Kaar Engineering Co. KE-23AT Schematic

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Manufacturer:Kaar Engineering Co.

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

/Me M1 nu Z' ? 1 A .Q vw MW/ sum <_/NV u/A/-f.< ~n1Ms wx//v 3
W 1_0 ww _/___ NUC __/__ V;?' rn _ __ Im, aan vo/1 Jesus 'rd 1a>ur><` _
1 , M1 vs ova cg vw 4 J _-4 ~>>~w.,<= NUM 1
1 'g > Q =~ un ..._.?? 1 ,ii _ All
.Los/19 -wwss is/_msg Lo1_>{SS we VT ,__ ' muse " ' zg 1
""'""" wg; 'Zi D 'rx anvil :zram1 on ssv
as? com v 'wlwn - _ A ~A._ LJ 1-1

Page 2:

'0Jo?n r. man

Page 3:

Ava I _ B' / '_ / C
\ CHANGED / T? |C1@
?J0hl! F. Rider

Page 4:

Qw; 33g ???af?? si; 3 ? ?. E; EUR ??? .3*
Q-Sai evo 3 ?g ng 5=.>> __ g San ? u nun = ?g? ,.? ge.;
E~ .' ."S 'H ""' "* " .E bn 3 gage ..;?*" `
give ?,a ?==,a s=:&s ?.?a? ?;= s 5 Q ~ ?~25 .= ?EUR.
"?;%? 53' ?:?=:~ s.~?: _s.z; Egg 3 Q" A ??gg ?gg??
v 9 v-IM ? I 0 1? |' 05 FINE D

Page 5:

1| essential fer
mn a gwa ground ??
for which it
their lack
bel are
Lfedne lure that t
t tha- rant
the 2-'IST
'mn marunxnn n Paragraph 2.2.
2.c6 meermane me vonage or me Ac noun. "mon A- an nperm me 1-answer by :iii b? "?""?'*' '? ""?"" ?" ?f 'HB N"?1'? .MMI from tb# Horace
,m,",,,m, ,uh 8 vmmmh nw get me vma?e mum n_Mch_ Nu' ig germ' .nhgpeam high wrem, 10. rennmlee mach bg xmuxua
neared gun henna :he "E ? t ?'""?"Y "NB if "?"(R)d-
and ltcidentll conthci Idth the
Zhe ten ive!

Page 6:

button t
in th. center of
LC power as outli
a source
line card into
uve un 11 naman no which 1: sa
1mm1m1ca11y turned en. ny adjusting
be ma no ram. uni an signals at
nn-<11 ia zumea mc nm eff (cmmtsx.
stranger Lgnal ru :rip in- pqwleh
"E" s ressmzfcly strung sxgnal \r.\11
ion "2" 1b wuuli take a pnwex-1`u.1 trans-
nib tan.-4
and any
was an
tsm?d to the
(C)John F. Rider

Page 7:

intelligibility of the speaking voiu, nhl: control should always be in the I ? 'P
"HIGH" position. n in the "DOY" position, mont of the treble tonal an 3-39 ?@??=' Lphcne jack ln lqcntad on thi front p -1 for ming h|,?,h,,n" | 0?
lent. Since eleazz-ical and atmospheric noises are more or len of a high WSH ?"1"d- 0\'4il8l'Y hiEURl\"~2nlednne|. crynel or nic phones can be N
pitch, there V111 be a marked reduction in ba und noile Vhen the TONE "l9d>> bl ?
control is in the "LOW" position, but often thi! advantage 18 103% ni the . _ V _ > >
excessive *ch* " or "hoary" tone of the voice is not clnai' and crisp. 5.210 QULLT - '5L.,._?! `Thm{e atb two mxtput circuits 115 the IQ!-2 receivur H
The center paint provide: a position 1131! way between the high and low 4 Ohms anr1'5i)C Qhmsr, When using the ~Mod?1 2351 :weaker nnnneoziona ihoald
gggqngg, I bs made to the 9441" terrain-*:1,l. Toi 500 Ohm nuz?ub, cunnacnionn shnuld`)s
mme an the "5cca"1,'= seminal ~
) by snapping
Frequency Uwillamr in n miniature radio trnnimittar built into the 4. QQ
receiver for producing a ngnal which will "beat" with the received carrier { _
to create an qudihle tone or vhiqtle. W (code) ei s are prcrhyzed by' 4.1 The part: *argl ii; the BISAT Heeeflvsr are nf more than advqueia :ming and tha .
virwally burning a transmitter an and on bn mum the dn* and dlahem maine es required ordinarily V111 be limited ta ?zhe ocuaaioxml chenking of the
I! it wwe not for the Ben Frequency Oscillator, nothing could be Lwbrd WWI-
Pmt some thumping sounis al the transmitter went ef! and on. By hasty; 1 _ w
this ncillawr 'nh we transmitter' A tom, 1. pmdueed ,meh can b, ,-e55_ 4.2 I! the receiysr is uled. in ,extremely ` dirty and dulty 10/:amaze 3. will be advilabl >
as meds. ns pitch of the bent note should be adjusted by the PITCH COHTRGL '20 blew out tkya duet, preferably wibhbompreiged sir, every (uv vnalcn. If cem-
Ordinarily the receiver is properly t d. vhsn, with tha PITCH fa* L in pranied ah' is not available, a soft paint brush may be used alwho cars should >
the center "0" positien, the tune is so lcv that it is inaudible. Then DB axercifad in dpning around the ioun ndwning larevu in order that :mir 'JU
the caunrol. be turned to the right or left until a tone of the desired ISZMHGB V111 not be altered. _
pitch resultl. The pitch aeluctnd V111 iepend upon the listenex-'| pre-1 ` ' >> M
ference me nackgrmmrl none: preuenv aw. 'J 1* be denirable every rewmonnhn no cu the gen :ruin mee um. A drop of Z
light machine nil on the ~end of A tc th pick may he applied. to' the varicun be rlngw.
be "CFI" and thq val eontrnlled by turning the RJ. MIN control to the I : Do not une too ` oil. Gus small drop only should be F*
'loin The re nr volume cazmrol can B let n b at n comfortable listening applied at meh point. _ g
_ _apply light gran genre P1
3.27 : The A MLTIG NOISE LIKMER (l~F\L~) il A dsvics lilvel. However, in VB!! flirty lqcations this not be dslirnhll ll the gran"
for short-circuittng when and interference which are ltrunge than ips would collect abrallv dun and caula premature wear. W
Signal being received. It vcrks but on noise: Q! short duration meh an ` "'
npr.;-1; due gg nQ1g@| and me nu, n 1| operative vhnn the A.!l.L. 4.4 Should the failure of mm part aecur, regular servicing zechniquu by one familar Z
witch 1| "ON", Since the device removes A portion of the sounds coming with this wark La suggested. It peru replneemanc be x-equi e:1,_ nandard perm; of Q
through the receiver, there will be a certain amount of diltortion, which any reputable ma nctursr, of the n value and voltage rating as the originals,
in of much less consequence t heavy background noise when receiving A nw be uled without adversely affecting the perfo on of tm oquipmmh O
weak signal.. Hnvever,_when listening tn ltrnngvr stations not raquiring O
this feature, the AJLL. should be t ed "UTP" as the speech and music .
will then und to 'be clearer. 5. G
3.29 x Located as che center of the dui. tion plate 1| 5.1 " x Due ta continual temperature changes, ageing of the parts and tubes, etc.,
the STMIIIBY-REIZIZIVE nwxzch. This hitch mul! sl I be in tha "IECEIVl" it may be necessary to align the 2315* from time to time. Even under lavnrn
position in order for che recsiv?r-to operate. When the receiver is used ?P@Y"il=S condxeion ehis should aeldcm 'na necessary more t once n yur. It 1|
in conjunction with a tr miner, it il dalirahla to turn the receiver cf! suggested that only someone entirely familiar with the the ry of ull ent of super-
uhne ex-emamieung. leaving me when nun ln in cz-der cms it em be hebrodsne 1' wi "I b permitted zo make shane admucmengn.
Instantly turned on without the usual delay in waiting for the tubes to
warm ~.,p_ im In ch ,B "Bd for that ,,,,~,_ Grdinnrily the sligweqc will need may mu he "rnumea up", ma nu more :mn a very
lmell. traction of turn of of adjulting ehuuidbe quired. This
At' the rear uf the 1-waiver 1| Q MEA!-IH ng ccian which parallels this procedure il not, particularly diffimut, However, it certain coil: and conrlannern
front panel switch. In using a transmitter with 'break-in facilities, it are replaced, er through tampering the receiver should. get _badly out of;a1igzav|>>en ,
1| only necessary to viral from there two BITFLAK-IN terminals to the trouble my be experienced in getting it correctly aligned again unless cn? in vnzy
prcper terminals on the tranlmizter. `Theu the STLMJBY-REFJEZVE witch thoroughly familiar with the correct procedure, as n number ofnppnrent qqt?iu;;|_
should. he left in the 'STANIIBY' palivion, and every time the transmitter imagtl and the like prove to hevennfurqing, particularly anphe higlisx'-$'x'o4\wnvy
in turned off the racatvgr will automatically he t\u~nf>>'d on. Gomplete ba.ud| "C" and "DH
Two-Hey l'adiav.a1a;xhax.e oomnuninattm can ho naurried an in this fashion
very easily.
(C)John F. Rider

Page 8:

Ole ills
1 caaeu, and alignment
lon my not be anct
To properly align tha B-BGA! Hecaiver, certai apparatus will be required.
A vary accurately callbratsn lource ot H' signal! 1| necanary. This my be an considerably out of alignment, auch an night be the ca if n my gran..
nrunnry mt onninntnr :nr nngxng zhn,X.r. Anpxxfier, provided nm 455 xc nnn :nr r had been Annanna, than n xnxrly urnng ugnnl nu; nav. R, he
bean accurately calibrated by recent canpartlcn with a aecondaryjraquancy :tam-lard. uaed in order ta force it through the ayltem. Otherwise net the level
hr properly aliming the LT, nctian an tha various bands, A regular laboratory of tha Tent Oscillator until name two or three volts are read on the
type Standnrt Signal Ggnarator ta recomended. Dua trequenclel that V111 Ba Electronic Vnltnetet, nr flva volt with the Volume Control turned full
required vm nn: 455, 550. 1.400 1,aoo nnu 4.4o? xc; nna 525. 14, 15 una ae Mc( on on the ac valumez.
It 1| also lalirnble, but not enential., tn haw a aerial of trequnnclaa lying near
the nid-paint of each bans! ruch aa 9CO and 3,0C0 KC and 9 and 25 PIC. It 1| also 5.26 Then Iith a ucrav dl-ln:
desirable- to have provision for modulating the llgnal with a 400 or 1,060 cyclo tone. l.1'..tra-nlfcrmarl, I-l3 anal?-at zz get ;:::'\;l:1{h:;;i&':?;d?5':;
the when ll obtained. ll th! lligmant 1| aecnlloned by the replacement
ln order to viwnlly ahaerve the correct alignment, an llaotrnnin Vultnetur or a of on of tha tranlformn, than adJu|t the twn wrmn nn gm.; nn; fi;-gg
regular rectifier type AC Valtmter 1| nlad. If neither of these il available, and tollw up Ulth tha nlnnr cuutunt ni th; t;-nngfnrmr cha; yu Mg
when une rnguur vm nn; u-1, nny te man. tue tan unnu nn; nn nnkn x>>ap1nnna. '
app ba comp
1! the Elactrunic- Valtnater la used, oonnagt the puttin (Q) lead to the chant! a n than ga back th tl ` l '
and insert tha negatlvs (-] leabprnng in the *ALI JACK", the rad tip-Jack' trying for a lligtly hlgg regdlnli? A|n?t;;r:\:;ernr::??;.lx:?:::|aa fl]
on the rear ot tha chant: If the AC Valtmetar la \||d, lt ll connected al an apyreclably, reduce the output n! the Tent Oscillator na nacauuy.
nuzput never au-nun nu 'seen' ser-mxnnln nz :nn nur nf ann rnnnavnr. when E
allgxing the receiver the "A|7?3n' llltch lhbuld he Un then "ling the llectranib 5 3 G S I he Be It 0
vnuneznr nr nan ming racer ur ann rnnnnnr, and off vnnn unng :ne ac vnlc- ? nt the nnnn rrequnnny zu uhm. mn 1.2. angxuxnr 1.:??un::1n:? nan zggiznzinozfuhte' >>-4
nnze an nn output unter. correct ir, wnnn a nsaucn 1| accurately tunaa in, *rare beat* aeuurn when can 3.1.0. Z
~ pitch central 1| at :ern or nid>>pa1nt. Slwuld it be required to aqua! tor this [11
It 1| preleratl to uae' an insulated screw dr! r fa AM sting the 'l?!"i=\ll Whdltivn prow d an fnllovu
trimmers. me ncnvnr my n left an r rnnn <1 rr ann nnunet wnnu nngnrnq 1 [I]
:nn a. r. mann, mn it nun nn rnnnvea when nugning tu 1 r. aupuner. 5.51 It :nn x.r. Anpufxar han June been nngnea, leave tm nezup susan. 21
' ' er ,req Othervi , let ug in the lame r an daacribad above, and gpply the I-4
Anpufxer 1; nernnn rms mp tant, >> nu ngnln nnxng rnbnxvna nrn unnverua the "g,,,_\, ' '?" Z
to the 455 IU hh frequency. I! tha Amplifier ll incorrectly aligned, lt may Q
sauna tha dial calibration ta be axeaulvely off ar cause ull-tracking. 5.53 With the 2.1.0. PITUB control let at the mid-point, ly' ,nh B N",
' driver turn the adjusting len! of T115 until the bentfnctl batman tha O
lu align tha I. I. Amplifier, proceed an fallow: Bent l\-squancy Oaelllnmr and the Tent Olclllatar bacunn lover and lover O
in pitch and finally larn heath '
5.21 To gain acccn to tha nliultlng lcravl, lt will be naeeuary ta remain thu >>
rennmr zrnn tm nanum. nu in anna by renqvxng me rnur aureus in 5.53 crnnex ann nuuennne hy nu-ning can 3.1.0. yuan nnnzrel tn eh- 1-:gnc nr
the yanel and than pulling tha receiver harvard out of the eablnat. left and lee that the puck increases an the control fa turned altber lay.
5.22 cnnunnt :nn lnua rpnnxar xr ann mean-ann vnnmznr 1 unnn, turn nm 5.34 _nannvn tan zeaun ann raplnrn une gnu nnp on me sm tube.
A.v.c. mean ou. xr :nn Ac vnnnnsni- 1| una, :urn :nn A.v.c. nvxwn
off. me LI. Mm ?untrn1 nanula nn nurnna rnnpxnenly on to the right. 5.4 ' o mi. ,,,,?e?.,,, ,, mm ,B dixftmt
"ff *-"~f~- "iw" Off' H14 We 5 -"WWI "'"?l\ 1" WH '""""" than what Q! Hlisahs tho XJ. Anpunnr. 11. an euggnuzea wus anre be nxarnunn
you an. he VOLUME control may ba turned abuut lk way on Just I0 ` if nnly 'touching W' the trimmers not to get the receiver tno ta: aut nf nlxgn..
th lignal can be cnminrtably haul in alder ts give an aural indication, may gn dirtlculty My bl oxparianaarl ln getting it realignad correctly _
purely for eanvenxeuan and also an that one can get can 'fnev' nr the ,B,"e,,k,,;y an gud, rc: and >>\,,?_ ma ,union O! the "thu ummm; and
rnrnxvnr. me 5.2.0. :witch shaun be zurnaa nrt. naming nquntxug serevn- urs mann An ?nn nnn vin and :mean new axngnnn.
5.23 Rannve the g~1d_cap a! tbl Gli nur tube, 1-3, and connect tha Tv" [hu E:$?;1:heLsnnd D.o?b-faux; gm a uudugtgd to :gsm vgftheaiwuz
omnnmnr nuepuz sn ann an grin -na thu churn. 'It nny be ma" ??""?'? aatnnnn 1; nr: nvnunaxn, n we can rzfiufxngnn nn usnmutai bezvgnnvfg
isnt t clip the gnnndad aid.: to tba vnrllbgauxlenaar fran. 5, .ids nf ,M "uw, ug gh stall Gunn" and 'he .mum ter ' '_

Page 9:

_PLAN VIEW H/Zf,;?K%<;f~ SC; SW#
(C)John F. Rider

Page 10:

If the net in badly nun of alignment, then n very strong signal may to 1,400 KU, and see if the dial still reads 1,4C(`. If it does not,
(3). Even xr m-5 mx T-1 in.
reading on the meter n approximately UHWE W0
Thil movement lhould be IO llight that the pointer V111 ltill point ?'?u~155?1` t0 ???i115?9 lt 3 f1`?q">>9l'1C}' 455`xe 1Dl|li}' Zhi: the lignal >
frequency 1,400 IC inlteld of higher If this hay the arent
perfarmance of the receiver at and eroxmd ,460 KC
Tun furthe, by amusung 9_5 and 1_1 for mximm reading on the awp" the lame sa with the oscillator adjusted correctly, and the receiver
meter, reducing me output from the S1 1 Generator if necessary. V111 Pafi JV!! HB 10 ?h0111f1>> H0\1EUR'/er. if thi "Wake il "dev the 5"
will form tiefactorily in the middle of the apnaaring
una the resexver nigh
Signal Generat or and
"B" . The
winch tu position
turn i 1/8
d s. above until
trimming ot'
d that the
r frequency r
mevhat mere c it
than it
r van considerably out of 11
ver, if the rece

Page 11:

3 "ggi ">>2EUR"uEUR" 'w u"? ? >>?53S fan 2 Q3 3 5
"wx rs5o? 52%.>.am >> >>-ea gun > g a -u 5 mu ma.
.gn .-4>> an cone o ng 3w>>>> asgu .4-can rx s. u Q p,
mms o m>> ? m gag Hnvv vga -H ~ u w ag 2 3
? nous a mHD? u mgg n uv pnhug ggmg 2 Q as ov
uw v >>? ?>> Q an mad um >uwk u m>>? o we n
?>>u>> A H >> mmvuu sow H>>u no u h m3 ann u>> on >> Q
? >> >>>?m>>\>>>>>>>sS has >>>sm?>> H E >>? ua A was 5
>> m vnmunn w ? H??au o n u emu
nu H Hmnv no vga nah Q v _ 3 ;?g?=;v
(C)John F. Rider

Page 12:

_*aa eggs _gn mg
alms gg _P OS :as S_ 3 31; Wg M5398 5_6 _ng_a_a___3 _;_E_Eg
_gma Hague G g?* " E Q SN S; dd EA
.36 _U WSW _ _.iii _:ugh 3% mg S6
S #A B 3 _ga F; Sin
_DNA -1 saw '=a_~|_hP ggi `_'> 86 _ju how
_md .1 33 _:gig _:EE :E his N4 md H WN|H,?J_ _Da _gov _Sing _:___ R Bananas W??___gH8 96
_"omg" g_"_gg_ 6 _QED _.w___;_ 3 use _E 3 eg
:aa nvgdgg Jug ?|_P 2
_mad 2 ag _gurg agvs _ug 86 3% *U _"gsm" _ga _wing :oc Saw _s"__=_o_n_ gd
dam 3 h _3
(C)John F. Rider

Page 13:

3053 _"Tai ha gag; 3_5 Elm
OJQOCH _1Ej__ kg gaogg SEE OT" ggi;
O gig _ig Eg _?ggog 3' za QGNI*
O SEN go; Eva 3:3 _mg SIN
O gqg _w=gm___;&? ng; BAA
? _EO W _na gggamz wizgm? CTN gg M:
Eu mag .gsm "wg qw
.YHJH "Q "STH wanna said
Egg 3; N0 _asa og
_"gi :DQ _> og :EE Saw
ngto uw Sam

Page 14:

_'EEE Sam Qing; EE
"gm BAA EO ODD 8 Dgxk
EQNA _:ou hogging gd_H3___?
ERA _:Dim 3 gags gg _ha
_w|H Mug
gala gg; gag 5 gg M335
_wgagkg Egg _EQ Dom
MEN EO Q ca uv$HD ml'
_?::Ug _??EPG Sum
_Sana gag W; 2 gsm mu;
_:hw H; 3 Snag _
?giws m _ga Egg
_nscgm n _gs swim
$50! m_;3__I WN _EO coma
_@5_0~__ ?_;___F 3 _EO Scam
__Si'm6 gains
gin" NIP
23% 5 _Wagga Tim
(C)John F. Rider

Page 15:

E can in
H _ gm' mmml wrap for soo om md 4 om mnpum wnnaggi
, v-1 ** LF. naar. vmnm mm. savor rs break-in. 5 memmls. ?"' 'M ??"?'"1 '7
N v.; omxxmur and nnz nmeew- vmm ww. nu 5""`~11-?'""'?f'\=11?Y>=- s-:sce~:zP rx
v-4 .ummexe m>ue`mmne:. vacuum wwe. one ~ncA . _ ,
V M wmng may mug. TS_33T E
v-s urn mme mpumr. mm.
The ENG-H NG .
v-1 new rrequemy nneuxnar. vacuum mme. asm:-m rs ngcessa, , comm '"="'?5 me fish' M wks paras subgzgmgnn, 2,
>> "mum Y' ?';;?"EUR?: 'Jr impr>>v@m=n?= on ns urofzuew frm time no mme ummm
v.e Audio mnpum ufser. Vinum cube. svsm RCA 5? fm W install the mms an eq-uipmgne preylously sold.
v-? nenmier. mum ww. swam rs
5 M1 llxuxmzzon 0; dum. Three mam: use mmmun 41 as S 5; 1, A
pun mrpn. ' H
MP1, saw; nrengn. mm-. o _ 1 nu as-1/2 mm 51 an "LL Anna Electric Pmmm' hm 82 Con st md on H V
x-1 nm. a mp- m=.11 gnu. am ns Bs 5"x:"M;??;?|'"=*?EUR*= CD- Exianci. Ohio
_ for hc wer alignment. CI cinch ug Ggrznu Supply Oo. g?lschart, Indiana
- >> sv. vu ir. sz. change 11.1
P-2 nc wpply for heazern. 5 ln-ang mxninzure nukes. S55 M ?:;:;1;'D"b;?1"' m?"."? ??'P' 5?~ P12 *?fi=10>> Nev J?fley ' '
P-s Plane mg newer input fn 5 pmng mxnaam-e neue p1 s un (E G"_m1?E;e;;_f';='|;; W S411 w. lam sz., une, rennayzmx.
r~s onpun ??=me=u?n_x?r phone open aimm pnmw Jmk. L;-x01 U ff* ;'??:";?';n??;_?;"?;;"m"1ca ;;g;!>>~:?e=w Sb.. Salem. Nun.
I Tm; FARTi_Q<?&@?SORmS ,J HMM ,_ Jw" , moms ch ive., Long xumx my, xl. Y.
>> n ;*:Rf;EUR;;;?f*"? Cwrzlnny 6x9 men 1. sm., Palo um, :mu
n nrmufm of Pu: 2 14 r. W Mlwwld Radio Gem. long -;1?f\>>:i;:';?$?1E?1?;fn??2h'?:rx ,
c=1-emu anal zum emkess for v 1 r v-9. 5437 LG Rc Enfllioe?gngrfftiigal Prodwrs Go. 6920 Hcxnuey sn.. lm ngeleu, cent.
E ?>> cam M, J ,
1>>:m.m;e miymz pun 1mp mucus. ara cx ig* ;-CQ*-Sfff; Ove; Inc. audi; ?|;v
2 ?>>m>>=?? man mfg >>=>>?1<??=. E 1012 so W# 5?1=\f Mfg. corp. n?ogi emi, _y,,::?,.
use enmewr pm for no fm. _ gs ?;;>>@~So1 Lamp .fam ss am Avenue, mmxrazee :amy
\ , wa our ram" cn, 31 me S," ?,,,,\,,1,,gE_ N",
Q cawmxm pwel xnsulnn = :nr me nr ma gn ss mf.: ". "uh Baan Prom" co. ale orleans sz., crm ' , Iu.'
- ??r>>m=(C)1?1w, A. D. md G. HI. vm; Leunara co. Hs. vex-nw.; new Ymf _

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