Hammond Instrument Co. SOLVOX Schematic

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Manufacturer:Hammond Instrument Co.

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

|?aP?.|0g<|'? OUR |-1 ? 0 O vi 0 -9 U'
gawgaigslggg- Hugs '? onomuo +>>:mos-ogscuad s->>o an an Nl
u 924; Qm?,g.n,|>>v HDEE on H live-.\1~?u4?>>>v goo -a
oueo Em .-asv A -4 one vu loonmouen A dana
r-e:?Jl'<?>>,4>>uo>.?Ez~4""'g ~r.,a_? gP'?"5?'?E-?'.1|?r-lol! ao no use ov: an
?s:~sa~:::su = =a ,s:~?= 3%??25&~u sea :~=?.
|-? an->>= nuns o ?? >> >~ m?ouuuoo~>> 2-1 gm ca goo
Vi' U ~/ U04-' O00 F' FIG .I UQ
>> :->>= 3 sas, can 3 EUR A J. A s A ; vzsgzsg
5 5.0.45 oA.o n Z -as duo o -1 um -Enom
*H-'mi ouvo r-alma" .___ along gg-?;m>,? rn I noun-A
oo odm.d mnou vegan and .?:'|so o omnnv
='-*S \= G Pvvg gp 1: aa "??'3>> w u ova <2
u er nodal we 1 ,.| ??,, ,ua ?_, U >m~a..<? wo-n
~0John F. Rider

Page 2:

(C)John F. Rider
'the eotron et the reed :ey lagidzeeribzg ezaiolrgowgiwzggn
the Adjustment potentiometer: should get eo fer out of edjuet- gxle?g T:';1n?|:g':?&: gggugg as :Snag Qwgggg new 'Mains
nt thot yhu beoome twnfuled, the following hint My prove help- 1| gh, 1-||? gg||?4| gh. ?|3_:fh6 ??|_1 lhgn gh; gggd r||,ahg| m
ul., Turn L11 potentiometer! to their extreme counter cledkwi ee M "4 ug 3| "ng 'ng nu-gg gg ""'|,||, 99| gig dxgving >
l'|i::Ghl Ind 'Khin fQ119l #he normal 0l?111l%Or tdjultltnt 920? coil' gh. uh|'t? driving "wwe 1| gpg" gn" 933133 | 3
' _ collepee of the tie field. Then, when the reed reenhee 3
ll! TEHBIOI 115 ohm reerstor ie fn eeriee with the coll to prevent Z
1 "Enzo: keyfgprtnge (::;1|t;'o1b:on?ex{;;32ereT;;\orgasld eperking of the oontnote. U
n nee e ec vo w ey er . l ze
1| t tm. in rev nt be added to eerly ke - "* ?" " rn
euetogeiogoa Ledge M11 gut kxy teneiogu l|l.z;:?%';e3uir- "W ? W' ' w
'Mme required: 1 hour. Repleoemem procedure Le ee follower 2""":":n':":, ,N ann." "M ,num "nh 35; ?
1. Re ave k boerd cover hte tekin out G0 INNO! lf- v
eegewe urdermeth end Lx beozyof keygeetien. ll lgrtel - he vlbreio driving eethsauntug , Z
lltde metal. eorei ltrtp et better: or keyboerd breegbwee mowed beet ewey trol the reed 9 end' only U-B
out end remove oonteet eprdnge with e end! one weight velher vel ueed. hte wel done'to~reduoe
eerew driver. the vibrato meohenleel. hotle to e utnteul. , ' S
:_ egg g u 4 51 1; 1 1; || IBD B :tel #52525 - The Yttrete drtv|n?.od!.1|. eountl. -
:eye xeegeqgl, nz: :agen eievgnggeyw' 3- breekzt wee moved 1/16' eloeer to the reed end tee wit'
uleting bekelite key utnetor nie prexer reed- weight leehere were ueed. 'lhte vee done to ineure re-*
tion. Ileke sure smell entt-rattle epr ng e 11| le egeretten with en unebl??"5?"f51? W" ?' " "
nee em-need uhm ee1e, end te t e heppy medium between the two previous e e.
5. Apply e smell amount of rocker ern ?re|ee lt
" ?' mu fun"-ml 19- it mey be reduced by Anno oreti the tonovi ehenge: love
' long none puere the eounting-breeket een be bent heck to the
1':s?;?;??::ga ,ig Zgff, ggfmf; fgnfg nn; t?? required 1/16'. A convenient wey to eeeure the proper position
' ' ot the driving eau ie to eeeeure the dieteneel iron the end of
5_ lo, ,,",,,,,~,,1, and ,ut fo, no ,,p,,,,1,,_ the bran eoi eeunnue breaker to the inside edge of the tlexge

Page 3:

lien I
(C)John F. Rider
S \ hu of t ohnah. for night II ez vt 1-Ito lovox le boar It rung 'Lt aerial 2825. This
IIIII1 I Ilwal 5/ ' Inova 1 rc #1, hm II ha aneorpouted in my keyboard to insure
ll Nui I1 Q I lit! t IIC 1 thc I t the nlixbla a eration of the ree um to r eluoe nechnni
I I tune 1 tt 3 on tts: 8-2. not .
If Ihuuld. that in I n tnI1I11 It I I vtbnt
VI I Id 1 \\"?;":'3.&Ih::: In "gn re r rouuof nrt mal :Pied cunning I tho d:iv|.nE
L I It nuts: yup whuo ng' ry Ii, In :I ? 0 "U-
' 1l0|. lhi lit lptigdli Ghil I1
:asa uuanns I e " n aes: sumo I a una sua T" ' V '?'" ' " '""' '*' ' 'F' '*?"?
I . dn :Ima run In in shouts IIIIIII.
ilhll 0 iii ll 0 lhill 109 IDM.
rf m umm an I n I >> mm 4 an m mn arm "ff {?? ",?,, ,, ??",?2 2 ' 1?,,}? ', 1,22 * ,,,,,,""?
taunt so I Ion c11|&'gF||_I|III ` -'_ gt"
3 II i |'I Anna 1' M. I it mu! 11 ` "?1 ' M ?`
I |17 I In In I Io II I I I Into If In '? , ,_ In 7 i " "gg"
A 1 ooh an so I em a za-on 1 I ? 1 an u "? ' 'ff ? '1 *~ g" 11
can wma; num sa m nn ? af s Im II un 'Y M2 H. ' ` 4 'O tg" Q, it "Q
,Q gg 1 4- my "gg" W an an "||,;,?,_ Allan: III In :nun tion nag no un aroma
' iii %mwm'ww"" a@m;v;@"
____ ~--- -_ __ I :rr h I I out . :In gm?
1 5 |I|||l||| III III
P1 . 1. Shaun pouuon o! vibnto dttving coil usd --- I _-\'
1 "gun um nun; two uint nIhIrI - fini und in
new i' | _

Page 4:

PAGE 14-4 HAM C0
9 Aim ' <
Qw ESQ EH A -= _
'o was ?
,_,,,mbo-D u 0 ,quo g gg'4_,?q>~ Sh mid q,?0.y 5-GHS
Q m= woman 0 ho p<>(R)C=>'J nur! D',,_qUm>>-I4-'?1m_
, mac 'D w... g #1-41 Anon nw-W' -14"-' ,>, ,,>>.-|>>um~"<? ,D
0 >>-I M .1 s==>??,;v.=~=VMs~
"* -H =1 " emu on -J" "a>o?:m~?
Q mm .,..,~<?,-1 -_ugwz Owns up.-'za _4 <4 >_ ;_ ca," ,E
M" "E?`_' "'? " aowf-I 'f""'?? 'cr adv "'* 'cg fue
<?<>r>.<> Ho, Leash ox ,_, QA O n ? ,,.? o ,um
;'_Q._~? no mend he ,gnu f? oEo Hog +=:C>_'_'___.
, own ' f__,..<>>>>u>>= +'? ?,_,,,. o ?'-' an $15 ,nmzwv ~,,,,
~~ soon m,_, un o ?,.|,:;|nou>0
(C)J?hn F, Rider

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