Interocean Radio Corp. 202 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Interocean Radio Corp.

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INTEROCEAN RADIO coRP. ggiigfgvomge

anm Enrname uma) sac - use nmyun Socket ,Trimmers
______ ; IBD Short In" bud) 1550 - 14,000 111007010. Alignman-b


W o >. TAP @zeb-m E" swchn ON
,_ 0 2 nch mes 63N Z'aoerfox.
E lu - :.9 vows 5,. in
4 U; Claw 05 R.5=- 10M I: R_\1:- :som
6.0 z om 5 c.|7 m one urm- P-loos c.\|=- .\ C451* 92
> 2 Q x 2_9, n.\o_vw._u_ c.e_ c 9 s c.\o n( \,=. can P-xoos C.\zl- m :gif
Connect oscillator at 456 KC to ,grid of' 2A7 tube and ground wire. Variable

condenser at minimum capacity, adjust four trimmers (one nut and one screw
on each transformer trimmer) to resonance.

Broadcast band, weve changing switch to Green, variable condenser at minimum
capacity. Disconnect antenna wire, connect 1550 KC oscillator to antenna
coil in series with a 75 MMFD condenser. Adjust oscillator (front) section
trimmer to resonance. Set oscillator to 1400 KC, rotate variable condenser
until signal is tuned in, then adjust R.F'. (rear) section trimmer to resonance.
Check output at 1200,1000, 800, and 600 Kilocycles if necessary bend plates
(of rear R.F. section of variable only).

Short wave 'bandl set wave changing switch to RED and with input oscillator
connected as above and set at 1720 KC and at harmonics of' 1000 KC (ZOOOAKC),
of 1200 K0 (2400 Kc), of 1400 Kc (2800 K0), and 1720 Kc (15440 K0). Do NOT

For failure to operate over both bands check 2A? tube and connections to and
contacts of wave changing switch.

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

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