Majestic Radio & Telev. Corp. 11057 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Majestic Radio & Telev. Corp. (Grigsby-Grunow)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

f ` HPAGE. 10-2 CHANGES '
i This model is found on #442: 9-3. '?h1;$_?f;"'s 'S 'Md "' t ? f?u?"?'6'g ThlS model ls ldentlelll with the
1 941 "nd 9-12 ?fR111fff V"l'""e IX- 9922 and 9925 It is "ite similar Models 1002 and 1003, shown on page
i A new electric nlnine Systrrn has been th' Ch . ____ the Sqk __ Model oo of Ride/_r I/.lllrfre IX, except lint
1 lHC0\'P0Yf*f?d in lat" "ms nf this "' to C asm use P . the new model has an additional short-
* . . _ . - 100 found on page 9-I of Ruler: V01-
i celver and is illustrated m Fig. 1. The IX th d_EcrcMEUR bein as _(___ wave band for the 14.40 mc rang;
l procedure for indexing this tuning ' E 1 g giving it a total of five bands.
_ System for desire stations ls as o ows The 250_020dohn;5 resist? dm the Fa_rbcnks_M?ne 5:
(_ (1) drecexver to Standard Broadcast 1 ace] odim;-:tly :;:c<;iB' erhis Durmg pwductmn rung 3 mmf'
l (2) Place l=Manl_a}_E\em.iFf>> owe, in means that the 100_000_0hm rcsistm, 25-volt condenser was added across the
3 control is rr iii. 'fNormal" position as not into irr this oasis All o,o5_irrf "hs f?_ '"_?f@=?= S="S'"v"Y- In f'{=
5h?W" bl' the "\d'""'?'~ condenser is used across the 110-volt 5? ;m""?;?"';:' 0" TF' 9'5j?f RM" 5
g (3) 5;'_ge_?';;t;';??:?? _,Figs ;';';?i';eo;' a-c leads to the power transformer pri- " "Ti I 1 :_ 5 ?a'b?d?2"5'5t?' mm'
i This md has numbers on it which mify instead of lm! with 3 Value nf none ears t e num er' 1'
, correspond to the push buttons (counr- ()_()2 mf_ Q
i"g fm" Mt t? "ghm No wave trap is used in the X1
(4) ser Indexing Rod so ont the number _ . h . th b __ Foil-bonlls-Morto 6C
on the rod corresponding to the push ?h3?l5= 5'-'Ch 35 15 S QW" m ? ma ' _ _
balrrnn Y0\;lWlSl\ 5? index is inline wilh cast-band antenna coll. Also no con- Reierrlng to the schematic shown on
l t ? ?5?"'? ??" Patej _ denser is shunted across the short-wave page 8-5 of Rider? I/nlume VIII, the
l (5) Tum "mms knqb "Fd the ??\m?r haf oscillator coil. The value of the fixed 10,000-ohm resistor (15 in the screen
r covered the entire dial. This ls esscn '
l tial to engage the tuning disc, condenser connected between the Po- circuit of the 6D8G and 15 tubes, was
i ~ (6) Tvpe in rl1?_ than gn=_ =1===\?_1:. so two models are identical to models 10K A _ _ _
th I d ' R d ac f `t l er's 0 um: on page - . _
wig gofxmg 0 as ar as X The service data starting on that page value as the volume control is turned
_ _ Wh _ 1 _ _ applies to these new model numbers d?W"'1hf"t fhw mfifases "gm" 'fs the
CHUIIOIL U1 Uslngf? ECUIC YUHIHE- with the cxce tion of some minor "_ contro ls tumerl Stl lower. This can
do not depress more than one button placement pans for the new "hints usually be corrected as follows: Re-
at a time. Depressing two buttons will in which than chassis are hDuScd_ move the chassis from its case and re-
( cause the motor to run continuously or move the connections to the two- out-
' until the automatic thermal switch . ? side terminals of the volume control.
_ operates to prevent the motor from Muiesfie H055, |l057, H058 Tll?1\ COIIMCI 2 22-5-V0lt "B" b3ffEUR\'Y
1 burning out, lf thisfhaplins, it may Models 11056 and 11058 are found bctweinhthe cenier ltserminalx and the
t take fifteen minutes or t e motor to on pay" 9_8 in 940 of Rider? Volume case o t e-contra . otate t _e contro
_ become cool enough for the electric IX The dam given then also apply a couple of times throughout its range;
_ tuning to become operative again. to Model 11051 Alignment instmb This should ilepigtile zizgntrr?lliinc? the
tions for these three models are given ??nnem?nS.s ?" . so "C ac ?n`
in the table below to the outside terminals.
' 1'- Gelierihor Geligrhor swiiioli Dial Tri <
l _ _ _ _ _ _ mmer Output
_ __ __ Connection Frequency Position Positron Designation Signal
' man 'R
- 4g ==~'@'=' rniieirvr MSG Mixer 455 kc <1> BC (zl Trim 455 kc liar.
, rH?'?>>3r . _.,,. v Control Grid
l9!(R) Antenna (3) 18 mc SW 18 me Ogg- 18 mc 4
[ _ _,_, ,V Antenna (3) 6 mc POL 6 mc gsgr- 6 me (4)
l = rl elm s C 1500 kc ose-isoo irc (4)
i "Sv #UM ', Antenna (1> soo kc BC soo kc Pad# ooo kg MZ; (s)
Fig. l, l-low llrr. new elsenie l....i..., .iris is , Kiitziiiig ii;
colirleclea ill lllc Msisrlie Modal llase. Antenna (1) ooo kc BC ooo lr P d- ooo lr '
Y o e - on y t roll; _ -nl coll prlller; use smallest possible signalfrom generator lo prevent Avc action
Run NU- 5 r R?SlSf01' NU- Ui 70,000 Note z)~i???:22?3$??e?'?imt??i'%'fli?,ag=d;insnuealis heard, rotate gang llrlliloqlloniili removed
_,Kms changed to 40000_0hms Part Note 3)-Apply throngh 400-ohl-nellm-lniyantenna. '
_ l _ l Note 4>-ulisfrew irlirirrier in l-lirlinlorll, then slowly tllrr. screw to increase capacity llrllil nie signal is heard.
NO. 33-340339 in order to improve the "{?'? (5)`C"'=?" *"'""'"Y~. _ ,
, _ _ note (ls)-image qlloekr rfrllilglrnlonirrool-reotniliollt lotll-.les asmrrcnsignalnalieratorinpoiwlll lrereqllirea
oscillator circuit performance. See page New (7)_X'Dl?';_=_?_';'_f:_l?eh=f;f(?1_?_?"??>\=r_f2=d\nl?_ al dxd the desired signal.
' 8-67 in Ridzfr Volume V III ` Note fs)-while ro?l?ilii? gnrll;??d;iii:>>.c?" mm as dmnmy Bnmm'
1 (C)John F. Rider, Publisher

Page 2:

'Pl\il?? 39-25 (3) Pull hut Indexing Rod located at the refe,-ence numbers Wm -th
A few of the early production oenter bottom half of the escutcheon, h Sh h h Wi
Model 39 25 Ph.1_ . h ___ This rea hee numbers on rr which I 05" UW" 0" f C SC ?m=r1C Whlllll
- _ 1 co receivers ad t e correspond to the push buttons (oount- appears on page 6-25. Do NOT alter
baisfompensatxng condenser in the (4) gl: Ef\??odri1th\Z__ th _M the numbers an the schemmt
so ume-control circuit improperly con- an the mdSm"&Ps;d_n?wed;ur;Iush Thcschumrs in numbering also ap_
urwa you wish to index is in line with pear m t e parts list for the late Model
WR?N? R'G"lT (5) ?ll; ?=i"=fh=?1=__P1?_==- __ __ _ 620 Phnee. Therefore the reference
eeeehrael to ehgege the rurrirrg disc. "mf VU must be dlanged =s follows:
? , em., (6) Tune in the desired station accurately, Change 13 to 16; change 14 to 17;
? (7) ;;:;__g $551 'f'"'";E??- __ dl _ change 16 to 13; change 17 to 14.
Kg ad thati particular statian wig alivaylis Q
Q tune In automatic: y w en that
- ]?e? particular button is depressed while GE H400
_ _ _ _ tl-Ie "N|anual-Electric" lever is in the ` '
If e Phllee 37-25 Ieehe high notes er low T0 "Ida mm Khan one station, so if ? final ??""?? l'"uf"" ?" 'l"s_~'?'
eeuarrgr of the veneer. control. chock lu *l"?"El' Fffvs <31 to (6) for each era- ?={V?f_ WHS "Of Hvllllb C ar the time
sea_|iow the bass-compensating emrderrg. Ii';s;EURd a;idWll:?'1kf'"'?l';d- P"5l'| Ruler: Volume X went to preSs and
er 'S ??""e?l?i||l:;:';*:"""?l '?l'?"'?"?' Wm gm mg ac as ar as lt the preliminary schematic, chassis lay>>
'y` Ca____on_ when usi 1 _ _ out, and alignment notes were run on
nected. The mdicatxon of such mcore ing do not dcpnss mmfdifs 3; "M" m'45' Th? final scrvlce "M"
rect connection is a lack of high notes mnyat 3 time Dc ,min mu bmw Show n.? chzlngs m my ?f these data'
at low settings of the volume control. -1 ` P g - ns Hercwlth WI" b? found the 5'?Ck?f lay-
Ab _ h h _ h wil cause the motor to run oontmu- out showing the voltagm Make a
Ove 15 5 own. t e Incorrect and t _C Clusly Of until the Butofnlflc thC\'|"nal
correct connections. The schematic switch operates to prevent the motor _"Www"
of this receiver shown on png: l0~9 of hum burning out If this happens it
Rider-': Volume X shows the correct ma ? '- 2.T'?I."1Z='
_ y talre fifteen minute for the motor ___,_,_ __
??""??"?"5' . to become cool enough for the electric ;;'?`_,.__......n.......
tuning to become operative again,
Models 11056 and 11058 are found PM 520 s 'Q 6 ?g, 96%, gt 1-
on page: 9-8 to 9-I0 of Rider? Volume '?? am |? ? 2? Q ,? 0 "
IX. The data given there also apply Certain oscillator trimmers are in>> ".?Z.?' 5532 ".%' 32.
to Model 11057. A new electric tun- correctly numbered on pages 6-26 und eqrre-ve-we-ses
ing System has bun incorporated in 6-27 uf Rhirfs Volume VI (early Socheilayovt .eel relregerferese see-
later runs of all these receivers, and Model 620 Philco). In the parts list '"| E??"'l? '"?'|?l *Hm-
is illustrated in Fig. 1. The procedure on page 6-26, the reference numbers _
for indexing the tuning system for de- should bg ehanged as follows; Change "?t? ?" fhe 5d'?'F'"? fha* _V-he P?W?1'
sired stations is as follows: 13 to 16; change 14 to 17; change 16 mnsumpmm ?ffh1S "??w?r_l5 25 Watts
(1) ict drevxiver to Standard Broadcast to 13; Change 17 to 14_ The sung 2-?ihthaf_th? '5'lf?d;;??h"t 400 "yd"
(2) Place "Mer...e1eE1eeer;e" lever in ?h==\"g?S Shvuld be made on page 6-27 ? S
"Manual" position, which is extreme in Fig. 2 and 1n the alignment xnstruc- Q
counter-clockwise. Be sure the_ tone tions located below this figure These
control is in the "Normal" positron as '
shown by the ;nd;?a,?,._ changes must be made so that the Emerson CF_255
' _ U wo \ rent type speakers have
' ' been used during production of this
.31 receiver. In the specifications listed
, page I0-23 af Ruler: Volume X
2,_,,,,,,,_,, ?*'"'"'?"?"""' _ | mention is made of a 4-inch magnetic
3 speaker, but in some chassis a perma-
1 E5m$w"o'?Nv?|_m"_ H H h__:'?|; 51; __"2__;';'_!;'_3a?Z_; nent magnet dynamic speaker has been
mvo__1sm in |_,?,,- mn, at M,i,,y;? used. In those chassis which employ the
. ' ' I P "1?=l?lS H056- U057. and latter the condenser C-10 in >>
' show' af ?fm?"i':;;' 232 put circuit, has been changed to 0.024
.Z narrnuuamn rheo the dened portion of mf- When lh? HIHEIICHC Speaker 15
1 I 1 I I I I I ig 1 1 n .E I ? " m"':|1';; "'? " On receivers having serial numbers
_-e~;-1-1 1 ' above 2,637,480, the detector coil, T2,
:hai _, ~. Q has been changed. The part number
'D _f ' - gghggy is now 6FT>>462A.
(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

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