Jackson Bell Co., Ltd. 27 Type 1 Schematic

Jackson Bell Co., Ltd. 27 Type 1

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Product Information:
Model:27 Type 1
Manufacturer:Jackson Bell Co., Ltd.

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PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 3

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Page 1:

Make all adjustments with volume control at maximum and primary on oscillator and RF coils well down towards grid end of coil,

Alignment of intermediate-frequency transformers. Short primary of oscillator coil out. Romova screen grid cap on fourth tube from right on looking at rear of set and apply to grid of this tube a 175 KC modulated signal. (If other frequencies are specified, apply same to this point). Adjust trim more on I.F. transformers for maximum out-put.

If set oscillates, slide primary coil of oscillator towards ground and until oscillation ceases. If this does not cure the trouble, readjust intermediates with variable set at 600 KC. Also, check grid suppressor for open or short in grid lead of RF.