Jackson Bell Co., Ltd. 26 Schematic

Jackson Bell Co., Ltd. 26

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Manufacturer:Jackson Bell Co., Ltd.

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PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 3

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With external signal generator or grid dip oscillator adjust trimmers on R.F, and detector coil (shielded coils). The trimmers on these two should be tightened to maximum and loosened one full turn. With variable condenser at mini mum, resonate these circuits for maximum out-put. (If set does not resonate without much variance in capacity of trimmer, remove shield cans and look for shorted turns in coil.) Reset variable at 5 degrees toward maximum and adjust trimmers on antenna and band pass coils, for maximum out put. Set signal generator at 900 KC and resonate by bending plates on variable oondenser. Repeat this operation at 655 KC and 550 KC. If set 08 oillates after balancing loosen gain screws and R.F. and detector coils 12 turns and repeat above operation.