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Manufacturer:General Electric Co. (Old RCA)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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GE PAGE 19-13
MODEL 1455
Height. _ _ _ _ 7% inches
Width __._ _ _ 10% inches
Depth ._._ _ _ 2% inches
_ _ _ .105-120 volts
Voltage _ _____,_,_ .
Frequency on A-C_ . _ _ _ _ _ 50- 60 cycles
Power Consumption . _ _ 10 watts
2* 1% volt "A" Batteries, Eveready No. 950 or equivalent.
1-~67% volt "B" Battery, Eveready No. 467 or equivalent.
Broadcast Band. _ _ _ _ .540-1600 KC
Undistorted ____ _ _ .06 watts
Maximum __,_ ____ 1 2 watts
Type _.___ _ _ _Alnico 5 permanent magnet
Size ._.________._____._._____,________ _ _ _ _ .4 inches
Voice Coil Impedance at 400 Cycles __.__ .___ 3 .2 ohms
Oscillator-Converter .__. _ _ _ IRS
I-F Amplifier ______._____ _ _ _ 1T4
Detector Audio Amplifier ____, _ _ _ 1S5
Power Output .______..___ _ _ 3V4
The Model] H 'i is a portable superheterodyne receiver designed
to operate on the broadcast hand range of 540 to 1600 kiloeycles.
This receiver may be operated from a 105 to 120 volt d~c or 50~60
cycle a-c power source, or it may be operated from its own self-
contained batteries by switching to the "Bat_" position_
A selector switch (S2) on the front panel is used to switch the
radio to battery operation or AC-DC operation. The switch on the
volume control will turn on and off either battery or AC~DC
power depending on the position of switch S2.
1. Test Oscillator with Tone Modulation.
2. A-C Output Meter.
4. Insulated Screwdriver.
1. The alignment procedure is given in table form, All i-f
adjustments may be made with the chassis removed from the
cabinet. The locations of the i-f and r-f adjustments are shown
in Figure 1.
2. The output meter should be connected across the voice
coil terminals of the speaker. The low side of the test oscillator
should be connected to B minus. The high side of the test oscil-
lator should be connected as indicated in the alignment chart.
PRECAUTION: If the signal generator is A-C operated, use an
isolating trans/ormer between the power supply and the radio
receiver power input, The use of an isolating capacitor is not
recommended, as A~C through the capacitor will introduce hum
modulation and/or create the possibility of a burned out signal
generator attenuator.
3. During the entire alignment procedure the volume control
should be rotated fully clockwise in its maximum position. The_
test oscillator should be attenuated so that the output meter
doesn't exceed .4 volt_
4. For alignment of the oscillator and r-f trimmer, the input
signal should be inductively coupled to the radio loop antenna
by connecting a 4-turn, 6>>inch diameter loop of bell wire across
the signal generator output terminals, and locate the loop about
one foot from the radio loop for alignment. To prevent possible
errors in peak readings, the position of the loop with respect to
the radio loop should not be changed during any one set of`
adjustments. The chassis should he installed in the cabinet when
the r-f adjustment (step 4) is made.
o John F. Rider

Page 2:

G';?'?| ETTMC 145 19 Generq]E1e?q-ig 160 h<;n.dN0_ Roy-ozs for C1 has been
r is mo e appears on pages -I3 Th~ c ange for an improved nntenna trimmer,
through 19.16 U/_ Riders vqztm mx, ,,,,mQ?,, '?'?'??' 0?P,??j;,2? ;jz,$;'eEUR,o{,?j; mo wif, used in me production. listed
'The B battery minus connection is made X1X_ The following chalgge in parts H56 RCY-052. This item allows knob adjust-
to the dummy lug 5 on the switch shown should be noted: ment of Lhe antenna trimmer for which a
gi Fig. hs X50 Change catalogue number RTO003 to read knob is available under Cat.No.RDK-158.
This model appears ln Riders Manual f0YIUEURl`~ ?f'?f"1E1e?'-"C 233' Kaiser Frazer
Volume XIX on pages 19-10 through 19-12, The mfdel f'l>P"L\l'? on woes 18-Q9
If it condition of parasitic oscillation GE 281 202 t<"f?'9/L 1'5"M_"/' ff'd"'5 -Ualtllfll 'VZIUIW
"mx strong Signals ana high volume Seb A . i li ll,lncriseswlic.etlie\'oll1me andluning
mug? chmmierized by whistles and dis_ Smce there me elemuwuy identical' tunuol slmlts appear too short lo ace
"med output is rammed on late p]_oduc_ (hex models have been addzd to the huinotlnlc the *shalt poi-ls 'nnd knobs, in
mm models in the gray Cabinet the follow hstmg for Mofiels 209, 203] and 205 whmh lloixlielil lip which is bent lo,>>\\`z1|-(1 in the
ing change will correct the condition: appears in Hldefs lolume XVIII, pages mf: Ogezimgboi the '"sU}""cm punel
Change the ghd return of the M am* 1349 and 1g_?0_ A A cr 'un_ o *cvs niet receiver instzi n,
mme, by moving bus wire lead on #2 The following ltems have been added to 0?hl;lig':n?'";i ?);'l;e"'?"`d by UWC"
lug of first if transformer to pin #5 of 'he PWS 'ISN 1 - A ? ' '
._ , , _ ._ 4 n instances where the hole for [llc
the r-l' amplifier (IT4), instead of pm #5 RAU-001 Cabinet-ixory (plastic), model ,,,:cei\.m. mound", bracket hw H L b
of the if tribe. This changes the bass of 201 mumwy locate; it is 055136 fm ff"
the i-l amplifier from zero veils to minus HAUo2a Cabinet~brown , model,.;\-e,. is poeillggcd R bg tm, fa, ,owafj
IA "?"i- 202 tlie'lr<>nt f the t ~
The following replacements should be The B?am-H'S?0lU9 Qablllff back lished control shziits to Ezhleotlirflgh
insde in the catalogue numbers: =1Sd%13;3~003 also applies to models 201 panel holes to their maximum extent, If
Delete the fouuwing parts: in Lhe l;'l~;nock out" hole Igor ?hel r?iounting
-cnt Nu. cnflrfln. Symbol Dcsoripzion General Electric 230, Kaiser-Frazer ?e"ta"' 'L 'S """"""(e]y P?5f"9"ed'
Ugnggg 1133.009 R; R??;s,,,, _ 330 This model appears on pages 18_% In case of pushbutton sticking, check for
'2?'f"';,,{,,,,,,>> Qhgough 18-28 of Rideris Volume XV111. Af??";?H;"?0b"""1g?;'Q "he b????"' 'X
nciwes noe-uw czA,B,c csWrwr_ _ Y en rough manual tuning action is ex- >> ~ ` . ' 1'"S'}' ?" ?Pe""'5*~
Eggggoxzic nerienceds if] is usually traced to insuiz binrigii tuning shaft will else cause the
Rcvllauls ncw-suis cu Emllgrrqiior .Eiee ficient spacing between the end of the Exir E ';?";] to ?f}"k ?,;, "ull l?_;`ei,""F 'U
if?,!"? ?""a?' center shaft of the turret assembly and binding rein]-i:;;s'th>:st\ini)nf? e;:a?;ater?'"
RHB-oo4 RHB~O09 Monogram Bin- the guide rod bracket near the tuning _- ?' ` "_ _ ?P "mg
lRl_L>>o29 RLLfo3-1 Ext:-Antenna Shaft' P"?d"c"i?" requirements can fc" uh?i'gt}?e;?;r;?erli; degdt chgclilliistallnlion
loop one or more as required) brag shim - ' .
' ` p|2?Q??'(???,'?;' 3 gm ._C,?'fv;??;? S??'"'?? '?nf;P'iEe"?e"? light switch respectively. If the receiver
"'\"'?'1 C=1>e=?' _- f h PP ? 8" lead their should gn to the instrument light
P1,?|,?(,\~.,,y) 0 t e center shaft of the turret in ad~ - - -- ~
, - - , _ _ control is connected to the ienition switch,
\\l>;,,g PMS# d'f??" 5? *he bm; Sh"" Washefs "lu the receiver will not operate though pilot`
' . ~ ro ieve inding and result in smoother tun- - -
lmseusl cn\,;5\,,|;,_.k. ~ V t. lamps will light.
umm "S gia?gifirgzvg ""= "C '?"~ Check the lerrdspenlm phrn cenneeelnrr.
?,h,,,?_?5w__ Though the plug pin receptacles in the
"Hmm gs?wshilw GE 230, 233 speaker lead Conner-for are emlnged in _
Llcevlazs an ca ,C;,,,,_ Model 230 appears in Rdiefs Volume such a manner to be polarized. it is often
0,005 111,600 XVIII on pages 18-26 through I8-28 and that the operator neglects to alien the
uoosgg gg ?;,\,'?c}{f,?A ltl.,de1 233 in the gems Volume, pages 13. receptacles with respect to the mnle plug
9.05 auf, 'sou 29 lhnmgh 18436. To the replacement parts llmfl _ef the Speaker, Fvrvinx Atuzether of
nmirosz C]';,'f Eiivfo, list for these two models add RMX-120, lhe incorrectly eli.\;I\D> _ _ A lnsnnnzenm C651 Cap Remains Spring ,md S?,ew_ cause the male pins to brerlk through into
agsuiesugnoggeiters wnh chassis number greener A quantity of these are used to service the thin walls of the non-conducting adja-
'=;l;>>Al;?n;>>;'lf3;?>>n is nranlmi ru the banner hr- the antenna r-f or oscillmtorconverter coil Wm hm? Ol 'h?,sl"e'*ke' Pl"g- "eS"]ll"2
For ,chassis numbers up to 55,000 the gud S*?@1<?("S~'=g=1i@S chef# 'hi "bs have '"????5?`$?"`l?? ?i?l`"i??,`f"????3;?'S'Yia??Eh
0&P?101W1'5 C10, 100 Wlfr and C12, 0005 Sen ro EF' e spnug 'spaced upon llampness as water drain-leaks upon the
f were not con td d- L h t e assem y to form s. bridge, Bearing .V _ ,
M, _ _ neC e pccor ing 0 t e u on the il nd h ld b th H v H, rcceixel components and wiring. results in
schematic diagram. Their B- connections L; in so "tho;h ti firm? Th' voltage breakdown at tube sockets (es
gvf?e grind; to th; :ft side of the switch shilid gtiferigidgerrztains :lie (xii ltlvithis neciiilly the 6V6 output tubes). or the
, oge er wit t e capacitors C2A and _ 1 _ _ shortinz of capacitors and resislors. The
C2B. This was done to nrevent a howling 'ts shfeid In heu ?f mb? _ , r>S f R2?30has been ldilgeli and the_circuit the COM Should be wel] Sea|Pd Mains;
over, t e wiring o e capacitors an or IS compee y connecting its wafer draining upon the receiver A
C215 has been changed. It was found that, free end to the secondary winding lead thorough check for probable leaks rind the
under certain circumstances, these eapec- swim; w Pin 5 Of the rwfifier, VS, so that necessary steps mken to. prevent their oc-
itors _added their charge to the peak of Cao, appears across the secondary of T4. mirrence should be taken at the time of
the line voltage, causing a. current surge Resistors R26 and R27 are connected in the initial radio receiver installation.
which was capable ol daxnaging any tube series with one another and across the A lower than normal battery voltalle can
Therefore, the negative sides of the two primary winding of T4. The junction of bv the cause of the radio to be weak or
capacitors (CQA and C2BQ were connected the resistors is grounded. foil to nn:-mte. The receiver will not
to the right side of Lheswitch SIB (B-line) To conform with these production function nroperly if the battery voltage
and the positive side of C2B was con- changes, Cat, Part URE073, R24 is dele>> mvnsurcs less than 5.8 volts.
nectedlto the terminal of the S?A switch ted from the replacement parts list and The Following changes in produc-
whlch is connected to the B+ line ol' the item URD-023, R26 and R27, 82 ohms* Lion wiring should be noted in the schema~
receiver. Now_ the charge can leak off % w,, carbon resistor is added. tic diagram:
after the set is disconnected from the Cat._No. RMX-123, pushbutton locking Capacitor`C28 has been changed to the
power supply, The following replacement screw is also added. This screw locks the left side of switch, Sl, at the junction of
has been ninrle in the pnrrs list: pughbnttgn deviee fm- auggmagk Station C27 and the switch connection. The ground
Connciringh pin hSJS-Kgs' ig] E351 loop tuning ,md has R kuurled head md thread. lead of C28 is connected to chassis ground.
?John F. Rider

Page 3:

General Electric 143 General Electric 200 Serles
The connection between terminal number 4 These models appear on pages 18-1.9 _
of the 2nd of trsrrsforroor to the s,zoo_olrm through 18.20 oy Rider! Manual Volume M_IT,'f;'f;'(?fi';1l;l`;l_l;l;fe as Model AMP
resistor RZ is connected at the intersection XVIII. The following changes should be 101A which appears on pages 174 and N?
with the B+ line. Late production receivers added to the parts list: _ r
, , V . . of Rzclcfs Manual Volume XVII, except
incorporate the following changes ln order to RHM002 Chlir fl" m?"'1'>>U18 5Pe8kEl' fm. the follhwin chan e in B is V I e
paper capacitor has heen added in parallel with RHM-004 Clip, dugl scale mmmtms clip Qef- Pg" _ _
resistor R9, This capacitor has a reference f?l1 PIN-WC 9353199 111013215 Af- 50- D9S'*'HP'1?"
rrrrrrrlrrr of C16 and stoolr number Ucc_0-ts. RHM005 Clip. dial scale mountins clip 0 2?0129G4 Cavwlofr pf-vert 003 uf,
Capacitor cs has been Changed to s o.1_rf, for wood cabinet models 400 v~
200-volt capacitor, stock number UCC-050. _
The following parts lrsro been added to ,Mg 0, Rwe,.??,,mml Qhgume XV Mix Model 04WGj672 appears on woes 12-S1
provide replacement ofthe battery cover plate el 250 a em on a es 166 Umm A 162; 'Wi 19459 U! Rldefs Mdmwl Vvllww XII-
and assembly Dam; DJ. Ridgl; Mnnug "Volume XV? Add Models A and B are the same as that
ai. No. norrrrprrorr ' _ model which appears in Volume XII.
?HEUR'ggg EW" .?2iEUR'bPi:'? ?"1V _ R'EC'll03' 'lnlellllla loop Connector "HP l? Models C D and E are similar to Model
?_Yl_%}O&;J_ hw/sg, "h;_l3a_h?fr;l fiipuiivfilg the parts llsls or these molleli 04WG-672 with the following exceptions.
l\ll_o?v lrr;il?tIr, losolsfgfnihriluml "ash" General Electric 856 Model C emplws ll plugqll leslllml' Rls
RMC-037 Clip. battery slip h_ d 1 and RIZ. The values remain the same as
RM5'lB? 5P""f~ "A" \'="=fY =P""e- T ls' mo 9 appeals on pug" 1840 in the earlier models Model D ein lo a
_ _ _ through 18-44 of Ridefs Manual Volume _ _ ' . .. P y
The f01l0WlllE miscellaneous Diffi have XVIII R __ Rm __ b __ d the plug-ln resistor and, ln addltlon,| new
Been added. Most of these parts are required f ?zo in otha _ a?ao eel? C ings oscillator coil and 2 section dry eleo
because of the addition of brown and white lqlglq C; "gg hgh ?7 ? ms' A W' trolytio capacitor. In Model E the loop
cabinets. ` ?' ' ` ' ` ' antenna assembly has been redesigned.
. over, a eel/sr u ire _ _ odric _ _ _
hells l5""l"9?3k < l > s r Go 1192 521 92528
lli.Qi'i.i`2i 553552 i?Zl? 'flilr 'lEURf?`????.r> soo.o.o._ These models arollrosarrrr as Models 912-523, M?l?*'1?m?f!{ Wfnd U5WG-2745A
Chg; R/\C~0f'I __ _ __ ____ __ This model ls the same as Model 94\VG-
RAGM9 'hi:';;` ml" ? Y ( '?"'") l " 'l g2_324_ 92_525_ 92_526_ 2745A. To reduce regeneration in later pro-
RAC-n7c Corner, main body (white) rneluder duction receivers, the following changes were
roroorr ooh? os.. <..r...o .Maas B. r. Goodrich sa_1n9. 93-110, sa_111 },T;?"?' PM
RAOu__ _______;\g= _mm _"__ (bmW__) _"duh" 9__'l_l6l?se9r?ll;l2l_;ls are the same as Models 93-104, No. No. .gzimghon
RACM6 &,.,,,, imp cm, tbmwnl B _ cle mms shgdrzgf rsrsrrrrs roosrrror
_l?S;fl;l_I? K??b_=?:?;_? Zgnml knob . F. Goodrich 93 112. S3-l 13 tx-av asm; s,?;uo_olrm, o,s_w osrlsorr rorlssor.
, nr-lR>>oo4 no/rr, tooo room rlvst These models are thc same as Models 93-107 The remwf realms :he rf~>>
nl-rY_ooo Handle, roblaor loodlr and 93405 solorod olrole l.-s rrr doo more
r _ l:1_;E_E0 :Ili __ 9 end of cord to the sprlng. Cut off any
where the cord fastens to the prong in the been chalfsld Ei' h gg hs S 2264 73 excess Sffmllr
moldedplug. An appreciable increaseinduraf ohm Thgeall l?m*_h'2 0 ms l'? '
tion of operation from a fully charged bat- th gs" lib oysb e ileell cllllent ?l The C0lIlP011EURlJf Darts are the Same as
tery ooo be effected in the following rrrso_ weelim. Q' e '? _P S"."?@'%"'??"EUR 'md these lisled on page may of Riderls Val~
ner, realizing, however, that some degree of vMi0usm6;;7,;l"la long ln sam etweell "me XV, except f0l` 51059 listed lJEURl0W.
performance is sacrificed in regard to sen- ` _
sitivity and power output. Replace power- a' FQ hal; been lldgedlm Fatal' 1152! ` ia" D . .
supply filter resistor R17 (L500 Ohms) with e o eh sec , rear, wa er ead that Co. o. escrlplzan
a 4_70aohm_ Lwatty carbon resistmh This goes to t e phonograph receptacle. -15 B67204 0.20 /lf, 200 v, tubular
change should be made only when were 4. Capacitor C30 ls now connected to the C-16 D67104 0.10 Af, 400 v, tubular
is a demand for longer duration of opera- vallable reslsml' Rza' lllslelld ?l tc' O18 D67lo2 0001 *ll-' 400 Y' tubular
tion to one battery chm_ge_ ground. C-19 17Al23 1,0-12 api, trimmer.
? John F. Rider

Page 4:

,,,, ,, Mug The rectrfter assembly RF}\ 004 \s o
Model 1000 M IS srmrlar to Models 1002 F
1003 M and 1004 B and uses a m fm radro
Gamble Slroqmo 43 7661 43 7852
Model 43 7661 rs the same as Model 43 7660
except that the 7661 uses a blond cabmet
Model 43 7852 1s thc same as Model 43 7851
except that xt uses a blond cabmet
Gamble Skoqmc 43 8101 165 197
Model 165 rs the same as Model 94RA3l
43 8115A Model 197 rs the same as Model
94RA3l 43 8ll5B Model 197U rs the same
as Model 94RA3l 43 8116A Model 43 8101
as electrically the same as Models 94RA31 43
8115A 811513 and 811QA
Model 43 9341A is the same as Model
Gamble skoqma 941154-43-81291
94RA4 43 arson a4nA44as15nn
Model 94RA4 43-8129A rs the sarne as
and 94RA4 43 Sl30B are the same as Models
4?e8130A and 43 8130B respectively Model
94RA4 43 8131A rs the same as Model 43
8131A Model 94RA4 43 813113 rs the same
as Model 43 813113 Model 94RA4>-43 8132A
rs the same as Model 94RA4 43 8131A except
that rt employs a maroon cabxnet
Gamble Slrogmo 94RA33 43 8135
The 94RA33 43 B135 rs the same as Models
94RA33 43 81309: and 94R./X33-43 813lC ex
cept for the rhtlferences mentioned below The
physrcal drtterence rs the cabmet larger drum
on the tunrng gang speaker bracket dral glass
dial bracket and power cord stram relref The
parts lrst for Model 94RA33 43 S135 rs the
same as that for the 8130C and 8131C except
for the followmg parts
Tunmg gang
Dnl bracket
our gnu
cn>.n=< walnut
General Electric P15
To further clarrfy the rdentrty of the three
spmdles for the record speeds for which they
are to be used the followrng descrrptrons have
been added to the Parts Lrst for record
changer P15 RMU 060 Spmdle offset
sprndle for 7 lnch 33 1/3 rpm records RM\
162 Sprndle for 10 or 12 mch 33 1/3 or 78 rpm
records RMX 163 Spmdle for 7 mch 45 rpm
General Electnc 145
In late productrons, resrstors R13 and R14
have been eomlxmed mto one tapped resrstor,
RZ5A and R2513 'lhrs new resistor ls
mounted rn place of R14 The catalogue num
ber for R25 rs RRW 047 R2sA .S 1000
ohms and should be wrred m place of R14
RZSB rs 1300 ohms and should be wrred
\n place of R13
Late productron Models 145 have an auto
matxc shutoff when the cabmet front rs
closed New parts for these models are mter
changeable and wrll he carrred m replacement
stock rn place of the ongmal early productron
rtems as shown below
Escut ron replaces RDE054
Knob and knob clrp replaces RDK 149
Cabmer from cover repllces RAO055
Nmnzplxfe md auch wrth 2 amd mount
for maroon or wlnre cihrnets
Nnmeplnte and arch with 3 :md mount
for maroon or whlre Clhrntu
Name lim and citclt with 5 stud mmm!
for town cnbmer
Lead fdentt/icutron /or cermmc calmcrtor
sectron ceramrc capacrtor catalogue number
RCW 3015 rs added to and tn capaertor
termmal xdentrflcatron of C9 C10 C11 and
General Electric S4 $5
Late productxon receivers mcorporate a hel
rcal sprrng rn the clock mechanrsm whrch pro
vldes a more posmve tnp action to the swxtch
contact assembly when operating the sleep
control Farlure of swxtch contacts to open
may he due to the mcomplete travel oi the
sleep control gear segment and cam assembly
after sts release by the segment gars drive
pinxon Normally the sprmg actxon of the
swatch contacts through the sleep control
swrtch lever should be suticrent to allow sleep
control cam and gear segment to sprrng out
wnfrd completely after rt becomes disengaged
from rts prmon drrve gear However, rf bmd
mg or posxtnon of control parts results rn fall
ure of segment gear and cam to swung com
pletely outward properly releasrng swntch
control lever and contacts the addmon of the
booster sprung (catalogue no RMS 203) will
provide the additional tensrou to correct seg
ment gear and cam operatton
To mstall the booster sprang, remove the
case and draw the clock mechamsm forward
'rom the front oi the radro cabmet just far
enough to permit rnstallatron of the booster
sprang The accompanymg tllustratron shows
the posrtron of the booster spring as vrewed
from the rear of the clock mechamsm One
end of the sprmg rs fastened to the cam stud
'the other end to the brass front plate stud
I A """"' Rear mew of clock mzchamsm
m General Electnc Model:
*Q _Q of banner :pr-mg
f>> r not no v nrt sm
General Electnc B0 62 64 65 56 67
The stock rtem RAB 054 Cabmet back and
loop rs no longer avarlable and Stock No
RAB 097 Cabrnet back and loop rs substx
tuted rn lts place For those recenvers pro
duced employmg RAB 054 wrth connecnons
made to the pnmary antenna wmdmg the
black ware to chassrs ground rs removed when
RAB 097 rs substrtuted for replacement
General Electric 123 124 125
A self tappmg screw #4 x Mt mch Cat
No RHS 044 Shakerproof type 25, has been
added to the Parts Lxst for the above models
Cabinets of later productxon recewers were
tapped lor these screws to mount the loud
speaker rn hen of the 'lmnerman chp
RHM 061 used rn earher speaker mountmgs
General Electru: 140
longu stocked rrvetul to a \\\ouutn\g hr rcket
lhe new rettlher may he screw moullted tu
the url mul rectthcr btacket as lollows
remo\e mres at the connectmg lugs of tl\e
old rcctrher usmg screwdr wer blade hetween
plates of rectther to be removed pry plates
ol? from rectxher mountmg bracket assemble
meh long screw through rectrher and bracket
hole and tastcn using lock \va~hcr and nut
leplntt nrre tunntcnons tn new rectrher
General Electnc 143
In late productron receivers C5 was changed
to 025 pf 200 volts Cat No UCC 050 Thrs
change was made to reduce regeneratxon >>wh\cl1
restrlted rn unstable operat\on
General Electnc 165
A tube shreld has been added m late pro
ductron reeervers to the ISS tube rmprovmg
nts stabrhty This rtem ls carrred rn parts
replacement stock at RHS 010
General Electnc 218 2181-1
A 15 000 ohm % watt resrstor R33 has been
added between the hxgh srde of the volume
control and the arm of the band swrtch S1D
`I`hrs improves recerver stabxlnty The follow
mg changes should be made m the Parts Lrsts
for these models
Delete swek No RLI 084 Add RLI oss
Choke f m antenna (LZ) used ln 218 only
Add URD 077 Resistor 15000 ohms % w
Stock No RLI 088 has been deleted from
the Parts List and Stock No R1 I 084 Coal
im antenna choke 1.2 added m :ts place
General Elecmc 402
R2 shown connected to B+ should cross
ogr the vertrcal B+ lead to pm 6 of V2 and
a. dot connectlon should be drawn at the ver
trcal B lead to om 2
General Electric 595 503 507 508
Catalogue :tems RWL 009 and RWL 015
should be deleted from the Parts Lrst and re
placed by the iollowmg stems RWL 025
Cord power cord and plug (brown, heavy
duty type) for Models 505 507, 503 RWL
026 Cord power cord and plug (ivory heavy
duty type) for Model 506
Model 43>>8129A_ Models 94RA4-43-8130A The accompanyingmustr?don of the four new rectiher to bracket, using a #6-32 x 1
? John F. Rider

Page 5:

PAGE 19-14 GE I
IRS Grid (Pin 6) to IT4 Grid (Pin 6) ........ 27 at 1000 KC
IRS Grid (Pin 5) to IT4 Grid (Pin 6) .,,..,.. 33 at 455 KC
Connect Test Adjust for IT4 Grid (Pin 6) to lS5 Diode Plate (Pin 3). .60 at 455 KC
Step Test Oscillator Dial Maximum 2 AUDIO GAIN
Osghgtor Setting "mg wut .05 volt at 400 cycles across the volume control (R6) with
volume control set fully clockwise will give approgrimately .05
watt output or .4 volts across the speaker voice coil.
1 %';'?n 455 KC 550 KC ?;:n;;f(.;;"s` 3. D-c voltage developed across oscillator grid resistor R1
Series mth primary and averages 18 volts at 1000 kc. `
-05 mfd- ==??"d"f>' 4. SOCKET PIN vom-Aoas.
can Cures' Figure 4 shows voltages from all tube pins to B-_ Voltage
readings much lower than those specified may help localize de-
2 IRS grid 455 KC 550 KC lst i-f trari|-- fectivr C0mP?\1=I1fS 0\' f\1bEURS>>
(Pin 6) in former (Tl)
series with primary and
.05 mfd. secondary
3 Inductively 1620 KC Gang con- cza for T0 m4 `" ' '
coupled denser maximum. _V ___
(see Note completely To PHUOF 'N Q w 18 SI;
4 Inductively 1500 KC For max. CIE for T0 R|2 N
coupled signal. maximum. TO me - W vo sis
(see Note Set dial T0 P|N4oF sv-1 I ,
4) pointer ?
sus: suns Ann vo|.rAG: cnscxs lg 2; To PM OF M
Stage gain by vacuum tube voltmeter or similar device may
be used to check circuit performance and to isolate trouble. The
gain values listed *may have tolerances of 20 per cent, Readings 52 'N "VDC p?5'T'?N
should be taken with low signal input so that AVC is not eITective. Fi, 2, swhgl, C~|,,?p;,,,
o John F. Rider

Page 6:

GE PAGE 19-15
oo: uf cues
Fug 3 Schematic Dnuwum MoJ|lY4?
o John F. Rider

Page 7:

PAGE 19-1? GE
Fig. 5. Did swinging Diwmm
car. ND. Symbol Description cal. No. Symbol Description
UCC-028 C13 CAPACITOR-.05 mfd., 400 V. RDK-149 KNOB and Clip
UCU>>020 C4 CAPACITOR-47 mmf. i20'f? , mica RDP>>044 P01NTER7Dia1 Vcinttr asltmbly
UOP~4B9 SPEAKER RDS>>080 s<:Al.l:-Dlal "ale
URD-041 R11 RESISTORf470 Ohms, }? W., Carbon REC-001 CONNECTOR~For "B" bB!(e\'y
URD-061 R15 - RESISTORf3300 ohms, PQ W., Carbon RHI-007 H1NC1E7FrOnt COV:l' hingc
URD-081 R18 RiS1STORf33,000 ohms, M W., cab RHI-008 HINGE"BBCk CDVt\' hinge
URD-093 R17 RE,?l1|STORf68,DDO ohms, }>>? W., Car- Rlib-055 SPEED NUFLEV: C ( our 'eq ]
URD-ow Rl REgK%TOR~10U,U0D ohm., pg w., R1-IR-006 RIVET-~.121" $i>>_xxf5,~ 352.1 for
Car on I' RDE-035
URDJ13 R10 RESISTOR#70,000 Ohms, PQ W., l RHS-D15 SCr?`El&l2ge1f_tapD?ni "3-cw for
Carbon ` mounting loop lmsembly door
URD-121 R9 RESISTORf1 mcg., M W., tarbun RHS-022 SCREW*S?lf~tappin? for mounting
URDJ29 R3, 5 RESIS'I`ORf2.Z mtg., % W., Carbon ihe brass 1nf.C1'| plain
URD~133 R11 RESISTOR-3.3 mcg., 56 W., carbon 1 RHS-023 SCREW#-Self-tapping fOr mounting
URD-145 R7 RESISTOR-\0.0 meg., 56 W., tarbun RHY-008 HANDLE
i RIL019 lNSULATOR'F0t "A" battery COKI-
SPECIALIZED |:|LAcxM|N'r uns 511.01% ?ARRll:R~sl~.l?l?l atound"A"battery
RJS-175 SOCKE'1`*F;i; IT4 tube an u C
RAB-082 CABINET BACK covER Rl_c.oao L2 coll.-omllml coil
BLY-Includtl tv?gllgnzee (RHI-007) RMC-028 KNOB-Cglgh knob
and fo IEW! ( -023) RMC-019 LATCH PLATE-*O f f , f ~
C1\1d!B b8Ek COVCI hinges (RHI-008) CATCH7Fr9n{ gqvgr Cgfgh
and four screw! (RHS\023) RMC>>031 CATCH COVER7F\'On{ COV?r, fal-
RAC~057 LOOP COVER I Kentd with screw! RHS-022
RCC>>075 C21 CAPAC1TOR~.01 mfd., 400 V., paper RMC-032 LATCH PLATE>>0n bBCk Cover, fas-
RCC>>078 C15, '19 CAPAC1T0R7.05 mid., 400 V., paper RMC~036 NAMEPLA'i`lE S?TCH
RCE-051 czolx, B CAPAClTORf4U-40 mm., lso y., RMC-031 CLIP-For "A" battery
_ _ RMW-042 PULLEY-l>>;_ln. pulley for dial cord
RCT'?35 "Qi 'Q ?'"'AC"`?R`T""'"" SIEC-094 Re, S1 VOLUME CONTROL AND SWITCH
H' 12' Rsw-usl sz SWITCI-{-AC-DC sm. switch
RD?_032 ?;0RD_D;,l dm, Wd, 25 yd_ R1-l.-osz T1,T2 'rRANsFoRMER-lsl and and I-lf
RDE>>U34 ESCUTCHEON trrmsfwrmer
RDE-oss ESCUTCHEON--Brass for fmmlng Rm-asv T3 TRANSFORMER-output
hnndlc to the Cabin!! RWL-009 CORD7POw?r cord
(C)John F. Rider

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