Howard Radio Co. 218 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Howard Radio Co.

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env .. "' f"f?` es-as ers ares
X _ _ L2 ling 9 W \;pr\____v';. .;>>____ _A____, \;>> ~.; 4; .;? -aw
4 ` EUR "' \--4
wrm LM: voumcm AT 115 vows
No SIGNAL IN ANTENNA we mode _ _ _ ` ? gi E;
Posmow Puma s.o cATHo111~: GFS mm 75 _ _ ' Xi? ? F
Stage ,H R I; *Pj
em: PP output 242 245 le 1 L-,_ I
so Rwnrier H.v. QPF REcT1Pn-:R = 54,0 vows ? ?>> m
GK., I_F_ 250 97 4 DROP Acnoss SP Plzumo vows \ UE -I
(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

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MODELS 118,218
5??ke`b>>T1`imm??`5 HOVVARD RADIO CO.
gras Greer "?" 80
(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

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ALIO PROC!-JD N ~ er adjusting the two high ds at 17 megacycles and 5 megecycles
Z'-3| the test oscillator input to ant should be increased and receiver dial ad-
W the Service Station has a si 1 generator capable at accurately covering the
|"' 9 gg gh; g-waiver, In case there is no response, the oscillator trlnlners have been pulled
3' _ d too tightly. The trinmers should be relsas d until thi cond tio exists,
'1 TM 0111? 0316? RDDSPHUUH M6053 15 B MUG? GWIIIBCU <1 iflm UUUPUV 55939 then go tack to original point of alignment - reduce ante input voltage and
~ to mdicna N AC meter nnscted across
the voice coll or the speaker ot preferably an output meter connected in the
E' plate circuit, or the Power tube in series with an B Mid. pepsi' COMGHBST EXAMPLE: The receiver has been adjusted to 17 megacyclee. e rscelver
Q 1 'mg 1 F Snag Increase oscillator si 1 by "opening up" the attenuator. Move the dial
33' back and forth at 16.9 ILC.
2 The intermediate freque stages are aligned inthe usual er by feed-
ing 465 K.C. into the grid at the mixer tube SA7. Remove grid cap, place Herlei It no signal is heard, let oscillator trimmer att unt11 lt is heard at
resistor oz soo, ohms from uns tube arid t the can and a series condenser 16.9 11.6
from the tube grid to the "hot" lead-from the signal generator.
Reduce axgnal voltage from generator, go back to 17 H.C. and slightly
The two trimmers in each or the LF. c should be very carefully peaked co ct this last trimmer adjustment. m
Always use as low an output ae possible tr m th si 1 generator when IV TI-E ALIG OP BRO AST 5
making the various adjustments. , w
1. Set d Switch to the 550-1700 K.C. band, and the hand 130 1 K.C.
The sensitivity of the I.F`. system alone will be found to be between 15 U
and 20 mcr0v01gS_ 2. P ak osclllat r trimmer C-<58 to 14.00 K.C., then the R.F. Trimmer C-4 >>
and the antenna stairs trhmner C-15 on the variable condenser to 1400 K.C. pq
II. ALIG OF SHORT HAVE 5.5 T0 18 M./J. 5. Rotate dial hand to 600 K.C and adjust padding cond nser C457 to S00 U
denser to lull capacity. The hand then should be in line with the lines that 4. Re ack dial at 1400 K.C. as mentioned in (1) and (2). _ O
divide the dial in halt. It the hand is oft position it can be lined up by G I
lqgggnmg me center g? _ 5. Points in the middle ot the dial be checked and it neceaa the O
plate or the oscillator section or the variable condenser (back section) .
1. band emit h all tn to the right to the 5.5 to 18 ILC. Band may be bent tor all nt.
2. Refer to F1 e 3 and with a 17 H.C. signal from the generator, peak
09,1115 Or, g y- cqndmggr 04 1; 17 mc, 1. with certain Model l16's a 4-0, ohm eslstor will be found located
5. Adjust tr r C-6 or the antenna circuit to 17 PLC. after the above
mentioned oscillator tri r has been set. watch this adjustment t 2- B9 S\-\I'0 that U19 SBUUDSS are Wing M119 C0 the Y?1'\-16 f\11'l<1H-!|1BmIH>>1 316181
lt will not " ' the oscillator. from the osci lator and not on a harmonic or lunge frequency.
5. The no voltage readings at the sockets are given in a separate chart P g
III. ALIG OF SHORT WAVE 1.7 V50 5.5 PLC. 0" Uh" f?11?W1UEUR D3895>> : U
position, ( e) th tuning eye take m p
set to 5 h.C., peak trimer C-40 of the oscillator circuit to 5 M.C. Certain that it 15 "Ut WSHSG HEMHH15 the inside 01 the dial c . with ? m
the adjustment screw on the bracket, allow a 1 amount or clearance 3 5-I
2. August Antenna Stags trimmer C4 to 5 n.c. mer me above oscillator *Ween We and ?f the '=\1b? and the dial H0 eveid any p?aS1b1111=y 01' H' "'
trim. has been sen _'" me neat from me tube affecting the u1a1 c . _P

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