Lewol Mfg. Corp. 63 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Lewol Mfg. Corp.

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All Wave

Peak IF transformer at 262.5 kc.

Next, align condenser trimmers on broadcast range with switch turned
all of the way to the left and dial set at 1500 kc., with a signal
of the same frequency. Turn dial to 550 kc., and track with a signal
of that frequency by neans of a series pad for the broadcast range
(inside screw on isolantite base at rear of set).

Turn the frequency change switch to the right one position and turn
dial to 4000 kc. Put in a signal of approximately 4000 kc.and move
d.al, if necessary to maximum response. Adjust the RF and antenna
trimmers to resonance for the second band. These are located as
follows: with the set inverted and the rear of the chassis nearest
the operator, the two trimmers in the furthest right-hand corner
are for the antenna coil. The nearer one is for the second band
and the further one for the third band. The RF coil trimmers are
located toward the center of the rear of the chassis, the left one
being the second band and the right being the third band. Oscillator
pgd is)tracked at 1750 kc. (external nut on isolantite base at rear
o set . '

Again turning the switch one more position to the right which is
the third band, track the oscillator trimmer with the dial set at
14,000 kc. and a correspcn$.ng signal. Check the alignment at 6000
kc., and if necessary bend the tuning condensor plates slightly. No
pad is used here.


Posi- Oath- Oso. Oso. Di~ Cont
Tyge tion Heater ode Screen Plate Plate Grid. ode Grid
42 Output 6.5 O 260 255 -_ -- -- -8 v

The above readings taken with a 300 volt 1000 ohm per volt D0 volt-

Line voltage 115 volts, 60 cycles A0. All DO voltages taken with

respect to chassis ground with switch in first position.

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