Majestic Radio & Telev. Corp. 104 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Majestic Radio & Telev. Corp. (Grigsby-Grunow)
Description:lone ranger; rudolph

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MODEL lou, Lone
Ranger, Rudolph
LINE VOLTAGE: This receiver is designed for operation on l(J5-125 Volts,
50-60 Cycles, either Alternating or Direct Current (AC-DC).
TUNING RANGE: Broadcast: 540 to 1650 Kilocyclest (180 to 555 meters). TUBES: The tubes used, and their functions, are as follows: E 2'?';"?f'ff";":'"$"
IZBES Converter l2AT6 Detector, Avc and Audio Amp. Q 'B 20|-9 *vow E mum W/swm
35W4 Rectifier 50C5 Power Amplifier WW" '"*""Q'1"f"
ALIGNMENT: Should it become necessary at any time to check the maj' "mmm can
alignment of this receiver, proceed as follows: mf (1)Connect the high side of a 455 KC Signal Generator through a ,l mi
capacitor to the stator lug onthe rear section of the variable capaci~
tor; the ground lead to one oi the lugs on the line on-off switch.
Connect a suitable output meter across the speaker voice coil.
Turn the Volume and Tuning controls to their extreme clockwise
(2) Adjust the trimmers located at the top and bottom of the I-F trans- ,
former for maximum indication on the output meter. ?3 KC `
(3) Connect the Signal Generator high side to the antenna lug through S30 KC ? 5
a 47 mmfd capacitor; the low side remains as in step (1). Set the """""" ll__? Q
Signal Generator to 1650 KC, . \
(4) With Variable Capacitor set at the extreme clockwise position. tune f????Ns_
I in the 1650 KC signal by means of the Oscillator Trimmer on the I O l it
Variable Capacitor (front section). ?
(5) Set the Signal Generator io 1500 KC and turn the Tuning Control so
that this frequency is received. Adjust the Antenna Trimmer onthe
Variable Capacitor (rear section) for maximum output. No other TRIMMER AND TUBE LOCATION DIAGRAM
adjustments are necessary, `
two 21
in win Wir , .on ,_
af t n- ass xc V =- arming:
"John F. Rider

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