Ketay Mfg. Corp. RP570T Schematic

Ketay Mfg. Corp. RP570T

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Manufacturer:Ketay Mfg. Corp.

Schematic Pages

PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 15
PNG: Page 2 Rider Manual Volume 20

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Page 2:

GE 210, 211,212
These models appear in Rider's Volume XVIII, pages 18-21 through 18-20. In the schematic diagram C12 is shown as 22 uuf. This should be corrected to read 20 muf. C12 is listed correctly in the replacement parts list as Cat. No. RCW - 3016,20 auf. The following items should be added to the replacement parts list: RII - 021 Insulator Textolite ( to insul the volume control froni chassis) RII - 022 - Insulator Textolite ( to insulate the band switch from chassis) In the tube and trimmer location shown on page 18-25, the secondary tuning slug of T6 is available through the top of the can, while the primary tuning slug of To is available through the holes in the bot. tom of the can.

General Electric 219, 220,221
These models appear OD pages 15-28 through 16-31 of Rider's Volume XV. In the parts list, catalog number RLL - 003 should be identified as a replacement loop assembly only for Models 219 and 220. Catalog number RLL - 025 should be added as the loop assembly for Model 221.

General Electric 250,260
Model 250 appears on pages 16-32 through 16-96 of Rider's Volume XV. Model 260 appears on pages 16-6 through 16-12 of Rider's Volume XVI. The following should be added to the parts list for both models: Hinge pin for cover, catalog number RMP. 011.

General Electric 321A
This model is the same as Model 321 Late, appearing on pages 16-46 and 15-52 of Rider's Volume XV.

General Electric 356, 357,358
These models appear on pages 18-40 through 18-44 of Rider's Volume XVIII, The following changes should be made in the parts list. Under UCC - 025, remove symbols C43, C65, C70, Add to UCC - 026 symbols C43, C65, C70,

General Electric 356, 357, 358; 376, 377,378
Models 356, 357, and 358 appear on pages 18-40 through 18-44 of Rider's Volume XVIII. Models 376, 377, and 378 appear on pages 19-96 through 19-41 of Rider's Volume XIX. When an old type construction 6BE6 ( date coded 8/17 or before) is replaced with a new type cone truction 6BE6 ( dated 8/22 or later) it is necessary that the f-m oscillator choke coil L8 be a 1342 - turn coil ( catalogue number RLF - 012) instead of the 17 - turn coil that was used in early production models.

General Electric 376, 377,378
These models appear on pages 19-38 through 19-41 of Rider's Volume XIX. The f-m choke, L8, in the cathode circuit of the 6BE6 oscillator converter tube, V2, was listed under catalog number RLF - 007. Due to a production change, this choke now becomes RLF - 012. Delete URD - 633, R12, Resistor 220 ohms, 12 w ., carbon. Add URD - 037, R12, Resistor 330 ohms, 142 w ., carbon. Add RCW - 3009, C37, Capacitor 20.5 uuf. + 5 ceramic. Delete VCW - 2011, C37, Capacitor - 20 uuf, ceramic. Add symbol number P4 to RJP - 003. Delete P3 and P4 ( Plug preamplifier power plug) from RJP 004. Add RJP - 005, P3, Plug-preamplifier power plug.

General Electric 417, 417A
Model 417 appears on pages pages 16-16 through 16-10, and pages 16-91 through 16-24 of Rider's Volume XVI. Model 417A appears on pages 17-27,28 through 17-38 of Rider's Volume XVII, These changes are in reference to the wiring of Phono Preamp Plug RJP - 005. Since some of the plugs supplied are inconsistent with specifications regarding the identification noteh often referred to in wiring guides, this notch must be disregarded for identification purposes to avoid confusion. While in some receiver productions the position of this key notch will differ from others, nevertheless, all receiver productions are wired the same in respect in respect to the polarized system of prong arrangement.

Phone Preamp Plug RJP - 005 in the GE 417,417 A should be wired as shown.

When replacing the plug RJP - 005, it is only necessary to follow the simple wiring rule as used in all receiver production where the cluster of four prongs is first located within one-half the area of the plug base as determined by the imaginary center line. Next, locate the two remaining prongs as viewed from the prong end of the plug and begin the wiring in a clockwise direction as indicated by the letter designations in the accompanying diagram. The letters A, C, etc ., in the diagram, are keys to wir. ing points, as referred to in the various published receiver circuit diagrams.

Magnavox AMP - 101C
This model is the same as Model AMP 101A on page: 17.1 and 17-2 ol Rider's Volume XVII, except for the following changes in parts values. Ref. No. Description Part. No. 2-1 Capacitor, paper, 0.1 uf 600 v. 250152733 2-2 Capacitor, paper, 0.1 uf, 600 v. 250152G33 8 Resistor, composition, 15,000 ohms, + in 12 w. 230084676 9 Resistor, composition, 100,000 ohms, in 42 w. 230084686

Magnavox AMP 111D, AMP 111
These models are the same as Model AMP 111, appearing in Rider's Volume XVIII, pages 18-4 through 18-7, except for the following parts value changes: Ref. No. Description Part. No. 9 Capacitor, paper, 0.03 ui, 250152G25 400 V 22 Resistor, composition, 230084678 22.000 ohms. + in 12W

Hoffman C501 and C511, Chassis 108
These models are same as Mode A501, Ch. 1088, appearing on pages 15-6 through 15 in of Rider's Manual Volume XV, except that four 6K6 beam-power tubes are used in push-pull parallel in the input stage instead of the two push 6V6's. This change is indicated in the accompar: - ing diagrams. The alignment is still the suir as given on page 15-9.

Ketay RP570T
This model appears in the Miscellaneous section, page 15-8 of Rider's Manual Foll ume XV. This model is listed in the Indexes as RP507T. It should read RP570T.