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Manufacturer:General Electric Co. (Old RCA)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

GE zlol zlll 212 General Electric 417. 417A www( M _WMM
These models appear in Iildefs l'l>>Iurml Lhxgdil Zpgears e?nmp;ae5;h16`1i :~ 1?
X1/111, punts 18-Zlllhrough 18%. In the 162470, ,?,,je,_S" Vnffgfng Xp, hffjel _
schematic diagram C12 is shown as 22 ltltl ' '\,,/ \,,?'
. _ 417A appears on pages 17-27,28 ' ' -
This should be corrected to read 20 wif, through 1738 of Ridefs Volume XV" " ., ' me
C12 is listed correctly in the replacement ,rhM_ changes me in reference to the Wir; """"
,uns list us cut. No. Rcw_301e, 20 ,-nl: ,ng gf Plumb Preamp Hug RJP005 .F ,_
' ' inc nsls en w t `
H11-021-Insulator ~ Texbnlite no i11Sl\l~ identification igffiiiltliilsmiiiiiiilg I __
alle flge V0l"me Control ll""" in wiring guides, this notch must be dis
c assls regarded for indentification purposes to , J
Rll-022>>Insulator f Textolite (to msul- avoid confusion. While in some receiver ,,,,,,,,,,,,, l
atc the band switch from vlmssisl productions the position of this key t.. rs-
In the tube and trimmer location shown notch will differ from others, neverthe- il l
on page 18-25, the secondary tuning slug less, all receiver productions are wired
Of T5 *S """ll"b'EUR ""?"EURh Fl" *OP Of W the "me i" "SPEC" ?? the Wllfized fum tubes fm- 1111/fmt (3501 and C5I1_
can, while the primary tuning slug of T6 system of prong arrangement.
is available through the holes in the bot- ss GND (R) (R)
mm Of the ca" ' B* The pans llsl slloulll be clnlnged to mul
General Electric 219, 220, 221 -ls follows: ,
These models appear on pages 15-Z8 S bol Dlw., l;;"'l";f"l
ll-fnngh 15-81 of Riders vnzums xv. In _ - ?"` 1 - ?""' , . '"" '"
the Parts list, catalog number RLL-003 g|'lg\T? (C) HEATER Z?;'m'm"??"""'t2"""""" mo
should be identified as a replacement loop l-'SHT ?123,632 (l.00S;1f,600 mlctubulnr H02
assembly only for Models 219 and 220. _ ?"'1'?' ,
Catalog number RLL-025 should be added (C)"E/'TER CB' (130 ohimbulu 4203
as the loop assembly for Model 221, Ph P Pl RJPIUO he GF C3X,C33,C34 0~0luf-400 vol!-!ul>\\lar M
General Electric 250. 260 417?n?17,{egV,?ld if ,med ai c4l,c-no ?ll)>i2,c44 ssnhi,-, 1825, 2,1311 `
appears on pages 16-6 through 16-12 0/ is only necessary to follow the simple rerun-ls" 4010
Itidefs Volume XVI. The following should wiring rule as used in all receiver pro- C" 6?U"/?711 |0%1"\'<??'
be added to the parts list for both models: l1"<*fi0D Where the ?l\-\SfEUR\' of f?\1F P70559 Ll ;:::";,.,,,,,,, 52215
Hinge pin for cover, catalog number RMP. is first located within one-half the area Ls l2"Isl>>esl<?r,elemodynsmlc 9044
011. of the plug base as determined by the 3? ?13 ;2??00<>llm-120%-% W 450|
General Electric 321A l"'""gl""y _ "Fm" line' N=X=>>,1??="@ me ru' A lo lxiggsnglf i>: gli;
This "del is we we as M?d@1 321 lil' p??'$`? `??.?" of 'f{_`l"p1?? J-ffw1f.?'?'1?`2 lil, nn ZaT.'33<?"$?_"_;?f?&z?'?t""w 3233
k?f;,"Pl';EUR*l""S '?VP?V" 15-45 '""i15~" D! wa-lug in u clockwise direction as anfn "gg ?0?<-hm-:FWS w ow
E 3 0""e ' cated by the letter designations in the QBYRHY RM _,?Ygg,;"l;?1;,fi'_,_5?%6;?ww gg;
General Electric 356, 357, 358 ???':'P*"}Yl"i dlligam- The llfsflfefs A1 $2 22 U00 h _ fy)
These models appear on pages 1340 _ , em, in t e iagram, are eys to wir- - 0 m_+59?, w 4538
thmuah 18-44 of Ride-'s Volume XVIII. 'Hg P?"='~"f "_'?f?"?d l? "% the V""?"" Tm 0""`"' "`""E'm?" sm
The followlng changes should be made ln published receiver circuit diagrams.
the parts list. Under UCC-025, remove Magnavox AMp_lgl? per,->>-,ll
Symbols C43' C65' C70' Add (0 UCC4'2" This model is the same as Model AMP- U
2;\l1?lS C431 C65 070- 101A on pages 17-1 and 17-2 of Ridefx [@] .
neral Elgctfigg 355, 357 353; Volume XVII except for the following _ ,
316, 317, 315 I changes in paits values. '_
Models 356, 357, and 358 appear on Ref- 5 _
pages 18-40 through 18-44 of Ridea-'s Val. NO. Description Part. Na. 2 ' 0
ume XVIII. Models 376, 377, and 378 2-l Capacitor, paper, 0_1 pf " ,ag-_,
appear on pages 1936 through 19-41 0] 600v. 250l52G33
Rtde/11 Vfalame XIX. When an old type 2~2 Capacitor, paper, 0.1 ai, _ 5
construction GBE6 (date coded 8/17 or 600 v. 250152633 P 12-
belore) is replaced with a new type cone S Resistor, composition, ? 3 _ |
l\69EURSS&\'y t t e -rn oscillator choke 9 Resistor, composition, if
coll L8 be n ia*/n-turn mil (catalogue 100,000-1hms,10%,\/sw. 2300840.56 lg __
number RLF-012) instead of the 17-tum
will thai was used in early production Mug,-mvox Amp 111D AMP \11E l
l These models are the same as Model Anlrmu'l r1mn<>rlio11 clzarlg/las [nr Hoffman
_ AMP Ill, appearing ln Rldwkf Volume (':'/11 mul l`5Il_
G?"e'?l E'??'"? 375- 377' 37? XVIII, pages 18-4 tlnnugh 18-7 wept nn- )
rhese models appear on pages 1936 the following parts value charives' 7-7:57 /
through 19-41 of Riders Volume XIX. The - _ " _ Af- <-~/
' f'""' "h?"?l L8> in the "mod" ?i'?"l" ?f "5"N?f;,,__t1.?@if???lEURT?li0s r "3 155
the SBE6 oscillator converter tube, VZ, 400 V ` ' ' '"' = 5 "' _
lg" med "nd" ?'?l"l?S ""'"be' RLFW7' 22 Resistor, composition, 230084678 "1 I ue to a production change, this choke 22000 Olmm _*wg ,/ZW li -
now becomes RLF~0l2_ ` "' 7` _
Delete URD033, R12, Resistor-220 Hoiimcm C501 and C5ll. Chassis 108
clung, % ww 1;M\mu_ Add URD.037, R12_ These mmlcls lm, ,l , same as Model Fimnt rllnn;/cs for II0//mn1l(7/701 fmd(`51I.
REURS\St0Y*330 Ohms, W>>- 0H\'b0D~ Add A501, Ch. 1083, appearing on 71/nies 166
KCWSUOQ, C37, Capacitor-20.5 MJ. -:?%, lhfnngll 1510 of lame-'s Manual Volume KM" RP5701-
cwlnw. Delete UCW-2011, C37. Capacitor XV, nxt-npt that foul- 6K6 bennl-power tubes Th. od I _ _ _
-20 wi verflmw. Add Symbvl mlm- are used in push-pull parallel in thc lnxtput ,'S "' C "l'P""'* "',?h? M'"""""""!""
ber P4 10 RJP-003, Dclelc P3 and P4 tugs instead of no two pushq nvns "?'">">> IW W D/ ""fEUR~_M"""'?' "~'-
(Plug-prmilnplilier power plug) from RJP>> Thr change is indicated in the accompany "me XV' Th" "mdcl 'S hsled m 'he
004- Add RJP-005, PS, Yl\\Z-preamplifier ang lllnufunls. The alignment is sun the {,",?,"'@;'EUR?_ "S RP5?7T- I" S*'?""1 *W*
POWCY Pllllz. snmf- as given on page 15-53. 5 0 '
?John F. Rider

Page 2:

_ Zenith 6D0 Series
Variations in the tube line-up of this
chassis 6C05 will be found; a single
chassis may contain octal, lock-in, and
miniature button tubes. lf an original
tube is replaced with an altegnate, the
socket must also be replaced. Alternates
that may be found are as follows:
Original Alternate
In case the oscillator shifts, replace the
220-ohm resistor(R5) with a 1000-ohm
' resistor, and if r.he,oscillatbr drops out at
the low end of the band, disconnect Rl
(10,000 ohms) from the negative return
and connect it to the cathode of the con-
verter. See the schematic on page 15-28
0 Riderlt Volume XV.
If audio oscillation occurs disconnect
the 00005 pf capacitor (C14) from the
negative return and connect it to the
cathode of the 35L6GT output tube Take
out C21 from the plate to the cathode of
the 35L6GT If oscillation occurs at 910
kc, change the capacitor C5 in the nega
uve return to the chassis from 0 05 pf to
0 1 pf In the event that there is hum,
oscillation, or poor sensitivity check for
grounded tuning capacitor frame This
can be corrected by inserting cork or rub
ber pad between rear capacitor frame and
chassis this pad should be cemented in
The letter V (SCOSV) indicates that
an aluminum chassis is used
If hum and mlcrophonics are found in
this chassis check for a grounded tuning
capacitor frame to the cabinet ventilator
plate Distortion and poor sensitivity
are usually caused by a short circrut be
tween turns on the loop Sometimes poor
sensitivity and failure to operate on the
low frequency end of the dial is due to
the oscillator oorl which should be re
placed If uncontrolled oscillations occur
solder a 470 000 ohm resistor across the
secondary of the lirst x f transformer
Zenith Chassis BCOI
If Butter is experienced when the set
is on fm it can be eliminated by in
stalling a 20 ,uf 150 volt capacitor (Part
No 22 1635) and two 0 25 watt resistors
one 2.2 megohms (Part No. 63-600) and
the other 1000 ohms (Part No. 63-583),
as shown in the accompanying partial
schematic. The complete schematic of
this receiver will be found on page 15-71,
72 of Rider? Volume XV.
A rushing noise when the volume con-
trol is turned to minimum is caused by a
poor connection from the grid element
to the grid cap of the 6S8GT discrimina-
tor tube. A hot iron and a little llux
on the grid cap will remove the high-
resistance solder joint.
lf the f-m oscillator drifts, check for
a red dot on the oscillator tuning slug
wire. If the wire is unmarked, replace
with one which has a red dot. ~
Zenith Chassis 5C01
A single chassis may contain octal,
lock in and miniature button tubes The
following alternates may be found
In the event that the oscillator shifts
replace the 220 ohm resistor R8 with
one of 1000 ohms If the oscillator drops
out at the low end of the band remove
resistor Rl (10000 ohms) from com
mon return and connect it to the cathode
of the converter The schematic of this
chassis will be found on page 15 8 o
Rfdem Volume XV
Montgomery Ward 64WG-|8073
These models are the same as model
64WG 1807A shown on page: 15 91 to
15 94 in Rsderir Volume XV except for
the following changes A 02 pf bypass
capacitor (C 35) has been connected be
tween ground and the screen grid of the
6V6GT' output tube resistor R 14 .re
sistor R 12 the red lead of the Zd if
transformer (T 3) resistor R 5 resistor
R 4 the red lead of the lst if ttansfor
mer (T 2) and resistor R 2 The 0004
uf capacitor (C 31) is now connected
from the plate lead of the 6V6GT output
tube to the mthode of this tube No
counterporse foil antenna is used
Fm. flutter may be
ehmmated in the Ze-
mth Chassis 8C01 if
the indicated changes
are made
Arvin 544 cmd 54411 (Noblitt-Sparks)
The followingchanges have been made
in the circuit appearing on page: 15-3
to 15-5 of Riderir Volume XV to reduce
low level hum and hum modulation
1. The capacity of the electrolytic
capacitor Al9l36 (C7) is changed
from 40-20W/_f, l50v, 20;t;tf, 25v, to
2, The rotor of the variable capacitor is
now connected to AVC instead of to
chassis. (This is the same circuit
that was used in sets built previous
to March 1946.) ` _
3. C11 0.1pif, 400v, capacitor from AVC
to chassis is deleted,
4. The bypass capacitor from B+ to
chassis is changed from C9, 0.05p.f,
400v, to C11, o_1,tf, 400v, to prevent
A libel' washer part 20198 Mr inch ID,
E6 inch OD L6 inch thick, is added
under the pointer to prevent the
pointer from touching the dial and
shortmg AVC to the chassis
The Heating ground wiring is changed
the }umper from the oscillator coil
to the #5 lug on the IZSK7 socket
is removed and replaced by a yumper
from the gound side of the volume
control to the a c switch lug
The top of the dial, scale backing
plate has been cut off even with the
top of the dial to allow the dial to
set in a more vertical position The
part number remains the same and
the old and new plates are interchange
The parts list for these models re
mains the same as that enumerated on
page 15 5 of Rid?f).\` Volume XV except
for* the changes noted
Part Na De_r:f1pnan
A19156 Capacitor electrolytic
A20198 Washer fiber
General Electric 202
This receiver is the same electrically as
the model 200 as shown on pager 15 54
I0 15 56 m Rule/1 Volume XV except
that tt has a diliferent cabinet
General Electric 219 220 221
A few cases of hum which cannot be
reduced in the normal manner from
these models shown on pager 15 28 lo
15 31 of R1de1': Volume XV may be
corrected by cathode degeneration in the
output tube 55fL6GT/G cathode crr
cult Remove R17 and C29 C from the
circuit This can be done by discorr
necting one end of R17
General Hednc A51 A56
These models are the same as model
A54 shown on pager 7 4 to 7 6 of
Ruled' Volume VII
(C)John F. Rider

Page 3:

Thrs model rs the same as model 414
f` appearing on page 11-2 of Ride/J Vol
Electronic Laborulones 2811
Thrs model shown on page 16 8 of
Rfdefr Volume XVI, uses the Webster
model 56 record changer which rs shown
on page RCD CH 15 10 of Rule/J Vol
Emerson B1-'ISS BF 204. And BF 207
These models are the same as Model
BF 191 appearrng on pages 9 1 and
9 2 of Rzdefs Volume IX
Emerson 567 Chussrs 120016
Thrs model rs the same as Model o60
Ln 17 92 0/ Rtders Volume XVII
PM Speclcltres Model
Thrs model rs shown on pager 171 lo
I74 of Rule: r Volume XVII Three ter
mrnals are shown rn Frg 5 page 17 4 the
Frrst labelled 3 and the thrrd termrnal not
labelled rn thrs Hgure) should be labelled
4 The ground from the phonograph con
ncctron to the rccerver should be made to
thrs third termrnal termrnal 4
Thrs model rs the same as model ACL
55 Chassrs C 2 5 shown on pager 11 7
and 11 10 zo Ruler? Volume Xl
These models shown on pager 11 7
and 1110 of Ruler; Volume XI are
erroneously lrsted as ATL
blrppuge of the dral tlr'r\e table on
the early productron sets can be cor
rotted by replacrng the cable wrth part
number 00096 Thrs cord rs solttr
and smaller than the one used pre
11 the push buttons brnd on tlrt
front panel of the cabrnet, the garwul
capacrtor may not he properly P051
troned Thrs may be corrected by rn
stallrng a flat metal washer undtr
each of the rnourrtrng grommcts 'llus
may be done wrthout renroun" the
gang from the chassrs
Oscrllatron or low sensrtruty on fm
may be due to poor ground connm
trons from the gang to the r f shelf
When nlrgnrn, the f m band, oscrlla
trou may occur wrth ccrtarrr srrnrl
rencrators Charrgmg the value of tht
resrstor rn serres between the Dener
ator and the chassrs wrll prevent oscrl
latron \Vrth some generators mort
than -100 ohms are requrred, wrth
others less
ln some prclrmrnary sets a 200 M-1
rapatrtor was plated rn serres wrth
the short ware comtrter trrmmer ll
for any reason this trimmer requrrcs
1<-placement, removal of the capacrtor
rs suggested Thrs caprtrtor rs not
shown on the schematrt
ln some of the prelnnrnuy 14 tube
sets, Belden brard. was used to ground
the gauged capacrtor to the r f shelf
ln tertfurr lnstances too much solder
lloutd rnto the brard and as fr result
some Jourts brcalr loose or the sof
l> e c 0 m c s rnruoplronrc Thrs braid
should bc replaced urtlr soft copper
General Electrrc A51 A56
These models are the same as model
A54 shown on pager 7-4 to 76 of Rxde/J
Volume VII
General Electric H639ACDC
'lhe rf alrgnment rnstructrons of these
models found on page 11-80 of Rulers VaL
mme X I should read as follows Wrth gang
condenser plates completely meshed set
dral to the frtst mark at the left end of
scale 'lhen set dral to 1500 kc Apply
1500kc srgnal erther through a standard
IRE dummy to the antenna ter nnnal or
through an addrtronal loop connected to
the generator output whrch can be mag
netrcally coupled to the reoerver Beams
Scope Alrgn C2 and Cl at 1500 kc for mr\|
mum output Set dral to 580 ko and peak
C3 on 580 kc mlnle rockrng the gunz ron
denser Retrrm at 1500 kr
Thrs recerver rs the same electtrcally
as the YRB 60 2 appearrng on page 15 5
of Rulerr Volume XV but the cabrnet rs
GE YRB 92-2 and 81-3
These models are the same electrrcally
as the YRB 82 l appearrng on pager
1553 to 15 54 of Ruler; Volume XV
but they have drfferent cabmets
General Eleclnc 1.604
Thrs model rs the same as Model L600
rpperrrrng on pay/e 13 40 of Ilzdez s Vol
ume XIII
General Electric 202
Thrs recerver rs the same electrrcally as
the model 200 as shown on pager 15 54'
zo 15 56 In Ruler r Volume XV, except
that rr has a drfferent cabrnet
General Electrrc 219 220 221
A few cases of hum whrch cannot be
reduced rn the normal manner from these
models shown on page: 15 28 lo 1531 of
Rrders Volume XV may be corrected by
cathode degeneratron rn the output tube,
35L6GT/ G, cathode crrcurt Remove
R17 and C29 C from the crrcurr Thrs can
be done hy drsconnectmg one end of R17
General Elech-re 260
Thrs model appears on pages ro f to ro 1
of Rulers Volume YV] It has been found
that late productron ILCB tubes coded
H715 wrll oscrllate at another frequency rn
addrtron to the desrred frequency rausrng
unsatrsfuctoriy oporatron To remedy thrs
eondrtron the oscrllator grrd capacitor C17
should be changed from 100auf to 56p;>>f
Thrs model rs rllustratecl on page: 16 3
to 165 of Rule/I Volume XVI The
srrdix letters after 254 mdrcate only the
cabrnet srylrng All versrons are elec
Firestone 7402-4
Thrs model rs the same as model
S7426 6 shown on page 10 5 of Rldefr
Volume X
Thrs model rs the same as model
S7402 5 shown on page 13 38 uf Rxders
Volume XIII
Thrs model uses the Admrral record
changer model RC161 or RC16lA whrch
are to be found on Admrral RCD CH
pages 171 to 177 oi Volume XVII
Thrs model rs the same as Model S40
second rerrsron on pages 15437 Lo 1586
of Rzders Volume XV except for the fo]
lowrng changes C18 has been rh.rny_ed rn
ralue from 100aaf to 68aaf A 10-ohm ro
srslor (R3U) has been connected between
the center tap of oscrllator torl T10 and
ternnnal C R30 has been removed from
rt preuous posrtron between C16 and thc
_yunctron of C26 CSL (7C and swrtch SIF
C55 has been chan ed rn value from l00;4af
to 47,u,uf and rs nou connected to the top
of the 470-haf caprtrtor (( 54) 'llre roll
T17 rs tonnected dnectly across F54 wrth
one end gorng to ground l`he center tap
of thrs coll rs connefled to the rathodc
of the 6.18 tube 'lhe 00laf capacrtor
GJS tube drrectly to ground
The parts lrst should be changed to read
as follows
rdcw no temp coeff
Hallrcruhers SP 44 AND SX 42
These models appear on pages 17 1
to 17 5 and 17 6 to 17 16 respeclwely
ofR1de1*s Volume XVII When the
SX 42 rs used wrth the SP 44 Pans
daptor on the low frequency band t
appears to motor boat To correct
thrs condrtron do the followrng
The connectrng cable between the
SP 44 and the SX 42 rs shrelded and
the shreld rs connected to the SX 42
ground Drsconnect the shreld from
the SX 42 ground and place a 50 /lu
capacrtor between the shreld and the
SX 42 chasers Be sure that the
SX 42 chassrs rs well grounded A
shrelded antenna lead or a balanced
antenna, on the SX 42 may also help
The followrng nrodrfrcatrons should
be made on the SP 44 unrt A strrp
of bondrng brard % rnch wrde may
AKL58' AKL 59 diHEURrEURnf>> (C53) is connected from the plate of the
? John F. Rider

Page 4:

PAGE 15-28 G.E.
_ . _ - ' . row ou ur
T T R- AMR UN ' 1| nan I-F '| 5 '-fa Tl 0 \'F gag rp 3 LAST
T " ` 2K ` one so ' ? 5
_ R______ moo g 5%
ms can R SM' xr? 1 zwr/G
_ Q 0 armlnnls on l- mam 5 9 ' ' 4 | U
| sex _ ,, 2
As SEEN Wm WK", Ay g,,,~,?,, Outside qcne dxameter ........,.,.....,.
? , nm _ |"_"m"'"n * "mn r nm |15 mm |?m5?,|? upgmgwm Voice Cml Impedance (400 cycles) .... ._ _ ohms
(C)John F. Rider

Page 5:

_ _ - GE. PAGE 15 zo
MODELS 219, 220, 22
f,-'~ RE Arm F 'Z , E
Bus \ \ / aus 8 - , n
L Demons connom \ \ \ ~ ,/ E
BY R2 AND cs CS \ \ J B
_, PLUG C5 0_3 CPC
_ POWER R2 / /
SHORT \/ C?\
~ WAVE - L.;
BAND -sw|TcH SHOWN ?'? : MJD Q5
6 TO 10 Mc. (C)John F. Rider

Page 6:

PAGE 15-30 G.E.
slant wave Reeept dn-Power ed d ueed
as before peak the First
0 h res tor
A lgnmonl of Dll Palmer on S|rIn|
nsu ated screw
nur and I
proceed n
n the cab ne
pea ka
ave |-r A gem
ow the manufacturer s recommended procedure
d sturb the sett ng
nr the d a pn nter
Remove chass s from
under the chases for m
he speak
Connect output meter across
and check the sett ng
he chass s n he cab net
keep the ou put read ng under
pur ous resu ts clue
(C)John F. Rider
* _ " "'~ t UNDERSIDE ?F CMSSISI Brdadeaat Reeeptl<>n4Built in '
| I I ~ ll I '_ ner-nal ant
; '>> < for improvem
.21 _-_= Irma Tunlls CAPA ITOR P A E
_ I 9. Disconnect signal generator from IZSG7 rx co n
I - (through .05 mf, capacitorl to pin eight of the XZSA7 y/|111 TU | |
l nal Generator, mddulated 30% with 400 eyelee. ? . *?'- t I 0? RGL lu I M GI-0
M45 m A 5 10. Keeping output below ll; l , u usrz |
nc-__0 yn _ i i- trimmers, C10 and Cll, for maximum output. I Sl I0 .
n?_40 .9 m is ll, Check second and first i-f trimmer adjustments. .
. When making the following alignment, the Beam-a- co
Gen I. (loop_antenna) rnust be _mounted _to`the chassis, an t I il I trI>>|.
For a complete alignment, the if should be aligned bernre F*'""" "'"" be '""2"?d "' 'he C ""'?"- A" *"'""""?" "dim" '1`h? =>?fr=m= l=fr and rizht posit
th .f_ mg screws are available through the hole in the loop antenna should be in Mcordance with Fi _ 1,
e l~f aeetaena may be llgned with the ellannt femnved ' m - \=? ? ? i a with th
f dm t e cabinet, but for the nnal r-f alignment the e aegis 1~ C?""f?' '=h= ?"*P"* ?"`*h= SIKMI EUR@"?"**?f *hf?"Kh a
5 "ld e in pl ? v i 3 tg mm t capa it r, to the radio antenna post, i,,\,,.,.
' ?g_ 3 id?ntif|?5 an ]0? tes an nimmeri Z. et the i nal ncrator and dial pointcr to 1500 kc. ?\ I 2 nh
e s re t e radio as een "on" or at least I0 minutes 3' Adjust C ' C .' and C2 for lfnwfimum output' U two h' ?
befdl-e making any alignment adjustments. _ _ 1' ?bf=\{1?d WMF adsustmi C1 .
In Ord" to be sm of ffequmcy stability in the signal polntls the one with the trimmer plates the furthest apart. \
V.' en making connections to the signal generator, avoid 1' S" Band (Janes swqch m SW p?5";'?"' ` '
any round connections to the radio unless an isolation 2' S" dm] P 'mfr and s'3"""l 3?"""?" t".9'5 mc' `
transfgrmef is "Bd in tm, power ling . Remove c assls carefully, so as not to \ i e
I l` I. 4. nnect the output of the signal generator through a
L i i ,V , mf. eapanltnl- td pin elglt t e lzs.-sv
. et volume control for maximum. ' _ < _ ' ) 1 l P" '
, nect output terminal f i nal rator through a TWC' "msg ?f m""""m f'"tp"t "Wy b? ?bt""'?d' Th'
V mf' capacitor to pin 4 of he I SG7 (Lf amplifier) corre t point' ls the one with the trimmer plates closest
5, e,'ig,,,,1ge,,e,m,f,e um to "skew e. lzemdve the signal generator ennneennn, and eonneet
d. ee lalvpaantet nn mda d mexlm rely lsoo lte. '" -?"'P"* ""?" *' " 4? ' .' ' " 2? '
7. ea sewn iaf tnmtnera, c an C17, fm- maximum ""'?F'"?. P?'?' PF" Q7 ff" '"""'"'"'" ?"*P"' W "?
"pun r l <1 the main tuning con emer.
Y \f?d\>>\?i"S the input or gain control so as to avoid C >> mu'

Page 7:

G.E. PAGE 15-31
'llhe following information will be useful to servicemen
equipped with vacuum tube voltmetera or similar voltage
measuring instruments. The stage gain values listed may have
a tolerance of 10%.
<13 Antenna terminal' to pin 4 of l2SK7. _ 4 1000 lr
Pin 4 of lzsxvf en pin s of lzsm. ___, 10 3 1000 lr;
(3) Pin s of12SA7f to ' 4 fl2SG1 _,___ 35
(4) Pin 4 of 12SG7T to gihs 4oor S of @ 455 kc
12SQ7,. , ,,..__ ,.,___..._____ l oo 455 lee
In all ineesumnenu, :he readings should be kept si low
as possible by reducing the signal generator gain control so as
to avoid a.v.c. action.
_n.o5 volt st 400 cycles nero" the volume control (Rm),
with the control set at maximum, will give approximately
0.5 watt output (1.32 volts) across the speaker voice coil.
'1-lie d-e voltage developed nem-
the grid leak R3 (22,000
'* Connect to signal generator output' through a 60 mmf.
TConnect to signal generator output through a .05 mf.
ohms) averages 7.7 volts at 1000 kc. This should be measured
with a vacuum tube voltmeter. (The grid current, measured
with an ammeter ln series `with pin 6 of the l2SA7 tube,
capacitor. should be in the order of 350 miei-bumps.)
20,000 om/ vo\_T METER F- FILAMENT
Pill Ill). SYMl0l llE5(lIPI`l0|| Plll Ill). SYIIDI. DESCRIPTION
UCC-036 C30 Capacitor-.002 ml, 600 V., paper |RCU<053 C4 Capacitor--56 mmf, mica
UCC-039 czl cnpsemn--.ons mr, soo v_, paper Rcu-las cls cap-eimrfzz mmf, rniea
UCC-ow cn, cis, c21,csl cnpneamr-.ol n-lr, son v., paper Rcuvllo clz c.pnea\?r~41 mmf, n-lien
UDL-1118 11 Lampf110- 125 V., 10 W. RCU-115 C19, C24 Capacitor -330 mmf, mica
URD-009 R5 Resistor~22 ohm. 54 watt. carbon RCU-164 C6 Capacitor -360 mmf, mica
URD~D15 Rr/ Resistor~39 ohm, i4 wen, carbon Rclf-ooz cz cspeelenr-trimmer-l.5>>\s nn-nl
URD~019 Rl6,R.|9 Reliltor--150 ohm, 56 watt, carbon RCY~003 C13 C?pacitor-frim|l\er--13-27 mmf
URD-041 Rl, R7 Resistor--470 ohm, 95 walt, carbon RDE~D04 -- Escutcheon-model 221 _
URD-049 R11 Re|i|tor~1000 ohm, li Watt, carbon RDF-002 - Felt washer, smaller, under round
URD-081 R3 Resistor-22.000 ohm. % watt, carbon ' knobs-models 220, 221
URD-089 R8 Resistor-47,000 ohm, if watt, carbon RDFY004 Felt washer, larger, under Ripper knobs#
URD-113 Rl, Rl3, R15 Resistor470,Dl)0 ohm, % watt, carbon RDK~003 -- Knob, round-model 220
URDJ29 R6 Resistorf-2.2 mem, % walt, carbon RDK-D05 - Knob, llipper-model 220
URD-139 R14 Resistor->>5.6 mea., 54 watt, carbon RDK-008 f ?uoh, round-model 219
URF~051 R18 Resistor-1200 ohm. 2 watl, carbon RDK-011 - Knob, Ilipper-model 219
W ' lzl>P_oo4 ~ Pointer auembly
_ RDS-005 - D'al ale bl
s'lc|A"!zl? G I .l"'Ac"f""' ,A.'s RDX-005 >>>>- Dial Iuvrfgfgiaclil nlate and bracket
RAA.003 - Switch arm, with set screw, for Band RDX-006 i ~ Shaft, haii' pin cotter, and drive shalt
cnenge and rnne Control switches- bracket
switch half RDX-007 - Cord-(or dial pointer
RAA-004 Switch arm. with set screw, for Band RHG~001 - Grommez4?ushi\m used' (or mounting
Change .nn 'rnne cenunl swit|:hes~ ennlnz enpaeian-
mppel- half Rl-lu-002 - Spacer-for Rl-IG-001
RAB-nos Cabinet melt, for Mnnel no Rr-rx~nol f casual niennilng bell end washer
Raaeooe - Cabinet beck, for Model nl R1' f Cover for eleelrnlytie enpnnienr
RAB~0\`l7 -- Cabinet baek, for Model 219 RJS-003 ~ Tube socket~oeta1 Y _
RAD-005 ~ Antenna bracket. left side RIS-00Q - Socket foreleetrolyuc capacitor
,RAD-007 f Antenna bracket, right side RIS-010 ~ Socket~dla| light
Ramsar - sense .meld Rl.c-sua Ls cell-eeelllerm
RAG-nal ~ srille>>m?aeli zlo, nu Ruvool 1.4. L5 ce>>l>>;>owe? eera choke _
Rau-co4 cebinez-model zls Ru.-oo: Ll Leqp Assembly _
RAU-005 - Cabinetfmodel 220 RMS-001 Y Sprlng~on dial string drum
Rcc-noe C25 capacitor-.ons nil, soo v., paper RRC-004 Rla vnlurne cnnzml-2 meg.
RCC-nw czs, c25_ C27 Capacitor>>.I7l inf, sou V., paper Rswvooa sz swizel-I-Tune Control
RCC>>045 C22 CapacitorY'.05 mf. 600 V.. Dann' RSW-005 SI Sw|tch~Balsd Change
RCC-0?6 C5, CZK Cavacitor--0.1 mf, 600 V-, DBD?\' RTL~D01 T1 I-F Transformer aaaembll'
electrolytic _ R'X`0~D03 T3 Tranafonner-outnut
RC'I`>>004 Cl, C7, CE, C14 Czpaci:or~main tuning capacitor assembly RWL~003 - Power cord
(C)John F. Rider

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