Kolster Radio Corp. K-120 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Kolster Radio Corp. (Brandes)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

\\ \ nf \\ most LE ?5'??5 155mg f "MUD" ?2 ""2={'?'?'* R'
ANT \\ ' 'V \v \ I- `\ ' " 2 ga -J E
S \ "MW mum 'g cu
q \ Sonnet ' gi
3; ` . Pam' LIGHT jj
'J 'i """?m` |"?'\' soon \ I
cue Gum 4 ~ vm" 'LU S ' _ ' '
cAvAcrrvcoLoRcms R?srs'rdR coma cons '"" ' _ |;&f??'}m_ ZW*-
cnmcnrv coma* _vm.u: eouv nn our vnu: sam nv nm' ' |
.was ?""": _ :oo wr cams: nuucx snows _:sum no mmm vsunw fg;P?f?_m_" E RING
.anon l""! soo anczn a\.A=>>< umm _sam sum nucn vmw , K W." 0 V
_az :'";*"' :mon name: num: nan \;I$|?f;gN\-Y K"?">?~?'"~V

Page 2:

Chassis, Voltage ' KOLSTER RA IO'
Circuit Adjustments
Rotate the tuning knob clockwise to the limit of rotation. sen the dial sointer adjust-
rnene screw and adjust the dial scale pointer to the stop lil-is beyond the 55 K.C. setting. 'TUBE KV. CGV SUV PV PC SGC Q", ? @ ` ._
_Tighten adjustment w. Do not attempt to bend the bracket up or down as thi? will bend the gp 5 ..,2 72 305 3_5 ,5 .t _(\(C)?
pointer envoy from the lmrirontrtl. Tlte pointer olionld Prem rorvvnrd against tlre eoale nnmeiontly ll" mm 6 __5 -,O 205 1 7 4 al a e
to smooth it out, presenting rt tturfaoe uniformly spaced from the escuteheon when tuned to any os" - 0 2 90 5'o ' ? ? @
station. Make sure that the dial lamp socket is firmly mounted and pressed down into its proper ' ' ' ' ' g ; Q @
position during these adjuslulenta. Det 3 -i 70 235 2-5 e3 v'\< |
lee u. 5 -in _ 95 1 2 - ? = `(C)<'
I.l='., rt.F. A oscn.LATOIt CIRCUIT ADJUS ENTS and "_ _ _Z 210 190 2; 6_ 5 E ?\ " to _,._._.;
olivionrly nnertiittetory performonoe of tlris sei dne to improper adjnrtmeni or mieodjoet R??"'- " " ' ' 37 - F1 ? }'@
ment ot`tlre,l.l=., lt.F..rnd omillotor eironitt will not lee indieoted by any rentlingt mode with rt 3 5 ? ?
.et-onrtlyeer. Altlionglr toning adjnrtmentr een loe mode ity ntilieing o reoeived eignol, _tntolr o 5 _ to
adjustments are at beet inaccurate anti ineflicient. It is imperative that the Service Department 2 -4 @$ 1
of eoeli deoler and dirtnlontor lie eqninped vtitlt rome form of signal generator ond ontnnt dovioo *G'?""d Grid '=? Chess" 2; ?, 2
wltioln may lie eitlter pnrolrrned or eonrtrneted ity the servioe Department. *;l/Qi - U?v1=~ d WEB" ??I1i1'?1 is ?\@$ 1 I
Tlre signal generator oonrirte eeeentinlly or o motlnloted ooeillotor oovering tire entire brood- Ling voltage 115 ?,,1;s_ ? 5 (C) ? -
met freqnenov lmnd with oeenroto odjnrtmonte ot ooo ltiloovoler ond 1400 ltiloeyolee. lt eltonltl All Volta as will var with ah in 5 M re .-
alto incorporate a 175 kiloeycle output capable of nccuale adjustment. The oulput indicating 5 5' "nge" Q, 1 (R) T
deviee may lie any one of tlte teverol rmndnrd ontpot meters olitninnlilo, tt enrrent rnnored *="b?=~ 53 9 ?.y"' '?
gnlvnnometer or n lovv ronge A.c. voltmeter eonneeted norms tire eeoondory of the ontpnt Rwedi-Use *==1=?n with DC mater having Q E ? gr or
ltir imporriltle to reenre mtierootorv trimmer odjnrtnientr witltont ming n rpeeiol irnnlnterl g ?
socket wrench. Proper results cannot be obtained using it metallic socket wrench due to capacity 5
efleets and the fart that several of the adjustment nuts are above ground potential. A special '?
combination bak ke: nl may :lined tory [POWER SUPP
It ie not neeeeoorv to remove tire elrrneir from the ertbinet to odjnet the LF., lt.F. ond LV CORD ANTENEA
oroillator eirenitr, as this ret lies been designed to molte all trimmer ndjnetmontr reotlily g ' CROUN
Tnrn inning ltnob eloeltvvire to its limit of rotation ond if neeeesorv rtdjnst tlre diol eoole SPEAKER
pointer as previously described. Rotate the tuning knob counter-clockwise to the other extreme PLUG
1 and ' th fo
1. Remove tlre iso oreillotor time ond tlte tnlte rlvield and grid olip from tlte "ss 1.F. tnloo. - 4 A
2. Connie the ontpnt of tt modnloted oroillntor to tlte oontrol grid of tlrio tolie ond olin tlio @o o ? it
other oscillator lead to the chassis frame. D0 not connect this lead to either of the antenna coil @ QU-[put 5 |NpU-r
leeds. set tlie modnlaietl oerillntor to 175 it.c. o @ _Sb wnsg _SB rR,tN5_ |56
3. Adjust IC-3 and 1C~4 to mnximurn output. PWR. 2 DETaAvC`> _ I F 0 _ USC
4. Replnoetlte LF, grid olin nnd tnloe rltield. liemovo tlro ant deteetor tnloo eliioltl ond grid to to >> 9 S ? / '
elin ond eonple tire oeoillntor ontont to tire grid or tlie iss nrrt deteetor tnlio. @ esgq g t<@) K @
s. Adjost lc.l ond loz for mentimnm ontrtnt. lt it odvienlole to reolreolt tlto ndjnntment or ? @ 3 <= @ -ee ,\ff/// ,
several times to assure accuracy. Z; LE R5 gighil [SDH Con /
7. Couple the output ofthe signal generator to the antenna and ground leads. Do 1-lol run a ? 0 ? \ O
third lead to the chassiefnune. Adjust the signal generator to 1400 K.C. POWER To? S an GANG CONDENSER
a. set tlre inning-rliol to 1400 K.c. Adjott tire oseillntor trimmer Tc-s nntil tlte eignnl 0 6 O """55 5 i (R) (C) @ O
generator is pielteti up in the set. Adjnet R01 and Tc-2 to olntrtin moxirnnm R.F.nmn1ifioation. I 0 0 COND E 5

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