Majestic Radio & Telev. Corp. 11058 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Majestic Radio & Telev. Corp. (Grigsby-Grunow)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

PAGE 9-8 MA _ I '
Push buttons are for use on broadcast receptlon The broadcast cllal scale reads from
left to right 1750 to 550 kllocycles The automatlc buttons are similarly dlsposed ln se
quence from left to rxght so that any partlcular button may be set to a desrred station
wnthm 1ts range Two buttons may even be set to the same statron xi des1red Thls per
mlts settmg to drfferent programs vthlch are very close together on the dual scale Do not
press two buttons ln at one time If thxs IS done by mlstake move manual lever to manual
tunmg as shown by dial hght Thxs releases both buttons
Pre settmg For Desxred Stations
Determme which broadcastmg statxons you favor for automatxc tuning and set the but
tons to the programs commg from the ones you re ularly 11sten to To do thms first turn
set on and tune m one program manually to desired volume In tunmg, observe electrxc
eye which shows 1ts narrowest shadow when rece1ver zs correctly tuned Program should
be lxstened to several mmutes after fxrst turmng set on 1n order that the tubes may warm
up fully before the automatxc buttons are pre set For the Hrst push button at left begm
uxth a desired statlon near left of scale m range 1750 to 1400 kxlocycles
At the rear of cabmet there is a selector dxsc whxch has two rings each carrylng con
tactors correspondmg to the push buttons Remove protective cover to expose thxs dlsc
wxth nts rmgs to vxew when pre settxngs are made The selector d1SC comprxses two sectors
separated by a vxsxble and narrow msulated gap When the lower gap registers wxth a par
t1cular contactor carrred by emther of the two rxngs the push button connected to that con
tactor controls the gnven statron settmg Use the contactor whxch IS nearest to the insulated
lower gap on disc Loosen :ts support screw just enough so that thxs contactor can slide on
its rmg support and move the contactor so that its ball poxnt rests on this gap Then
curacy of pre settmg move the front lever to electric tunmg posxtlon as shown by dial
lrght mdrcator Press m the first button at left the one now pre set If correct the selected
program wxll be heard If not repeat pre setting operatlon just dxscussed movlng the cor
rect contactor to posmon at the lower dlsc gap Once set do not move thus contactor
For mdexmg other statxons proceed srmrlarly wxth the next push button and xts corre
spondmg control contactor and so on untnl all deslred buttons are pre set to the partncular
stations wanted To change select1on at some later trme repeat the procedure for a partxcu
lar button but leave the pre set buttons held securely by support screws before replacmg
proteetxve cover over rear drsc Exact pre settmgs may be had by carefully mos mg the
contactor connected to each push button and slxghtly shlftxng 1f5< posrtlon if requxred to regrster
with lower dxsc gap for the desxred statxon Settmgs may be made as desxred and lf you
wish all or more programs m one range ask for spec1al mstructxons It rs recommended
that the servrce man who mstalls your radxo set up the statlons you want on your push
buttons Mark each push button wxth proper call letter tab furmshed as dxrected at top ol
tab sheet Once pre set you may leave lever m electric tunmg posltlon for all broadcast
tunmg either manually or automaucally
NOTE For recexvers equlpped wrth automatlc frequency control Most exact pre set
tmgs may be made when lever IS ln manual posxtxon without thls control D0 not pre set
to a weak statxon very close on dlal scale to a powerful station as the control wxll pull 1n
the strong statxon when too close Use your manual control for weak dlstant stations com
monly subject to fadmg 1n and fadxng out of volume as well for short wave recept1on Another
convement way to pre set statxons IS to first tune manually to a sequence of deslred pro
grams and then for each statxon) yust move the nearest contactor over to fit on the control
disc gap The statlons wxll repeat as pre set so place the proper index letters on each button
' ' ,_A QED
' who
' tighten support screw so that this adjustment will be flxed for repeated use. To test ac- D ,QED
- ~ - -~ ~ - o its
_ _ _ ~ _ 1 Gees
(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

Page 2:

f ` HPAGE. 10-2 CHANGES '
i This model is found on #442: 9-3. '?h1;$_?f;"'s 'S 'Md "' t ? f?u?"?'6'g ThlS model ls ldentlelll with the
1 941 "nd 9-12 ?fR111fff V"l'""e IX- 9922 and 9925 It is "ite similar Models 1002 and 1003, shown on page
i A new electric nlnine Systrrn has been th' Ch . ____ the Sqk __ Model oo of Ride/_r I/.lllrfre IX, except lint
1 lHC0\'P0Yf*f?d in lat" "ms nf this "' to C asm use P . the new model has an additional short-
* . . _ . - 100 found on page 9-I of Ruler: V01-
i celver and is illustrated m Fig. 1. The IX th d_EcrcMEUR bein as _(___ wave band for the 14.40 mc rang;
l procedure for indexing this tuning ' E 1 g giving it a total of five bands.
_ System for desire stations ls as o ows The 250_020dohn;5 resist? dm the Fa_rbcnks_M?ne 5:
(_ (1) drecexver to Standard Broadcast 1 ace] odim;-:tly :;:c<;iB' erhis Durmg pwductmn rung 3 mmf'
l (2) Place l=Manl_a}_E\em.iFf>> owe, in means that the 100_000_0hm rcsistm, 25-volt condenser was added across the
3 control is rr iii. 'fNormal" position as not into irr this oasis All o,o5_irrf "hs f?_ '"_?f@=?= S="S'"v"Y- In f'{=
5h?W" bl' the "\d'""'?'~ condenser is used across the 110-volt 5? ;m""?;?"';:' 0" TF' 9'5j?f RM" 5
g (3) 5;'_ge_?';;t;';??:?? _,Figs ;';';?i';eo;' a-c leads to the power transformer pri- " "Ti I 1 :_ 5 ?a'b?d?2"5'5t?' mm'
i This md has numbers on it which mify instead of lm! with 3 Value nf none ears t e num er' 1'
, correspond to the push buttons (counr- ()_()2 mf_ Q
i"g fm" Mt t? "ghm No wave trap is used in the X1
(4) ser Indexing Rod so ont the number _ . h . th b __ Foil-bonlls-Morto 6C
on the rod corresponding to the push ?h3?l5= 5'-'Ch 35 15 S QW" m ? ma ' _ _
balrrnn Y0\;lWlSl\ 5? index is inline wilh cast-band antenna coll. Also no con- Reierrlng to the schematic shown on
l t ? ?5?"'? ??" Patej _ denser is shunted across the short-wave page 8-5 of Rider? I/nlume VIII, the
l (5) Tum "mms knqb "Fd the ??\m?r haf oscillator coil. The value of the fixed 10,000-ohm resistor (15 in the screen
r covered the entire dial. This ls esscn '
l tial to engage the tuning disc, condenser connected between the Po- circuit of the 6D8G and 15 tubes, was
i ~ (6) Tvpe in rl1?_ than gn=_ =1===\?_1:. so two models are identical to models 10K A _ _ _
th I d ' R d ac f `t l er's 0 um: on page - . _
wig gofxmg 0 as ar as X The service data starting on that page value as the volume control is turned
_ _ Wh _ 1 _ _ applies to these new model numbers d?W"'1hf"t fhw mfifases "gm" 'fs the
CHUIIOIL U1 Uslngf? ECUIC YUHIHE- with the cxce tion of some minor "_ contro ls tumerl Stl lower. This can
do not depress more than one button placement pans for the new "hints usually be corrected as follows: Re-
at a time. Depressing two buttons will in which than chassis are hDuScd_ move the chassis from its case and re-
( cause the motor to run continuously or move the connections to the two- out-
' until the automatic thermal switch . ? side terminals of the volume control.
_ operates to prevent the motor from Muiesfie H055, |l057, H058 Tll?1\ COIIMCI 2 22-5-V0lt "B" b3ffEUR\'Y
1 burning out, lf thisfhaplins, it may Models 11056 and 11058 are found bctweinhthe cenier ltserminalx and the
t take fifteen minutes or t e motor to on pay" 9_8 in 940 of Rider? Volume case o t e-contra . otate t _e contro
_ become cool enough for the electric IX The dam given then also apply a couple of times throughout its range;
_ tuning to become operative again. to Model 11051 Alignment instmb This should ilepigtile zizgntrr?lliinc? the
tions for these three models are given ??nnem?nS.s ?" . so "C ac ?n`
in the table below to the outside terminals.
' 1'- Gelierihor Geligrhor swiiioli Dial Tri <
l _ _ _ _ _ _ mmer Output
_ __ __ Connection Frequency Position Positron Designation Signal
' man 'R
- 4g ==~'@'=' rniieirvr MSG Mixer 455 kc <1> BC (zl Trim 455 kc liar.
, rH?'?>>3r . _.,,. v Control Grid
l9!(R) Antenna (3) 18 mc SW 18 me Ogg- 18 mc 4
[ _ _,_, ,V Antenna (3) 6 mc POL 6 mc gsgr- 6 me (4)
l = rl elm s C 1500 kc ose-isoo irc (4)
i "Sv #UM ', Antenna (1> soo kc BC soo kc Pad# ooo kg MZ; (s)
Fig. l, l-low llrr. new elsenie l....i..., .iris is , Kiitziiiig ii;
colirleclea ill lllc Msisrlie Modal llase. Antenna (1) ooo kc BC ooo lr P d- ooo lr '
Y o e - on y t roll; _ -nl coll prlller; use smallest possible signalfrom generator lo prevent Avc action
Run NU- 5 r R?SlSf01' NU- Ui 70,000 Note z)~i???:22?3$??e?'?imt??i'%'fli?,ag=d;insnuealis heard, rotate gang llrlliloqlloniili removed
_,Kms changed to 40000_0hms Part Note 3)-Apply throngh 400-ohl-nellm-lniyantenna. '
_ l _ l Note 4>-ulisfrew irlirirrier in l-lirlinlorll, then slowly tllrr. screw to increase capacity llrllil nie signal is heard.
NO. 33-340339 in order to improve the "{?'? (5)`C"'=?" *"'""'"Y~. _ ,
, _ _ note (ls)-image qlloekr rfrllilglrnlonirrool-reotniliollt lotll-.les asmrrcnsignalnalieratorinpoiwlll lrereqllirea
oscillator circuit performance. See page New (7)_X'Dl?';_=_?_';'_f:_l?eh=f;f(?1_?_?"??>\=r_f2=d\nl?_ al dxd the desired signal.
' 8-67 in Ridzfr Volume V III ` Note fs)-while ro?l?ilii? gnrll;??d;iii:>>.c?" mm as dmnmy Bnmm'
1 (C)John F. Rider, Publisher

Page 3:

'Pl\il?? 39-25 (3) Pull hut Indexing Rod located at the refe,-ence numbers Wm -th
A few of the early production oenter bottom half of the escutcheon, h Sh h h Wi
Model 39 25 Ph.1_ . h ___ This rea hee numbers on rr which I 05" UW" 0" f C SC ?m=r1C Whlllll
- _ 1 co receivers ad t e correspond to the push buttons (oount- appears on page 6-25. Do NOT alter
baisfompensatxng condenser in the (4) gl: Ef\??odri1th\Z__ th _M the numbers an the schemmt
so ume-control circuit improperly con- an the mdSm"&Ps;d_n?wed;ur;Iush Thcschumrs in numbering also ap_
urwa you wish to index is in line with pear m t e parts list for the late Model
WR?N? R'G"lT (5) ?ll; ?=i"=fh=?1=__P1?_==- __ __ _ 620 Phnee. Therefore the reference
eeeehrael to ehgege the rurrirrg disc. "mf VU must be dlanged =s follows:
? , em., (6) Tune in the desired station accurately, Change 13 to 16; change 14 to 17;
? (7) ;;:;__g $551 'f'"'";E??- __ dl _ change 16 to 13; change 17 to 14.
Kg ad thati particular statian wig alivaylis Q
Q tune In automatic: y w en that
- ]?e? particular button is depressed while GE H400
_ _ _ _ tl-Ie "N|anual-Electric" lever is in the ` '
If e Phllee 37-25 Ieehe high notes er low T0 "Ida mm Khan one station, so if ? final ??""?? l'"uf"" ?" 'l"s_~'?'
eeuarrgr of the veneer. control. chock lu *l"?"El' Fffvs <31 to (6) for each era- ?={V?f_ WHS "Of Hvllllb C ar the time
sea_|iow the bass-compensating emrderrg. Ii';s;EURd a;idWll:?'1kf'"'?l';d- P"5l'| Ruler: Volume X went to preSs and
er 'S ??""e?l?i||l:;:';*:"""?l '?l'?"'?"?' Wm gm mg ac as ar as lt the preliminary schematic, chassis lay>>
'y` Ca____on_ when usi 1 _ _ out, and alignment notes were run on
nected. The mdicatxon of such mcore ing do not dcpnss mmfdifs 3; "M" m'45' Th? final scrvlce "M"
rect connection is a lack of high notes mnyat 3 time Dc ,min mu bmw Show n.? chzlngs m my ?f these data'
at low settings of the volume control. -1 ` P g - ns Hercwlth WI" b? found the 5'?Ck?f lay-
Ab _ h h _ h wil cause the motor to run oontmu- out showing the voltagm Make a
Ove 15 5 own. t e Incorrect and t _C Clusly Of until the Butofnlflc thC\'|"nal
correct connections. The schematic switch operates to prevent the motor _"Www"
of this receiver shown on png: l0~9 of hum burning out If this happens it
Rider-': Volume X shows the correct ma ? '- 2.T'?I."1Z='
_ y talre fifteen minute for the motor ___,_,_ __
??""??"?"5' . to become cool enough for the electric ;;'?`_,.__......n.......
tuning to become operative again,
Models 11056 and 11058 are found PM 520 s 'Q 6 ?g, 96%, gt 1-
on page: 9-8 to 9-I0 of Rider? Volume '?? am |? ? 2? Q ,? 0 "
IX. The data given there also apply Certain oscillator trimmers are in>> ".?Z.?' 5532 ".%' 32.
to Model 11057. A new electric tun- correctly numbered on pages 6-26 und eqrre-ve-we-ses
ing System has bun incorporated in 6-27 uf Rhirfs Volume VI (early Socheilayovt .eel relregerferese see-
later runs of all these receivers, and Model 620 Philco). In the parts list '"| E??"'l? '"?'|?l *Hm-
is illustrated in Fig. 1. The procedure on page 6-26, the reference numbers _
for indexing the tuning system for de- should bg ehanged as follows; Change "?t? ?" fhe 5d'?'F'"? fha* _V-he P?W?1'
sired stations is as follows: 13 to 16; change 14 to 17; change 16 mnsumpmm ?ffh1S "??w?r_l5 25 Watts
(1) ict drevxiver to Standard Broadcast to 13; Change 17 to 14_ The sung 2-?ihthaf_th? '5'lf?d;;??h"t 400 "yd"
(2) Place "Mer...e1eE1eeer;e" lever in ?h==\"g?S Shvuld be made on page 6-27 ? S
"Manual" position, which is extreme in Fig. 2 and 1n the alignment xnstruc- Q
counter-clockwise. Be sure the_ tone tions located below this figure These
control is in the "Normal" positron as '
shown by the ;nd;?a,?,._ changes must be made so that the Emerson CF_255
' _ U wo \ rent type speakers have
' ' been used during production of this
.31 receiver. In the specifications listed
, page I0-23 af Ruler: Volume X
2,_,,,,,,,_,, ?*'"'"'?"?"""' _ | mention is made of a 4-inch magnetic
3 speaker, but in some chassis a perma-
1 E5m$w"o'?Nv?|_m"_ H H h__:'?|; 51; __"2__;';'_!;'_3a?Z_; nent magnet dynamic speaker has been
mvo__1sm in |_,?,,- mn, at M,i,,y;? used. In those chassis which employ the
. ' ' I P "1?=l?lS H056- U057. and latter the condenser C-10 in >>
' show' af ?fm?"i':;;' 232 put circuit, has been changed to 0.024
.Z narrnuuamn rheo the dened portion of mf- When lh? HIHEIICHC Speaker 15
1 I 1 I I I I I ig 1 1 n .E I ? " m"':|1';; "'? " On receivers having serial numbers
_-e~;-1-1 1 ' above 2,637,480, the detector coil, T2,
:hai _, ~. Q has been changed. The part number
'D _f ' - gghggy is now 6FT>>462A.
(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

Page 4:

RF AMF' _MKXEPA _ A QSC. uf AMP 2No.o?11AAv:D|om:nnv R
' SWITCH SHOWN / RJ / / "G ~ / / ' 9 R|2
IN snow wxvr: / yf / 1 ` // ~ '
r- ; .,,a1@>> _ ,, - 2.9 wmv reg / _Q,@L@9 Q Qgk
` 'U?'? COW ou1Pu1' M/xelcsvc RECUFVEP fp :U \
I c21 R22 __ aorrggvuzwcn ` C35 C RCU, CONNECTOR 1 ? + + + HF E O
| 6U7G|F1EAMF'l-IFIER 6.50 215 1.10 o | |20 | 1.10 _ _ _| _ PUSH BIYTONS ? gl 5 7'
6J5G scu_LrroR asc lzosk o -zs?kl _1 -~ _ _ |-- _ IF PEAK 455 KC 1 1 \ | XSL'-fQ??'SL?',f&,E;L-,S 5 El
665 MAGIC E asofg, *1_1 0 gi; _ _ _._ '__ | __ Lm%s?'}?fI2',??',?;'?;*"?~>>=>>1r?~ G 3 <9
(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

Page 5:

SO?ket_T,i,,m,s MAJESTIC RADIO 11 TELEV. co.
REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST Chassls Nos. 11056, 11058
Schematic Lnelticu P-sr! No. Deltrlpfiun Snhemllit LOCl\i0l1 Pin ND. Dncriytian
ca, ca, cm Y-CV-7 Co1\.3 Gang Variable 1111 R~l55B4 xmmnn cnnmn 250 Ohms 1 W. 10%
c1,c1s, cs c.5 cm. -rnb. .01 M-FD. 400 v. ns 11.11519 Resistor cannon 700 0111111 M w,10%
cz, cs, cs, C7, co cn Cund. -1-1.15. .os M1=1>. 200 v. R16 1011557 nnsis. can 20 M. M w. 10% '
cw, czo, csz c.1s7?1 Cond. -11.5. .1 M1-1>. 200 v. R12 1140 msasm Carbon 4000 0111115 M W. 10?/1
cm C-15757 <:?n<1.-rnh. .1 M1*1>_41>o v. 1:14, Ras 11.15520 nesamn Carbon .s Mm. 20%
cz1, cza, C31 015754 Cond. -11.15. .01 Mm. 410 v. ms 1 Meg. xnmnnx Connection an
gg' C32 gang' ?"'1;` :gg6MNlEE13D141'g'1/v` B1 B2 as B4 Magic Eye Smm
G27 01575, 85,5637 7; 11-B 0 Band Swmh
C12 CM-7 c?n11.M1?=z50 MMF. 5% Y-s1>.15 11' Speaker Mom 1057
C11 c11.1s919 cone. 1111150 MMF. 107; v.s1-.s.A 10' Speaker M1n1?1 1055
cu cM.5 Cnnd. Man 2150 MMF. 5-71 11.517-11 12" spam Model msn
122, czs cM.1s905 cone. Mn. 100 MMF. 10% sm-27 swam 1-?=n1f1>nn1?n Mmm
Dry Elec. 16 Mm, 100 v AM; Rm- H="\< Aswnlvly 1056
cu 11.111-.4 cnn11,1>,.11?,140M1r1=. - I - F- BM Ammbly sm-ze Speaksr vom con and cm
?37 S1233 ?g_.,_?'gg,w"25,3VO;_'g_;5 %.W_,U The 1.>11? 11.01 types are e.n,,1.5,.<1,
R6 11.15571 R;1;m`f:=n1>?n Sffoounn M w. 109 TUBE d, PURP?SE .
nu. ms, 1119, me 11.15517 Resis. can 1 MEG. M w. 107, 611136 Mndnumr
1 - ?S!'- =f- 4" - sU7G Intex-rnediare Frequency Ampliier
??;,"7- '"' ??}??(}? ??;;;;?;???'},,'"??? ?"v$'f'f5,, sqm Dio?1e rnmnmr and A.v.E. 1Jiua? D1-svn:
usz 11.10 Resistor c=n1>>na000o1nn5 M w,z0a1 GVGG Power Output
R25 11.15576 Resistor Carba1\5000O)\n\s 14 w.10-/7 565 Tuning EY,
R24 RJ5533 Resistor Carbon 6000111111 K W, |075 6Q7G Audi Am "G r
RB 12.15501 Resistor carbon 25 M,1 W.20% P P ?
F. Rider, Publisher

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