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Manufacturer:Jackson Bell Co., Ltd.

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Jackson Bell Model 24

The run-iii; range' of the receiver is sso m
1,750 kc., and reception of the 2,480-kc. po-
lice signals as an image frequency The
intermediute frequency used ts 465 kc.

The most interesting `feature of this re-
ceiver is the control unit which, instead ol
merely consisting of the usuui ,mute tuning
dial and volume control, actually contains
the type '57 combination ntst detector and
usdiiumi tubs together with the associated
units. This unit is then coupled to the in>>
immediate-frequency amplifier by an isf.
Yfansmissi'on line contained i'n a shield along

lodal 205 Dalia

with the "A" and "B" feed tires, etc. The
intermediate frequency and audio units are
in a case with an eight-inch Lansing speaker,
making the whole a twovunit ioh with re.
mote control and no flexible shafis4

The i-f. feed line has at each end a toil
composed ol three turns of wire around a
standard i-fv bobbin, and the line` may be 15
feet long without causing apptectable loss
. . the loss with a lS-foot run being about

The two type '58 tubes in the intermediate-V

frequency stages are used as standajd ref

pentodes. AVC is provided by the type '55
second detector tube which feeds the type
'47 output pentode Total plate current is
18 ma at 180 volts

Cute should be taken with die B+ icmu-
nal as it is inclined to short to the chassis,
in which rise the 900-ohm bias resistor for
the '47 tube will blow, as well as the elcc
trolyiic condenser shunting it

The plate winding on the oscillator coil
.u .he mudi unu suites seriously nom

is'an ran/mr r/N/r IF PEAK 465 IC

Jackson-Bell Model 205

55 MID 47

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