Lang Radio Co. 50-AS Schematic

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Manufacturer:Lang Radio Co.

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Mm BMS ' LANG RADIO CORP. (New Co.) "A 5mm"

T Momsouwso ur IF PEAK 4'70 Kc ,

To Amon' REcElvEnz-Tnm bmi mum-v m snm wwe. sho". 012. Apply 470 mlm-ms m grid nf v1 "a "just L2

trimmers and Lf! trimmer. Remove shortv from C12. Tum baud switch to Broullcnszi Sui, dial to 150 calibration. Adjust
L4 brandeasz trimmer. Adjun L1 broadensz trimmer. Set dial to 60 "librarian .ml adjust U11. Ren-nn ainiw 150 mlihm-
lion and re adjust L4 broaden" trimmer.

v1-6A7 (il-.002 Mm. m, 5, 11-50300 ohms

1' _SIIG C2, 12-365 Mmfd. IKE-10,000 Ohms Vol. out.

CSI, 41 5, 13-.05 Mid. [El-15,000 Ohms

C10, 19-20 Mmfd. IMI-400 Ohms

CS, 18-.01 Mfd. R6, 7-500,000 Ohms

, 7-6-81'. Pilot Lamp CG. 17-10 Mid. RRI-704) Ohms

Ll-Ani. Coil 014-12 MM. IRB-130 Ohms Lille Cord or Ballast Tube

L3- T LF C9.16-.00025 Mid4 PA -Puwer Switch
Lai-0. Illntnr foil Fl 1-600 Mmm. uukcr Eluld
Si, '2-Dnud Stlertnr Switch hlxcuker Transformer

,,,_, IF' PEAK 470 Kc
V1-6A7 Inv-Oscillator Coil 011l 13-500 Mmfd_ lei-_10,000 Ohms Vol. ('mu,A
vz-st Ps~Power_Swirch (viz-.0018 Mm. 120 Ohms Minimum
vs_-76 ui, 10-365 Mmm, 05-10 Mm liz-30,000 ohms PT-Power Transform"
V4-_35 CZfS, 4, 19-.05 Mid. 016__g Mfd, RTV-20,000 Ohms: SF-Spenker Field
v5_80 cs, 14, 15, ls~m Mm4 (qs-4 Mm M-noo ohms sir-speaker Tramfmner v
\'6_ 7_5_5 vV Pilot Lamp (37-.1 Mfd, ('17-12 Mfd, R54 9, 10-50,UU(\ Ohms SWl. 2, 3,4-Band Switch 1 f
L1~Amemm Coil vs-.onul Mm4 Rss. rl-sonmoo Ohms

L2-D.T. 1F. Transformer R7 _75,000 Ohms
LEX-SIP. LFA Transformer R9- 0000 Ohms

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