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Manufacturer:Jackson Bell Co., Ltd.

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wan i-l-sz

Before aligning set make sure all tubes are in correct position
and primary on oscillator and R.F. coils arewell down towards
F] grid end of coil.

Make all adjustments with volume control at maxirmm. 1

Put set in operation .and set tuning condenser to full=100 degree
position. Next, remove the screen grid cap from the autodyus
oscillator and apply 175 modulated signal -to this tube. 'Hack-_
ing at rear of set this tube is the fourth on the extreme right.)
Next, remove license plate and adjust trimmers for maximum out-nut.


With external modulated signal generator set at approximately 1710
KC (Police frequency). The dial should be set at approximately

5 degrees past minimum. Adjust oscillator trimmer on variable
and resonate the other 2 trimmers from maximum out-put at this

I position. Apply 855 KC modulated signal and align set at this

point by bending Elates of variable. Do not read'just trimmers.
Repeat this operation at SOO KC.

With set at 600 KC readjust trimmers on LF. transfor-

| mera, for maximum output. If' set oscillates when properly aligned,
shift external ground lead from center section of variable to
point where oscillation ceases.

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