;~yR1;f?;i-mllvxon phzmo preamplifier stage; the P>>8 does rem;-ds gn the spindle, one or more ui
5 'it '1PDB8TS 011 P102 1 0 1 9 F 07" DU - these records will drop along with the rec-
ual V0lume_ XVII undenthe heading of 2. Since the P-8 does not employ A pre- Ord that is go be playni If this sleeve
Models 660, 662, 666, Series C is labeled amp, the preamp power cable and plug does not expand to the required value, (he
incorrectly. This page shoulli be labeled and the_3.3-ohm resistor, ref: no. 14, adjustment nn; (37344) should be ndjnsfnd
Model A.T.T.P. The schematic for Model are not included 1n this chamls. while the rubber is compressed M, provide
A.T.T.P. appears on page 18-1 of Ridefs 3, The record changer, Capehart "333", the con-egg expansion Afger the adjust,
Manual Volume XVI. used with the P-8 chassis employs a men; is seg, the logk nu; should be tight.
crystal pivkuv- _Theref?re, 2 680,000- enenl, and is small amount of Glyptol np-
ohm, 15-watt resistor is connected from p|ied to Sewre the adjustmexm
_ the rhomvinput lead to chassis ground- 2. Insnn ct pdsinnn of the outer spindle
A',;f?;";:?el%f3)e same as Model Geox Filvvlrinil ogoxaggi w11i?h1EUR&r>?' (part nf 553341 The outer spindle is
. .' to t e o es , U1 - l' be ed t th main frame by special
mix laEUR.1;3Zr;Le 0,121/;7age 164 of Rfdefs T1lSBEUR WHS SFS d1ffBl'EURDtf1'0!1'1,?11?S@ S11?WU ht;-blend golf; gpart no, 37334) loiated on
" ' for the P-7 chasm- the underside of ilin main frame. The
Part No. Description proper position of the outer spindle is
650189A-G1 Loop antenna assembly given in relation to the inner spindle (part
Bendix 9533, 95M3, 95M9 59534 On~off volume and tuning no. 11379) when the changer is in playing
The switch and its components for the knobs position and with no records on the
long-playing record player have heretofore 59535 Band switch knob spindle. Under these conditions the top
been mounted on the back cover. To avoid 59537 Treble tone knob of the outer spindle should be 1/16" below
future difficulty in removing the back cover, 31472 Glass escutcheom the point of bend of the metal springs on
this switch and its components are now mms f _ the inner spindle which form the spindle
mounted on a bracket attached to the rear P hiswwlh F 10 , h _ . Shelf-_If the 0"t\'51' spindle is $00 high. 5119
of the cabinet. The bracket is mountedonthe T "`m'1m. ""'d{? " "5" "Sed "' spindle shelf will recede into the outer
top rear cabinet rail and is placed so that the M?dEiii1)?0`M' 'S ldeuucal 1? 'gel F-12 abs; SP1DC11E before the 1'U131-Ver S1EUREVEUR is f"11Y
switch, in Models QSBS and QQM3, extgids $63 01? ?1EdPZ:;;S gfanpaziesvalhfnet ggi' compressed, leaving the records without
through the ventilation Iouver in the upper .th th t. f th h _ Sl\pPOl't>>
left wmer of the back cover. The strip be- 7* .t e "mp '?" ? e P ?'"*'"P"" 3 If neither of the two previuusly mem
tween the louve,-5 in M0d?195M9 Cove,-S the ?"?"'l;/I d _ tioned suggestions corrects the situation: it
switch and it is necessary to remove the strip In ? el w01'M= th? P '10 "bass" em' 15 furthe' 5"5EEURSf9d that the ?UmPTEURSS1fJ1!
between the louvers from the back cover. Phyi 3 68}?'00?`?hm ';S'?'?2e fyn? phfgoo' lever B$@m1U1y (DBR DO. 15195) be m~
1l'1DU 0 0 #5515 ETOUD i 1115 5 0 B i- spected to determine if the metal roiler on
The terminals of the gang capacitor are 0011011m TEUR5lSt01', ref. !10~ 15- this assembly has a diameter of 1/4" or
numbered from the front to the rear of the Following is a list of parts which apply 5/16", If it is the smaller diameter, re-
chassis as is indicated in the accompanying to Model 1001-M. These parts are dif- place it. with one employing the 5/16"
diagram, In the figure showing trimmer 1?ca~ ferent from those shown in the Manual roller. The replacement of Lhis compres-
tign, the Capngiwg designated in the 1-.f sub- for the P-10 chassis. sion lever will require a readjustment of
chassis as C8, is C4. Resistor R56 has been _ _ the compression spring (part no. 58789)
added to the circuit to avoid any possibility Puff N11 Demwllvn tension.
of regeneration occurring, and this resistor 650l83A~G1 Speaker, 10" PM, output
is soldered from terminal 5 of the gang trans. assy. Genera] E|,?h-ic 54 55, 55' 67 123
capacitor directly to nnpnnltnf C4, The other 150114134 Glass escutcheon 124, 125, 135_ 135_ 256 ' '
lead of capacitor C4 remains connected to 55015911-G1 LOUD antenna assy. Th dl f dr R-d ,- I
ienninnl 3 of ine gang cnnnnilnf as indicated 650186A4 Ou-qff volume knob V I "E '?&??/lag! ?';'; md gf" ""'"'
in me dingnn-n. On me schematic diagram, 65018612 Tumug knob " "mga it ? ,f 30 F" "1;P?"' ?"
resistor R56 should be inserted in the a-ni 55018613-I Band switch knob Pages t mzg h~s, 66 and 6 appear
external lead between nn-nninnl board Je and 650186113 TW* f?"ff?1 1"=?b- f?5'",f'?I;, 0; ;;;;g20???1i;,,,fif,),1??,_??q
f;P';f"?;rf'?;]l;?"l?1C;;5?=1(?'ijI"1f; g}?"fe?f""S3 rm-,,,w?,?1, pyg 135 nnn 136 appear on pages 20-is through
f ~ , ~ ' Pa" - 20-18~and Model mn ears on a e 20<
rnenf parts list, This model appears on paves RCD. CH. 27 th' h 20 PP P 9 "
18-1 through :se of zzidm Mmm: VOL P 'W '29 _
'uma Xp-HL The following pm should ower-supply |ilter4res1storURF~?)53, 1,500
_ ` _ be added to the parm un: ohms, 2 watt, oarbon in earlierroceivers has
71245 Remuval needle only' osmium tip been -changed in later production to URF-
R5 \\\v _ G4 Red (P73)_ 049, 1,000 ohms, 2 watt, carbon. Some of the
iarly Mode] 135 and 136 receivers will be
|.'anuw?r|_h service Hint ound to have a 2,200-ohm resistor. URF-049,
The following service suggestions are of- 11000 ?hmSi 2 WMS- is 1'@??mmml1EURd fllf '
A fered in the event that me P70 series service replacement of the filter resistor and
changers occasionally drop two or more W? '?e5"1tO:i" "'f`1P1'?V?d;t11bEUR l??1'fUm13?lCEUR-
_ ,ec ds at one tim.; If this im t' exi tai A a e pr ucuon receivers incorporate an
Terminals of gang capacitor used in Bendix witgr new records, in which :he Zeftxer hgle 1'f 111136 Change f1'Q1`1:1*11EUR 12SK7 f\11l? of Girly
0533, 95M3, 95M9. is not wom, the cause may be one of the receivers to a miniature type IZBA6. The
__ _ following; _ tube-pin connections are not the same as
An additional filter capacitor C65 has been 1. Misadiustment of the amount of tension thus? for f1'lEUR 125K7 f\\1>EUR~ This Sh0Uld be
added to the arc circuit. The 47O~p.l.?f ca- onthe compression spring (part no, 53739; confideredd when reading the diagrams of
pacitdr goes from terminal 10 df switch S1C This adjustment is on the underside of sary pro ucfiun receivers. A tube socket
to chassis ground. Add capacitor C6S, Mica, the enmpression lever assembly (part nu. for lhe IZBA6 tube has been added to the
470 wif, 500 v, Pan No, CM5A38 to the 15195) and consists of the adjustment nut Replacement Parts List and ?m1vg\1ed
replacement parts list. (part no. 37344) and ,the lock-nut and R?-1411;I dl 64 66 7
The figure showing the i-m antenna washer (part nos. 2015-002 and 212l~003). OI' 0 SS i 65 . 6 , 123 124 Bhd
should show 26" as the dimension for the AQiU5tm9Df of this but wniwls the 125. 2 47-011111. %~vya12, Carbon resistor: part
lower half ofthe f>>rn antenna, instead df dff. amount of downward pressure exerted on H"m\>?f URD017, mused in series with the
The (1;p01e S1w,,]d measure 25" on hom sides the upper spindle assembly (part nd. l2B{\6 tube cathode to B- to improve circuit
of the came, 1ead5_ 13674) by the rompression lever, which in stability.
? John F. Rider

Page 2:

MODELS 135, 136
5|>EC||=|?;A1|QN5 o_ To align_ the oscillator and r-f trimmers, the signal gen-
erator output is inductively coupled to the radio loop, Ll, by
connecting a foureturn, six-inch diameter loop of hell wire across
CAMNE1 Description Mode) 135 Mode; (36 its output terminals and then locating the lopp about one foot
Matenat Brown Ivory from the radio loop antenna, To prevent possible errors ln com-
Hgight 3% in, 8% in parative peak readings, the position of signal generator loop with
Width ,,% in 12% in respect to the radio loop antenna should not be ohanged during
Depth 7 in 7 ;,,_ measurement.
ELECTRICAL voltage_ __ _ __ 105-125
Wattage ..... _ 25 at 117 volts input Connect Test Test Ra?i\<> Ad-usp Trimmers
step _ Osc Dial 1
oseillator to; Setti?g setting for Maximum
OPERAYING Standard Broadcast. _ _ .540-|600 kc
FREQUENCIES I-F Ampliheli .. . . _ . ..... 455 kc I-F ALIGNMENT
POWER undistorted. _ __ _ __ _ l watt (pin 4)_ in gn iconin i_fC?an';f
ourrur Maximum. _ ._ _ _ __ _ 1.75 watts wigs with _05 formen T3
Loul>sPsAKsl1 Type _ _ _ ._ _ _ _ _ _ _ Alnieo V PM ee- - fffff -- ffm ----W _-Y ___f~...
Outside cone Diameter _ 4 inches 2 vi, IZSA7 grid 455 KC _ co and cs of nrst
Voice coil Impedance at 400 cyeles 3.2 ohms , in series i-ftransformer, T1
with .os mid.
runs (vi) Oscillator-Converter IZSA7 -'~ --fff ~-~- ffff ----- --~ ~---~
(Vg) DgggCg0,_A,,d,,, ,ZSQ7 3 vl_, IZSQ7 grid 455 KC _ Recheck adjust-
(v4> Rectifier _ 35z5GT (Em S). ln series ment of C9. CQ.
(vs) Audio Power Amplifier _ 5u1.sGT wlih -05 mfd- C6, C5>> for maxi-
Pilot Lamp _ G-E Mazda No. 47 mum
The Model 135 and iso are four-lube [plus reetiiier lube) a>>c Cf,`u;,'?<?vf0y,ad,a Ieapaxisitym trlmifir am
or d-c superheterodyne AM standard broadcast reeeivers loop [C2A, czla
equipped with an efnoient builtrin antenna loop and ineorporat-
ing automatic volume control. an oversize permanent magnet __, _e_,______ e__`, )___g_ _'Wg
speaker, and beam power output.
1. Test oscillator, tone amplitude-modulated. `
z. A-c output meter, 112 volts full seale.
,_ _ug mfg" Wg, _gpaC_,(,,_ sues GAINS AND voLrAGs cllscxs
4- 1"S"'=\_f=d S?f@Wd""> _ stage gain measurements by vacuum tube voltmeter or similar
5~ Cwvllng 1001> f?f *ESI ?S?\"@'?f (552 f=X'7- measuring device may be used to ehetlt eireuit performance and
5- 1S<>1af\?" P?We" "a"Sf?fm@f- isolate trouble The gain values listed may have tolerances of zo
AUGNMENT PROCEDURE geisentrecteaeings are ta cn wit ow signal input ao that Avc
The alignment steps are given in the table form of the Align-
ment Chart Adjustment trimmers are shown in the illustration 1- I-F GNN
of1=ig. 3. IZSA7 Grid to lzsxv Grid ______ __ _ 50 @ 455 KC
1_ The chassis is removed from the ealiinet with the antenna 12SK7 Grid to IZSQ7 Diode Plate _ _ so @ 455 KC
loop and haelr attached and the speaker leads reconnetted.
2, An isolation transformer should be used for the receiver 1- A"?'? GNN
power source when aligning or servieing AC>>DC receivers, to Input of 0.15 volts at soo cycles across volume eontrol (124)
prevent short eircuiting of equipment and shoclt hazard. with control set at maximum will develop approximately lg watt
3. The output meter is connected across the terminals of the output across the speaker voiee coil terminals.
loudspeaker voice coll.
4. The receiver volume control should be turned to maximum 3- ?5C"~'~AY?? GRID BIAS
and test oseillator signal output attenuated during alignment to D-c voltage developed across the oscillator grid lealt (Rl)
develop not more than ll, volts output meter reading at the averages s.5 volts at 1000 ite,
5. For i-f alignment, the high side of the signal generator 4- TUBE 5??KET PIN V?|-TAGES _
output ealsle should be connected through a .os mfd. paper ea- Fig. 5 shows voltages from tube pins to B-_ Voltage readings
paeitor to the points indicated in the Alignment chart. The low differing greatly from those specified may help localize defective
side of the output cable is connected to the reeeiver ehassis_ components.
@ John F. Rider

Page 3:

V' V2 HER nsrvif AMP V5 p
W 1`Fl??>><1 |2501 P0"?gL2Ts1'LmER BLUE Y'
I T 5 [_ sgssn I 28 -3 Z Ill
?" I : :za A \_ _ _?s;nern;?/:be l'0?afe1l;`n$c:ll?;:\ne??ea from T0 PW 5 OF 50|-SGT U' 5
lnnnrpomlng enpamnfe Clp. ll_. 12 and Cla. Iihe ceramic unix. the receiver ureulm and me equivalent single enmponenxs used in "_i" ,fn |11
Rcwpola, le lllnmaled ln l=lg._ 2 fn; lend ldenllacannn mn lu place. The almnzne ennaellm are lima an the pm; muon
?;;}n?l?<;f:e?lnn=,n?gl gglaeflselfeunwlnn?,Q?hef_fe?elvefsfnny as follows: ucc-036, cll, Ucc-039, Cla; and Uculoae, ,_>> N
'_ oun _ o ave nl lvl_ua component capaclrors ln place of the C10 or CIZ. PM ,_ ?,,,?;,,, |?;w_3?|3 (|q,7_||3?) M, Q
?John F. Rider

Page 4:

General Electric 50
This model nppems on pages 15-1 through _
15-4 of Rztiefs Manual Volume XV. The G2l1?rG1Eleq\r1?:l2? _ Gensr,,1E1ecu.1?|24_135,135
following ,tems should bp added to the Thrs model ls identical mechanically and Model 124 appears on Page; 20.13 ghygugh
parts list: electrically to the late production Model 123 2045 af Rideylr Manual Vamme XX;
S1/mb0lPm>>gNg_ Despriptilm and 124 receivers, which appear on pager Mddels 135 and 136 appear on page; 20-16
R4 RRG-D13 1_0-megohm volume con- 20-13 lhrauyh 20-I5 nf Ridefs Manual My u h 2048 of ,he _,amz Voluma
(J-gl Volume XX. Mddel 125 is identined by its Vfnire speakers have broker, loose fm,"
RJ3050 Tube Socket, miniature maroon color plastic cabinet. The cabinet re~ - - d g Own-5 when
. . _ cabinet mountmgs, or amag
tube socket for 35W4 placement is llsted as: RAU-321, Cabinet, Servicing receiver the speak" can be fe-
rectifier lslastic, for Model 125. I d "Sin ' >> 1 fth ' ' 1
RJX-010 J;i;>ep;z;:k;t giiisnvshere th; mlpuntiggfbossers are broke;
- It is suggeste t at a our osses c_r -
531;-?bly for 35W4 rec- irzneias? Elecinc 123, 124, 125, 135, Worked to use fscrews lforrrrwunrrnrrry Smeg;
' ' th t' n o removing e spea er ma
RHHM 5""p'fFe""?' ig' "'?""" M?d@1= 123- 124- ="<1 125 21>P?='f ?" /"W" regullpihadge breaking df additional bearer.
"JS C" mei- "C - Z0>>13thraugh 20-15 of Ridefr Manual Vol- The ,erm procedure is Outlined as follows:
ume XX. Models 135 and 136 appear on 1_ Cui Off speaker mounting bosses and tile
GBIIBIGI HBCHC 105 P1190 2046 fh'fU"9/Z 2048 of the ?"1"'e flat to the level of the speaker haiile ring.
This model appears on paae.x15-9 through YUIWW- M0115 226 RDDGHYS 0" P0925 2047 2. Drill hole 5/ 16-inch deep ln each boss
15-10 of Rrderb Manual Volume XV. Pm, flwuy/1 20-29 of Nw mmf VH/Mme with #42 or 3/32-inch diameter drill.
;<}XRJX-005 should be changed to read 1/2The grid risistolr, Ul13D~11?, 470?00 v:'"1S- 3, Mount speaker with self-tapping sere;-lgs
lm. Delete part nd. ROP-ooo. Add watt. car on. as een C arse in afrr #4 X ut ineli long, Shakevrvo l/P9 i
part no. UOX-001, cane, replacement prnfluction receivers to URD>>121.1m?s0\1m- catalogue number RHS-044.
speaker cone. This change improved the audio gain.
G?"?m1 Elechic 115' 115W Genem1E1ecu-ic135'l36'226 Genercil Electric 233 Kaiser-Frazer
fizdcfs Manual Volume XVIII. The fol- XX Model ZZ() appears on page; 20.27 through 18136 'of Riders Manual Volume
owing changes have been made In the _ xl/111. Noise in the farrn df rattle can be
arts 1. t lhrough 20 29 of the .rams Volume. _ h _ r -D ecurit or
P is ` Late production receivers use a new type attflbllied "?_ "f'e? anmg ' ef" rastegngs
Delete catalogue numbers and parts RDK- output transformer having 2 tapped Primary. P"'"'fSl??"e ??3"5s' Te. sm '
121 ,md RDK.122_ The tapped section to the B+ lead is con~ Bic- Ume ? 'esetar 'k b and loose
_ nected in series with the power-supply filter 1- Loose "me we m 1 :arts mme
Add the 'UHOWUQS5 resistor at the input Filter capacitor. B+ ton? agdtrxlohggi C0233 aries Q?alvay in
RAGP019 Gflllei for Modffl H5 md ripple current through this winding is out of "mms B E ' b ad
115W Phase with ripple current to the receiver aheht;'?"i ??";;?;lesl;afirg?1i;? fr? irprihe
RDK.15o Knob and bezel, brown. for tubes, thus producing bucking voltage and S lgtmf ru;bP'
Model 115 reducing hum. The transformer leads are 3? If the srraft asqembly seems more or
RDK-151 Knob and bezel, white, for connected as follows: yellow to input filter ' >> `- h ~ll ?-
Model nsw, capacitor, red td filter resistor, blue to plate r?';'f;lS gf' frrgfrf
of input tube, and secondary leads to speaker rragrrc or cambrrc tubing) may be slipped
voice coil. d ~ t th b sh.
General Electric us, us rin new transformer, catalogue nnnrar ix' '??r?"'jf?H"S????ilfaaineiiidilraeiitiing
These modelsappear on pagesly-8 through RT0'073i will be CHf\'iEURd in YEURPlHCEURm'?l1f ` h- ' t ?_r1_
?910 of Riiierk Murrlualli/'gulne ZUJI. This ftoclc?n Dlalgergfogge ;riigirl{a1l?:a(r;;g 1r;od:\}; ;?dV?1.ii-atignaiilrfhenhorgen whichl is rtrt
? ?WU1S 0 BDEES 5 OU E IDB 9 ill l E 'On 'sms ' '_ behind the case instrument pane gri e
PENS list- RLC001 81100111 be changed to Models 135. 136. and 226, respectively. muses it buzz sound when loose. The
RLC-061, T4, coil, oscillator coil. RAY-054 screen may be sliimmecl at its four cor-
should be Ravcst. _ by ~, "min
General Electric 141, 143 "els W Sf" ' 'Ze ' s.m? _ g' _ ,
Add: A Instability on the high end df the broad- _Suggestions for improving circuit and
RAV056 Cabinet, Model 119 (oak) Cast band might be Caused by an oscglr pick-up noise are as follows. V
RDK-037 Knob plain fawn colored - - ~ ~ 1. The former condition can be improved
RDK-040 Knob: withinrrow, lawn col- iigo?idiriiiggqlhipfilhidiisiigi vylihidnctiegigtcigxggg by antenna selection and careful peaking
"ed _ corrected by replacing the coupling winding ?? _ the antenm t"m'l'er to 'unease len'
RHH004 Snapfastener, holds cabinet, with 3 Capacitor C15 of rhe value 56 "Mfr sltivity and_ reduce nolse._For _rrietrgpolitsn
connects the "high" side of the tuning capacl- I th r 93 inches' is recommended
G-SDBIUI Each-lc 123, 124 tor CZ with the oscillator grid, pin 4, of the ggllgrenroor th? antenna trimmer is rrrr_
These nmdels "mic" On Pav" 2043 tube VI' IRS' - >> -poixiiiit and should not he overlooked.
ggggugg 2f?5 fff Rye* "?g>>qgr'bV?1"m= 322211?{'?'?fr"?,?'n.?????5w'?l;"??r;'rj?r;"; Evan inttiinnn naaiti be ad
in the r?D1:C2?nv;i1Iigp;r?;1i;i.sIi;`in Rig???i?? gf oscillator coil, JRLC-101. This item ri- igirfzffggbiggmjr;rf;??;';??;';'prf?fn?r?2fy T;
is a metal dial scale, tan color, with red and PIHCCS C011 f?\`m?\'1Y C3f3l0E1lEURC\ RL0089- 7 1 1 t` t >>
lzhite agures' Lat" Pf?d"?fi?" '???l"e"5 "se The hinge used in these receivers can easily xllsiiiiSfoanlilawiithn;h'i)gnn?p?\iilyin?Xf;'%`
if sam? typ; 5Ca?r;;%p; fm' colfx' The be removed and replaced in the plastic cabinet cd. Tnnerin one' of the \V9ak9S? SLHUUTIS
3." Sea e' CH ' "?' . ` 9 ' 'S gold "1 Color' or cover by the application of heat. To re- iii HDDTOXIIHMEIY 1.200 kc, pr Deal' the
Wlth bmw" and Whlfe Hsures move the hinge fmm the bgck Cover 0, higher-frequency end of the dial scale, Ad-
beTh?h f?"?"{'"g ?"'"'?g"? """'b?" IW" cabinet proper, heat the hinge at the lialf td iusttrimmer f9r mirimw "Diss level and
r3;"r?5a;g?fi; Ulf;-127 5rl;'?"l';'?ad U?D` be removed from the cabinet with a solder- m11XI:Im""' "lusty 0" 5'""?" 'fed fm' ies"
. . esxs or, _ mego ms, w,car on; - - - 2. oise pic -up may come rom vginous
RAU-037 should read RAU-307, Cabinet, ;"}gtKgn??:;h$gir?;a}r;1;:f?';?rr;:n?SC;';T sources, chiefly frdni irnitinntirdiitr of
Model 124 Plame cabmet (ivory) Since the cabinet plastic softens at a rela- the Ca; Thee '?';3aTr;'?;'g;'Z0F'::Etgs';?l;??
_ tively low temperature, it will be unnecessary S" '"" "ms . . ~ - _
General Elecmg 303 to apply the heat very longr To replace the be checked. To eliminate wheel stntichrrx
This model ap ears on pages 15-57 thmugh ' < 4 ~ 55141 21b0"EUR V1 0\1l10@ of powdered SNP lie
_ P hinge into the new unit, first start the hinge _
1539 of Rhdefs Manual Vulume XV' The into the slotted recess in the plastic then through me valve of all four ure tubes'
symb?l fm RSW0191 switch' tone mmm] heat the hin e with the solderin iroh and This Wm provide a grcfund leakay path
dwitdli, should read S4. Stock np. Ri/lx- gently push firehinge rm rms g to dampen static rrd1=1f\?r>>-
013 should be changed to read stock no. '
? John F. Rider

Page 5:

MODELS 135, 136
EUR w o 9 9 w
h~ =>o>o==?5e 3", 3-Q F - e E g N Sue 5 5 = I E 5 3 5 :E A 2 ~ Q
W H' tu NIH "N-.N-f 'MN Q *- 3 S \= ._ Ee--? ?' ,gp ug; >>=? nr wg-_'Q sm., ,H Q
< _. Oo._;o~oooo-awnsnaaena max w no 3 3<?;u5ogL,;;~g_;3|= |-?z- mg-=_=,go=l-,=_,n= ons as ?
3 A = -J ?? =???>>== 5 .1 u o u mo H u QM M no ID rn m um u mmowgmn. Eli E 2
(C) John F. Rider

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