Meissner Mfg. Div. - Maguire Industries, Inc. 5B Schematic

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Manufacturer:Meissner Mfg. Div. - Maguire Industries, Inc. (Brewster)

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ME|SSN_?_|L PAGE 20-1
(C)John F. Rider
` . \ 4 EUR 1"- ' _I 1 . ?
? 2' ' use 5?-1-|? ~ L__- -|, =. -2 ' = Ulm 3
Power Supply: l05-l20 volts E0-60 cycles AC, or
l05-l20 volts DC. I
DC Operation: When using DC supply if receiver does not operate, reverse the
line cord plug in the power outlet.
Antenna: An unusually efficient built-in antenna is used in this receiver,
making an outisiie antenna unnecessary. For this reason no provision is
made for connecting an outisde antenna.
Ground: Do not attempt to connect a ground to this receiver.
CAUTION: 0ne side of the power line is connected to chassis in this rec- ?
eiver. Do not attempt to operate the receiver out of' its cabinet. E

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